Super Sentai

Season 28 Episode 14

Please, Boss (Purīzu Bosu)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM May 16, 2004 on TV Asahi
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Please, Boss (Purīzu Bosu)
In the DekaBase training area, the Rangers fight DekaMaster, who beats them all easily. Despite his strength, Doggie refuses to do the Rangers work for them. The Rangers intercept Crysto Seijin Farley, a murderer on 19 planets. Farley proves too strong for them, so Ban calls for Doggie to help. He gets no response, but fortunately, at dawn, Farley retreats. The Rangers later begin an investigation into Farley was after and find he wanted a material called lunar metal that when held, absorbs all light, covering the person in darkness. Kaijuuki Devil Capture 4 appears in the city. DekaRanger Robo fights it, but the Rangers discover that this is just a distraction so Farley can steal the metal. The Kaijuuki is destroyed, but now using the metal's power, Farley attacks the Rangers in the daylight. Doggie's arrival at the scene but refusal to fight makes the Rangers angry enough to defeat Farley themselves. Farley is judged guilty of his crimes and is deleted by the D-Bazooka. Doggie later makes the Rangers realize that they don't always need him, but if they really do, he will come.moreless

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    • Farley: Born in darkness, living in darkness, tonight will be the end of this fate! I will be reborn as the strongest man in the universe!

    • Narrator: This is the DekaBAse's training center. Now that the five know Boss can transform into DekaMaster, they asked him to give them special training in simulation mode.

    • Ban: Wow! You're awesome, Boss! Why'd you hide the fact you were this strong when you transformed? Leave the hard parts to the Boss, and the smile for the future is invincible. Right, everyone?
      Doggie: No. When I transform, at most it'll be to back you up, not to replace you.

    • Jasmine: Crysto Seijin Farley. He's a highly wanted fugitive charged with multiple murders on nineteen planets. Many Special Police have been sacrificed in his pursuit.

    • Farley: Oh, so it's this planet's Special Police?
      Ban: DekaRed!
      Hoji: DekaBlue!
      Sen: DekaGreen!
      Jasmine: DekaYellow!
      Umeko: DekaPink!
      DekaRangers: (together) Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger!

    • Hoji: Luna metal?
      Professor: Yes. This is beyond our normal understanding. This material has a special property.
      Hoji: Special property?
      Professor: Out of a hundred only one has been found. (to Umeko) You... try holding it in you hand.
      (Umeko picks up the luna metal and is shrouded in darkness)
      Umeko: What is this!? It's suddenly become night! Why!? Why!? It's dark! (throws the luna metal back into the case) Ah, back to normal! Thank goodness!
      Hoji: What's the meaning of this?
      Professor: Luna metal's amazing property. It has the ability to absorb light. It bends the wave of light... Well, I talk too fast. Just if you have this, for that person the light would disappear.
      Sen: That's it! With this, that guy can cause a ruckus even in daylight! This is what he's after!

    • Ban: If Boss came, the suspect would have been finished already.
      Doggie: Do you really think so?
      Ban: Of course! Anyway, when a superior ignores a subordinate in a pinch, what's the meaning of that!?
      Doggie: I will not ignore you guys when you're in a pinch.
      Ban: You did though!
      Doggie: I did not. If you guys are in a pinch, I'll surely come.
      Ban: Really? I believe in you, you know.

    • Hoji: I wonder if he has some circumstance...
      Sen: Eh?
      Hoji: ...talking about the Boss. Perhaps the intensity causes fatigue, and he can't transform too often? I would have liked to have seen it... Boss fighting in a real battle.
      Sen: Yeah.

    • (Doggie watches as the DekaRangers struggle against Farley)
      Ban: What is this!? He said he wouldn't ignore us in a pinch! But aren't you just watching!? You're making a mistake, Boss!
      Doggie: Don't just decide that I've misjudged.
      Ban: What!?
      Doggie: At this rate you're going to lose. What'll you do?
      Ban: Boss... I... I hate you! (to the other DekaRangers) Everyone, we'll finish him by ourselves!

    • Ban: What's the meaning of this Boss!? You said you would save us if we were in a pinch!
      Doggie: Was it a pinch? You won, didn't you? You guys... In other words, it wasn't a pinch after all. Hate evil. Love justice. When you combine your individual parts, you will win. Isn't that how our team is? Ban...
      Ban: That's how our team is!
      Doggie: Right! Relying on one person is not a real team.

    • Narrator: Boss purposefully stayed back and watched so the five would rally themselves.

    • Swan: Everyone looked up to you. But now it's alright.
      Doggie: But my premonition says in the not too distant future, a time will come where I'll need to fight with them.
      Swan: You mean even stronger Alienizers will appear?

    • Narrator: Boss' feeling has touched Ban and the others. The five's unity is greater than before. Now no enemy is a match for them. Keep going DekaRanger! Fight, Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger!

    • Ban: Crysto Seijin Farley. On 19 planets, for the crime of 157 strong arm murders. (holds out SP License) Judgement!
      SP License: Judgement Time.
      Narrator: For Alienizers, the Special Police can request the universe's ultimate court for judgement.
      (SP License shows guilty verdict)
      DekaRangers: (together) Delete approved!
      Ban: (throwing the Key Bone into the air) Murphy!
      (Murphy catches the Key Bone and transforms into the D-Bazooka)
      DekaRangers: (together) D-Bazooka!
      Umeko: Target lock!
      Ban: Strike Out! (fires the D-Bazooka)
      (Farley is destroyed)
      Ban: With this, case complete!

    • Sen: Once again, Boss' henshin, DekaMaster!
      Jasmine: He has a special pad, Master License!
      Hoji: Unbelievable sword, D-Sword Vega!
      Umeko: Wow!
      Ban: By the way, Boss. How does your nose fit in that helmet?
      DekaMaster: (embarrassed) Don't ask that.

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