Super Sentai

Season 31 Episode 48

Saba-Saba! Crucial Fist Apology (Saba-Saba! Iza Ken-Dan)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Feb 03, 2008 on TV Asahi
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Saba-Saba! Crucial Fist Apology (Saba-Saba! Iza Ken-Dan)
After the defeat of Long, Rio and Mele return to SCRTC with the Rangers However, Ran and Retsu cannot forgive them for the suffering they have caused. To prove themselves, Rio and Mele decide to perfom the KenDan, a battle that would cleanse them of their sins or kill them. While Retsu and Ran train, Rio burns down the Confrontation Beast Hall, telling Jan that he wants the two schools to unite. During the KenDan fight, Sanyo appears, revealing a revived Long. Mele is killed in the ensuing battle. Rio gives the GekiRangers his Rinki before sacrificing himself to destroy Long. However, Long survives again, making Jan swear to finish it for Rio.moreless

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      • Narrator: Rio's heart is jolted by Jan, and he returns to battle. With the rescued Mele, they release the Genki. They destroy Long's plan to turn Rio into the God of Destruction. And the Geki and Rin fated Kenshi work together to defeat Long. At least peace has arrived... so it seems...

      • Rio: If I have a sin to atone for... then just do a KenDan.
        Jan: KenDan?
        Sha-Fu: It's judgement by fist. In JyuKen it's said the just ones will risk their lives to bring judgement to the sinners. The sinners will also risk their lives to fight.

      • Sanyo: Let me tell you. It was a big mistake to think you defeated Sanyo.
        Rio: You bastard! Sanyo!
        Mele: Why!? I'm sure you died then!
        Sanyo: Sanyo is immortal. He will never die. Because...
        Long: He is a part of me.
        Mele: Long!
        Ran: Why!?
        Long: I am someone with eternal life. No one... nothing at all... can destroy me. I have a part of me that cannot die, Sanyo. You thought you destroyed me, but... But thanks to Sanyo's power to not die, I was revived.

      • Sha-Fu: (on Long's true form, MugenRyuu) Dragons of ancient legend. A mystical beast also known as a dragon. Was he behind them all?

      • Rio: Ringi, Zen Rin Den Chuu.
        (the GekiRangers are infused with Ringi)
        Ran: This is?
        Rio: Take it. It's all of RinJyuKen Akugata's Ringi. If a just heart can use Ringi... Started by Maku, Kata, Rageku... it would give a bit of meaning to our RinJyuDen's existence. Take us to the future using your hands!

      • Miki: At last the end...
        Bae: Mele! And Rio too! I was so shocked that I forgot to do the play-by-play for the giant battle. Will the GekiRangers overcome this sadness...
        Miki: (batting Bae aside) They'll definately win. Everyone, cheer for them.

    • NOTES (8)

      • GekiWaza:
        Cheetah-ken - Geki Ran Dan Dan - Fierce-Extreme Judge-Strike: Secret GekiWaza.
        Jaguar-ken - Geki Retsu Zasshou - Fierce-Extreme Judge-Palm: Secret GekiWaza.
        GekiTohjaWolf - JyuKen Gattai - Beast Fist Combination: Forms GekiTohjaWolf.
        SaiDain - JyuKen Hekei - Transforms SaiDain into SaiDaiOh.
        SaiDain - Dai Dai Sai Dai Giri - Great-Great Break Big Slash: Finishing sword attack.

        Chameleon-ken - Chou Mugen Reppa - Super Infinite Violent Waves: Infuses user with power.
        Lion-ken - Zen Rin Den Chuu - Full-Confront Initiation: Transfers Ringi.
        Lion-ken - Dai Kai Hou - Great Charge Roar: Strongest attack but kills the user.

      • Jan's vocabulary:
        Shioshio - sad/unhappy/down (literally dejected).
        Dekadeka - (literally large).
        Zushizushi - burden/purpose (literally thumping footfalls).
        Wasshiwasshi - persevere (literally grab hold).
        Guragura - an earthquake (literally unusual/irregular movement).

      • With this episode, RinJyuDen is destroyed, set ablaze by Rio, symbolically ending the GekiRin Rebellion and his own association with it.

      • This episode was followed by a short trailer for the next Super Sentai series, Enjin Sentai Go-Onger.

      • Final appearance of Super GekiBlue and Super GekiYellow (although they will be used in JyuKen Sentai GekiRanger Vs. Boukenger), as well as GekiTohjaWolf and SaiDain.

      • Final appearance of Sanyo.

      • Monster: MugenRyuu, Long's true form.

      • Bae reveals that because of Mele's released Genki, he is no longer dependant on her for survival.

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