Super Sentai

Season 29 Episode 49

Return To Legends ~Maagi Magi Majendo~ (Densetsu e no Kikan)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Feb 12, 2006 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

Return To Legends ~Maagi Magi Majendo~ (Densetsu e no Kikan)
The MagiRangers arrive in the desolate future ruled by N Ma. The Rangers try to fight N Ma in MagiLegend but he east their magic attacks and destroys ScrewCalibur. He then attacks the Rangers on the ground. The dejected Rangers are inspired to continue fighting by a single flower clinging to life in N Ma’s dark world. N Ma attacks again, but four of the Rangers manage to shield Kai who, remembering his father’s words, attacks N Ma with his MagiStick Sword and DialRod. He beats N Ma, sending them all back to the present. N Ma attacks then again, but is stopped by Magiel’s earlier Hollow Mirage spell. Lunagel and Snowgel arrive and reveal the Magiel survived N Ma’s attack on Magitopia. Miyuki also returns with Sphinx having been revived by Vancuria’s immortality, allowing her to destroy Dagon. Nai and Mae revive Blagel and Hikaru. Smokey even reappears. N Ma returns enlarged, so after an incredibly long henshin and roll call, the Rangers use a special spell that overloads N Ma with magic, destroying him. Sphinx vows to change Infershia. One year later, and the Ozu Family celebrates the anniversary of defeating N Ma. Urara has been living in Magitopia with Hikaru, but Magiel still isn’t used to it. Kai has been helping to rebuild Infershia.moreless

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    Akio Ohtsuka

    Akio Ohtsuka

    Dagon (voice)

    Guest Star

    Kyoko Terase

    Kyoko Terase

    Sphinx (voice)

    Guest Star

    Kaoru Hirata

    Kaoru Hirata

    Yuka Yamazaki

    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • QUOTES (1)

      • Magiel: (from Magitopia) Blagel! Make the hearts of your family into one and smash it into N Ma.
        (the Ozu Family lines up)
        Kai: Our bond… Our courage… Let's show it to N Ma!
        (everyone activates their MagiPhones)
        Ozu Family: (together) Heavenly Saints! Grant us the power of magic! Mahou Henshin! Maagi Magi Magiiro!
        (everyone transforms)
        Isamu: The ferocious raging fire element! Tenkuu Yuusha! Wolzard Fire!
        Hikaru: The shining solar element! Tenkuu Yuusha! MagiShine!
        Miyuki: The sparkling ice element! Magician of the White! MagiMother!
        Makito: The howling earth element! Magician of the Green! MagiGreen!
        Houka: The blowing wind element! Magician of the Pink! MagiPink!
        Urara: The shaking water element! Magician of the Blue! MagiBlue!
        Tsubasa: The galloping thunder element! Magician of the Yellow! MagiYellow!
        Kai: The burning flame element! Magician of the Red! MagiRed!
        Ozu Family: (together) Our bond of courage will open the way to the future! We are the Mahou Family! Mahou Sentai MagiRanger!

    • NOTES (6)

      • Kai now helps in building the new Infershia, and also wears his fathers traditional clothing. It is unknown if he still keeps in touch with Yamazaki.

      • Nai and Mae are shown with WolzaPhones, which they use to keep in touch with the Ozu Family. It is unlikely that they can be used to cast spells this time.

      • Instead of the usual spell section, this episode ends with a montage of shots featuring the Rangers from the first and last episodes.

      • Other spells:

        MagiRanger spells:
        Jinga Majuna – Magical Curtain.
        Jinga Golu Majuna – more powerful Magical Curtain.

        Legend MagiRanger spells:
        Maagi Giruma Goolu Jingajin – forms MagiLegend.

        Magiel spells:
        Rujuna – teleport spell.

        Ozu Family spells:
        Maagi Magi Magendo - Magical Power - combined the power of the entire Ozu Family into one attack to destroys N Ma.

      • Final appearances of Hades God Dagon and Hades Goddess Sphinx. Sphinx is the only Hades God to survive the series and goes on to rebuild Infershia and become a friend of the Ozu Family.

      • Spell: Maagi Magi Magendo: Combined the powers of the Ozu Family to destroy N Ma.

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