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Sunday 7:30 AM on TV Asahi Premiered Apr 05, 1975 In Season





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  • This show, described in one word, is WEIRD. They say Power Rangers has corny jokes and bad acting, Super Sentai has corny seriousness and bad acting. Not everything is bad, not all the actors are bad but overall it's very, well, just read.

    Super Sentai started as Secret Task Force Goranger. Sentai, since Zyuranger, is adapted to America known as Power Rangers. It has the same concept but different in it's own way. Each series from the past 15 odd years each sentai ends up with 5-6 rangers. Usually it's 6 but recently Detective Task Force Dekaranger had 10, yes 10!!

    It is hard to review Super Sentai because each series is different, and I can't review all 29 existing series because I haven't seen them all. I suggest watching each series and finding out for yourself. I can attempt to make a summary for all I know

    Goranger - Goverment project

    Zyuranger - they get their powers from the dinosaurs. They fight the evil witch Bandora and the evil her assistant PuriPuri makes.

    Dairanger - 5 stars from above. They fight the gorma clan in order to stop it from taking over the planet. They later get a kid ranger, kibaranger.

    Kakuranger - 5 Ninjas that cut and eliminate evil! Kakuranger revealed! What is interesting about this one is Ninjablack is American who barely speaks Japanese.

    Ohranger - Dealing with Egypt and pyrimids I think

    Carranger - Cars

    Megaranger - They are space rangers

    Timeranger - 4 cadets from the year 3000 are stuck in 2000 trying to stop a villian who escaped from the past. Ironically, they find a red ranger in our time to fight with them who is in relation to an evil man in the future, whom they, at first, think he IS that evil man.

    Gaoranger - 5 chosen soldiers of the animal spirits band together to stop the evil orgu. When the last, Gaored appears, he wants to change things with the team, including a name basis. Gaoyellow makes everyone call each other Gao instead of their names. He believes they loose their identity.

    Hurricanger - Ninja's again. They start out with 3 then add 2, then in the end, Shurikenger, has an interesting story, I suggest looking into it.

    Abaranger - Dinosaurs again! They must use their changers to call upon dinosaur powers to fight against evil.

    Dekaranger - Detectives. No real solid story. They investigate different crimes and make arrests. That is pretty much it. However, what I find disturbing is they kill their enemies, even if they haven't committing bad crimes. In SPD, dekaranger's American version, they are arrested.

    Magiranger - 5 brothers and sisters must join forces after evil kills their mother. The evil forces of hell (yes hell) are attacking to open the door so all the monsters will be unleashed. The magiranger's mother is also a ranger.

    Well overall i'd say it's a fun series...the drama can be worked on, acting should be amped. I am sure people will agree with me. Those who don't are usually giving out illegal subbed copies of it ;)
  • Himitsu Sentai Goranger was a show from the mid 70's upon which the Power Rangers were based. "Go" means five in Japanese, hence go-ranger for five rangers.

    I realize that the high score is due to nostalgia. I haven't seen the show since it went off the air. I do remember that those Japanese superhero shows contained a lot of off-screen violence. People, even children, were often "killed" in the show, with the heroes finding the dead bodies and swearing to get justice. Most, if not all, of those heroes were cyborgs. Normal human beings who were critically injured and saved by receiving robotic body parts. I think that Kikaida is the only one of the Japanese superhero shows available on DVD or VHS. Rainbowman, Kamen Rider, Goranger (goreinja) are the others.

    If you have the opportunity, I strongly recommend that you give these shows a try- especially Goranger and Kamen Rider. They are quite dark (Power Rangers is campy in comparison) so you should check them out before letting any young children watch.

    I have always been intrigued in this series since i saw pictures of Jetman when i was in college, but NEVER saw any non-ANIME stuff until i got HIGH-SPEED INTERNET, and now i wish i could find EVERY EPISODE of the last 30 years.
    i have been watching since the final episodes of Dekaranger, and loved loved LOVED the Nightmare sisters of MagiRanger, and cursed the dreaded Power Rangers for not including them in Mystic Force.
    While i was in college, the Power Rangers came out with, and i thought i would like this since it reminded me of Jetman(not knowing that it was all connected), but i found Power Rangers to be stupid. A large pig eatting all the food in the world??? While Boukenger lost my interest in 6 episodes, i have been FULLY glued to my computer watching RAW then subbed versions of GEKIRANGER...i am ADDICTED To this show! i have even bought the toys, i just can't get enough of it! Long Live Sentai!
  • Brilliant show, though it may not be everybody's cup of tea, it certainly appeals to a wide market of people.

    Sentai... Many people may know this as the "Original" Power Rangers, but that isnt true at all. It different completely, and a remarkable series to watch. From GoRanger all the way to the brand new Boukenger it has delivered a wide range of entertainment to people. It is very deep in terms of character development and plot lines, and is not just for children. It would also entertain an adult and keep them watching every season. Overall, the quality and storylines are brilliant, but there are just those series that do not attract many people. Take Gaoranger for example, Some people like it, but it has a large number of people (Including myself) that do not share the same view. But on the off-chance, these are quite rare.

    Overall a thrilling experience, just dont let the adaption "Power Rangers" put you off watching it, (As many people think of it as a child's show (Which it was intended to be) and would not think of tuning in).
  • Super Sentai

    I have enjoyed the super sentai series very much, my first super sentai series was Bioman. Since watching Bioman i was hooked and started watching more.

    Since then i have watched all the movies to date, apart from 3. The series i have seen is Hurricanger, Abaranger, dekaranger, Gaoranger and Bioman.

    I enjoy them all and continue to watch each series, with the current series being Magiranger with great enjoyment.

    For those thinking its power rangers, it is not. Power Rangers originally came from the super sentai series starting with Zyuranger.

    All Saban did was use the action sequences and replaced the characters with a american cast. It is not a Japanese power rangers, which non fans refer the series to.

    Here is the correct japanese title's of each show from 1975-current.

    Himitsu Sentai Goranger
    JAKQ Blitzkrieg Force
    Battle Fever J
    Denshi Sentai Denjiman
    Sun Vulcan
    Dai Sentai Goggle Five
    Kagaku Sentai Dynaman
    Choudensi Bioman
    Dengeki Sentai Changeman
    Chousinsei Flashman
    Hikari Sentai Maskman
    Choujyu Sentai Liveman
    Kosoku Sentai Turboranger
    Chikyu Sentai Fiveman
    Chojin Sentai Jettoman
    Kyoryu Sentai Zyu Ranger
    Gosei Sentai Dai Ranger
    Ninja Sentai Kaku Ranger
    Choriki Sentai Ohranger
    Gekisou Sentai Car Ranger
    Denji Sentai Megaranger
    Seijyu Sentai Gingaman
    Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGo V
    Mirai Sentai Timeranger
    Hyaku Juu Sentai Gaoranger
    Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger
    BakuRyuu Sentai Abaranger
    Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
    Mahou Sentai Magiranger
  • Super Task Force is what decides Power Rangers as their uniforms are what we base the team off of. This year , Disney is making plans to adapt Magician Ranger. With the exception of Outburst Ranger , Disney has hit the mark every time. Detective Ranger is

    At present , Magician Ranger is being adapted for the 14th Sieries of Power Rangers. Title to be confirmed. Each year through POwer Rangers Wild Force , Saban has adapted Power Rangers and now starting with Power Rangers Ninja Storm , Disney has taken on the task. Magician Ranger is the current progect. Milkyway Man , Hurricane Ranger and Detective Ranger are my favorites. Detective Ranger 5 adapted great. The Syd / Umiko mirror plot bit with RIC rocked.