Super Sentai

Season 34 Episode 30

Romantic Eri (Romantikku Eri)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Sep 12, 2010 on TV Asahi
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Romantic Eri (Romantikku Eri)
A week after Buredoran's defeat, the Gosei Angels are still worried about the Yuumajuu as Eri prepares for the Gosei Festival. Makuin and Kinggon find Erumugaimu of the Baku who can eat people's dreams. They use the Erurei Box on Erumugaimu, increasing his powers to allow him to attack people and eat their souls. Their bodies then grow roots of despair that rot the Earth. The Goseigers and GoseiKnight fight Erumugaimu, but attacks Eri, trapping her in his stomach. While inside, Eri manages to encourage the other trapped people to remember their dremas, causing Erumugaimu to spit them back out. The Goseigers transform into the Super Goseigers with Super GoseiPink and GoseiKnight defeating the Yuumajuu. Erumugaimu revives but Skick GoseiGreat and GoseiGround destroy him. That night, the Gosei Angels make their Gosei Festival wishes. Meanwhile, Makuin and Kinggon take their plan for the Erurei Box to the next stage.moreless

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Katsuyuki Konishi

Katsuyuki Konishi

GoseiKnight (voice)

Yudai Chiba

Yudai Chiba


Rika Sato

Rika Sato


Kyousuke Hamao

Kyousuke Hamao


Mikiho Niwa

Mikiho Niwa


Kento Ono

Kento Ono


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (17)

    • Moune: It's been a week since Buredoran was defeated. The Yuuma Beasts are laying low, aren't they?
      Agri: Yeah, but we can't let our guard down. Makuin and the others have the Erurei Box, after all.
      Alata: We need to be even more wary than before, right?

    • Moune: Eri, what are you doing?
      Eri: Ta-da! I'm writing my dream on a Gosei Card.
      Hyde: Oh right. Tonight is Gosei Festival.
      Nozomu: Gosei Festival?
      Datas: Gosei Festival exists to give thanks for peace on Earth and to pray for peace in the future. It's a Gosei World holiday.
      Alata: You make a wish for your dream to come true. There's also a day to give thanks for dreams that have already come true.

    • (Eri uses one of her wish Gosei Cards)
      Hyde: Eri, it's still day out. Should you be using the card right now?
      Eri: It'll be okay. When it comes to dreams... I have a lot of them!
      Moune: That many!?
      Agri: Just a word of warning, Eri. You only get to wish for one dream on the festival.
      Eri: I know that! I thought of another one!

    • Makuin: We've been looking for you, Erumugaimu of the Baku.
      Erumugaimu: Monsieur Makuin and Monsieur Kinggon! It has been too long! You want me, a useless guy whose only ability is to eat people's dreams? Whatever could you need of me?
      Makuin: To be honest, we're researching ways to use the Erurei Box's secret powers.
      Kinggon: So we need you to be a test subject.

    • Erumugaimu: Could you be the Gosei Angels that I've been hearing about?
      Hyde: Yuuma Beast, just what are you scheming!?
      Erumugaimu: You want to hear!? I am Erumugaimu of the Baku. Normally baku eat dreams when you're asleep, right? But I can eat people's dreams, like their hopes. I've evolved so that I can even eat their dreaming souls! Thanks to the Erurei Box's power.
      Agri: Did you say the Erurei Box!?
      Hyde: That box had that kind of power!?
      Erumugaimu: Furthermore... people's bodies who have had their souls eaten... grow roots of despair! And they make the Earth rot! From now on, I can work for my fellow Yuuma Beasts! So... how about not getting in my way?

    • Alata: GoseiKnight. Trust Eri to take care of these roots. We should go defeat the Yuuma Beast.
      GoseiKnight: Trust GoseiPink? What do you mean?
      Alata: I'm sure Eri can save everyone. So...
      GoseiKnight: I don't understand. I can't just stand by and let the Earth rot.

    • Erumugaimu: What's going on!? My stomach is full all of a sudden!
      Hyde: Eri's made everyone remember their dreams.
      Moune: Just what you'd expect from Eri!
      Agri: Yeah!
      Erumugaimu: No! That can't be! I ate their dreams!
      Alata: No! As long as one doesn't give up, dreams will keep coming back to life!

    • Eri: We did it! Alright!
      GoseiKnight: GoseiPink! Don't tell me you used the power of dreams to do this?
      Eri: Yes! Dreams are the energy that let people live!
      GoseiKnight: Energy that lets them live?

    • Eri: It's because of dreams, and hopes, that people are able to do their best even in difficulty! We'll never forgive you for trying to steal that away!

    • Kinggon: (on Erumugaimu) He was just a sacrificial game piece.
      Makuin: The Erurei Box's power truly is immeasurable.
      Kinggon: It's about time we do it, Kinggon.
      Makuin: Things are getting more interesting. Shall we finish it next time?

    • GoseiKnight: The power of dreams?
      Alata: GoseiKnight, what's your dream?
      GoseiKnight: I do not need dreams. My mission is just to eliminate Yuuma Beasts and those who dirty this planet. That's all.

    • Alata & Eri: (together) We pray, with the soul of the sky.
      Agri and Moune: (together) With the power of the land.
      Hyde: And the wisdom of the sea.
      Gosei Angels: (together) We will eternally protect the Earth. We pray here once again.

    • Alata: I want to protect people's feelings for their friends and family.

    • Agri: I want to believe in my comrades and myself more, turning that into my strength.

    • Moune: I want Mama and everyone in Gosei World to see me as a full member.

    • Hyde: I want to find a technique to make people smile.

    • Eri: I wish for GoseiKnight to find an enjoyable dream.

  • NOTES (10)

    • Ending theme: "Gotcha☆Goseiger TYPE 2 REMIX" by Hideyuki Takahashi (Project.R)

    • This is the first episode in which a Super Goseiger executes a finishing attack without the other four. In this case, Super GoseiPink executes the Super Skick Dynamic.

    • Goseiger Card types:
      Change - Transformation Card.
      Explosion - Elemental Attack Card.
      Outbreak - Enhancement Card.
      Splash - Elemental Card.
      Spark - Thunder Elemental Card.
      Expand - Spell Card.

      Gosei Cards used:
      (Card type : Card name - Description)

      Shared Cards:
      Summon: Miracle Gosei Power - Transform into Super Goseiger.
      Summon: (Headder) - Summons the GoseiHeadders.
      Summon: Skick Brothers - Summons the Skick Brothers Headders.
      Combine: GoseiGreat - Forms GoseiGreat.
      Dual Combine: Ground GoseiGreat - Forms Ground GoseiGreat.
      Victory Charge - Initiates GoseiGreat's final attack.
      Expand: Expandream - Creates a feather wish.

      Skick Gosei Cards:

      Landick Gosei Cards:

      Seaick Gosei Cards:

      Knightick Gosei Cards:
      Change: Code 717 - Transform into Groundion Headder (Code 535 to reverse).
      Outbreak: Code 606 - Roplant: Produces ivy it ensnare a target.
      KnightDynamic: Code 474 - Activates the KnightDynamic attack with the Dynamic LeonLaser.
      Summon: Code 262 - Summons the Knight Brothers.
      Combine: Code 353 - Forms GoseiGround.
      Dual Combine: Code 525 - Ground GoseiGreat - Forms Ground GoseiGreat.

    • With this episode, Buredoran is removed from the opening titles.

    • For the first time, Kinggon releases the Bibi Bugs to enlarge a Yuuma Beast.

    • Powering up Erumugaimu with the Erurei Box changes his special ability from simply eating the dreams that people are currently having, to robbing them of their goals and aspirations in life, even their souls. These people then literally grows roots of despair that rot the Earth.

    • For some reason, Erumugaimu speaks with a noticable French tone.

    • Gosei Festival is an annual holiday. The people of Gosei World give thanks for the peace on Earth and for the future. At night, everyone is allowed to make one wish by writing it on a Gosei Card and using it in the Tensouder with the Expandream technique. This turns the card into a feather, which showers the recipient with that wish.

    • Despite having been dormant for 10,000 years, GoseiKnight has never dreamed, or even heard of them until now.

    • Monster: Erumugaimu of the Baku.


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