Super Sentai

Season 33 Episode 52

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Vs. Go-Onger Ginmaku Bang! (Samurai Sentai Shinkenjā Tai Gōonjā Ginmakuban!)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Jan 30, 2010 on TV Asahi
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Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Vs. Go-Onger Ginmaku Bang! (Samurai Sentai Shinkenjā Tai Gōonjā Ginmakuban!)
The Go-Ongers battle Gaiarc's Chief of Pollution Batcheed on Gunman World but are defeated. On Human World, the Shinkengers encounter a group of Ugutz before Go-onRed joins them in defeating them. Back at the Shiba House, Sousuke explains that Batcheed is trying to pollute all the worlds and he needs the Shinkengers help, but Takeru calls him an amateur. Meanwhile, Batcheed allies himself with the Gedoshu in using the waters of the Sanzu River to cause pollution. Homurakogi is sent to help him as Yogostein, Kitaneidas, and Kegalesia are revived, but end up at Genta's sushi cart. Genta protects them when Batcheed tries to take them away. The Shinkengers and Go-onRed fight Batcheed, but everyone but Takeru and Sousuke are sent to other dimensions. Hikoma and Bomper are captured. Genta and Mako meet Hiroto and Miu on Christmas World. Renn, Gunpei, Kotoha, Chiaki and DaiGoyou meet on Samurai World while Ryunosuke eventually finds Saki and Hant on Junk World. Takeru and Sousuke go after Hikoma and Bomper, fighting between themselves as a distraction to allow the Shishi Origami to free the hostages. All the Enjins return with the lost Go-Ongers and Shinkengers. The two teams fight the Gaiarc and Gedoshu forces, with a little help from Tensou Sentai Goseiger. Homurakogi and Batcheed enlarge, but are followed to the moon by the Enjins and Origami, who destroy Homurakogi. EnjinOh G12 and SamuraiHaOh fight the powered up Batcheed, but it required Samurai Formation 23 to destroy him for good. Later, the two teams say their goodbyes, the Go-Ongers leaving Human World in the Shinkenger's care.moreless

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  • Shinkenger/Go-Onger/Goseiger vs Gaiarc/Gedoshu.

    Wow, this has got to be one of the best Super Sentai movies of recent years. It is virtually action packed from beginning to end, starting with the mecha battle on Gunman World to the Shinkengers being lost on the Braneworlds to the spectacular final battle with all 13 Rangers and 23 Enjins and Origami. I like how Takeru initally refuses to work with Sousuke as he is an amateur, even though all the worlds are at risk from pollution. The three pollution ministers reviving and heading straight for Genta's sushi cart instead of fighting is funny and is a nice reversal from the usual way returning villains are used in movies. I also liked the little jaunt to Christmas World, where everything is as you would expect; Christmas themed with thousands of Santas. Takeru and Sousuke's fight in front of the monster army had me baffled at first as I couldn't quite believe that they, even though they didn't like each other, would start at each other like that when there were hostages at stake. It turned to be a distraction for the little Shishi Origami, so that was alright. Once all the Enjins and Rangers return to Human World, we get one of the best multi-team transformations and roll calls in ages along with some nice shots of the Rangers as their helmets go on. A great little treat here is the first appearance of the main cast from Tensou Sentai Goseiger, the next Sentai series. For a finale, all the Enjins and Origami battle the monster on the moon of all places. Protecting Earth and the Braneworlds takes the Rangers to none of them. An extremely enjoyable movie, with a good length that leaves plenty of time for good character moments as well as the all out action.moreless
Hiroki Aiba

Hiroki Aiba

Ryunosuke Ikenami/ShinkenBlue

Tori Matsuzaka

Tori Matsuzaka

Takeru Shiba/ShinkenRed

Shogo Suzuki

Shogo Suzuki

Chiaki Tani/ShinkenGreen

Rin Takanashi

Rin Takanashi

Mako Shiraishi/ShinkenPink

Keisuke Sohma

Keisuke Sohma

Genta Umemori/ShinkenGold

Suzuka Morita

Suzuka Morita

Kotoha Hanaori/ShinkenYellow

Yasuhisa Furuhara

Yasuhisa Furuhara

Sosuke Ezumi/Go-onRed

Guest Star

Shinwa Kataoka

Shinwa Kataoka

Renn Kosaka/Go-onBlue

Guest Star

Rina Aizawa

Rina Aizawa

Saki Royama/Go-onYellow

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Although Renn finds DaiGoyou, a talking, flying lantern, amazing, the people of the relatively primitive Samurai World don't find it strange at all.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Narrator: You've been waiting for this. In the past, seven hoeroes of justice protected the world from Gaiarc. They were Enjin Sentai Go-Onger. They defeated the Prime Minister Yogoshimacritein and left this world... Oh, no, no no. They left Human World to fo to Gunman World. The enemy the Go-Ongers have yet to defeat is a powerful figure among the Gaiarc... Chief of Pollution Batcheed. This long battle is near its climax.

    • (Go-onRed joins the fight against the Ugutz)
      Chiaki: Hey, something else new is here!
      Kotoha: A new Shinkenger?
      Mako: I do not believe so...
      Takeru: Don't get distracted! Defeat them first!

    • Takeru: Hey, you. What are you?
      Sousuke: I'm a hero of justice! I am Mach Full Force Go-onRed! My name's Sousuke Esumi. Pleased to meet you.

    • Shitari: Who are you?
      Akumaru: What world do you come from? At any rate, please leave.
      Batcheed: I have a short fuse. Do you Gedoshu really want to waste this once-in-a-lifetime chance?
      Dokoku: You made your way here, but... I do not listen to strangers whom I know nothing about.
      Batcheed: Indeed. Listen carefully! I am Gaiarc's Chief of Pollution. I'm Batcheed.
      Shitari: What'd you say? "Batch?"
      Batcheed: It's Batcheed! I will unite all worlds under Gaiarc World. We will rule over them.

    • Hikoma: My lord, those people call themselves Go-Ongers?
      Takeru: Yes.
      Ryunosuke: Seems they're fighting this Batch guy who is trying to pollute the world.
      Hikoma: Huh? Batch?
      Chiaki: It's Batcheed.

    • Bomper: Chief of Pollution Batcheed has created a device here on Human World that can easily pollute all worlds.

    • Batcheed: I call it the Batchirium Plant. Once started, the dirtiest gas will be produced forever. So, one of the ingredients for that is the water from the Sanzu River. This is pure pollution. It's perfect for polluting the world.
      Shitari: That's unfortunate. We wouldn't have our problems if it were that easy to take the Sanzu River's water out.
      Batcheed: Don't worry. It's possible with my ability to cross dimensions. I'll use the Sanzu River's water to pollute the world. In other words... it would have the same effect as increasing the river water. That means your wish is my wish.

    • Bomper: Batcheed is trying to pollute all the worlds. We need to defeat him soon, or it'll be a disaster. Sousuke and the others chased after him, but...
      Mako: During that, they got separated, right?
      Kotoha: So they're lost in the dimensions. How worrisome.
      Sousuke: It'll be okay. My partner's searching for my friends.
      Hikoma: Partner?
      Sousuke: My partner, EnjinSpeedor. When the Go-Ongers and the Enjins are all together, we'll easily destroy Batcheed's plant!

    • Takeru: I have no intention of fighting with you.
      Sousuke: What's that? Why!?
      Takeru: Fighting with amateurs would be dangerous for both parties.
      Sousuke: Huh? Amateurs!?
      Takeru: In the battle just now... Your showy movements, your wasteful attacks. PLus, your light attitude towards battle. I have plenty of reasons to call you an amateur.
      Sousuke: What? Well, you just arrogantly stomp on your comrades. That means... your way of fighting is arrogant.
      Takeru: What!?
      Sousuke: Well, I don't want to work with you either! I don't want to be treated like some vassal. Let's go, Bomper.

    • Dokoku: Homurakogi! Come!
      (Homurakogi boards the Rokumon Junk)
      Homurakogi: You called?
      Dokoku: For the time being, work with this guy.
      Homurakogi: Fine.
      Batcheed: As expected from the top of the Gedoshu. You are wise. But, I would like three more members. My associates should be at the bottom of the Sanzu River.
      Akumaru: Oh! You mean them, right?

    • Kitaneidas: This isn't funny. Why should we help Batcheed now?
      Yogostein: Exactly! We were finally enjoying the dirty environment of the Sanzu River too! Right, Kega?
      Kegalesia: Yes, yes! There's no need to go.

    • Batcheed: Go-onRed. You never know when to give up.
      Sousuke: Fine by me! I'll never run away! A hero of justice is number one in protecting the world!

    • Sousuke: Your comrades... were blown away. They trust you quite a bit, don't they? Those guys didn't hesitate even a bit to protect you. They wouldn't do that if you were just an arrogant lord who walked all over them. I can tell that's not who you are.
      Takeru: I know about you too. You really are an amateur.
      Sousuke: You should be saying you see me in a new light! Read the scene!
      Takeru: But... It doesn't matter if you're a samurai or an amateur when you're protecting this world. Your feelings are genuine. You truly are... strong.
      Sousuke: What's that? Going between compliments and insults. What a confusing lord.

    • Chiaki: Why'd this happen? DaiGoyou, that punk.
      Kotoha: I guess he just got into it. He might not have realized it was us.
      Renn: But a talking lantern is amazing!

    • Takeru: Let's go!
      Shinkengers: (together, prepare their ShodoPhones) Ippitsu Sojou!
      Genta: (preparing the SushiChanger) Ikkan Kenjou!
      Go-Ongers & Go-onWings: (together, inserting their Change Souls into the GoPhones, ShiftChangers and Wing Triggers) Change Soul Set! Let's Go On!
      (the Shinkengers and Go-Ongers are transformed)
      Go-Ongers & Go-onWings: (together) 'Met On!
      Sousuke: Mach Full Force! Go-onRed!
      Renn: Just Correct! Go-onBlue!
      Saki: Smile Blooming! Go-onYellow!
      Hant: Dokidoki Delight! Go-onGreen!
      Gunpei: Dash Dynamic! Go-onBlack!
      Hiroto: Break The Limit! Go-onGold!
      Miu: Sparkling World! Go-onSilver!
      Takeru: ShinkenRed! Takeru Shiba!
      Ryunosuke: The same! Blue! Ryunosuke Ikenami!
      Mako: The same! Pink! Mako Shiraishi!
      Chiaki: The same! Green! Chiaki Tani!
      Kotoha: The same! Yellow! Kotoha Hanaori!
      Genta: The same! Gold! Genta Umemori!
      Go-Ongers & Go-onWings: (together) Pressing down the road of justice!
      Takeru: The samurai sentai authorized by Providence!
      Shinkengers: (together) Shinkenger!
      Go-Ongers: (together) Enjin Sentai Go-Onger!
      Go-onWings: (together) Go-onWings!
      Shinkengers, Go-Ongers & Go-onWings: (together) Going forth!

    • Akumaru: Who are you guys!?
      Eri: Let us tell you. We are... Gosei Angels!
      Alata: GoseiRed!
      Eri: GoseiPink!
      Agri: GoseiBlack!
      Moune: GoseiYellow!
      Hyde: GoseiBlue!
      Alata: Protecting the planet is an angel's duty!
      Goseigers: (together) Tensou Sentai Goseiger!
      Akumaru: Goseiger? I do not know who you are, but I cannot allow you to interfere.

    • (Akumaru, Juzu and Dayu retreat)
      Hyde: Alright. That's it for us.
      Agri: Leave the rest for the Shinkengers and Go-Ongers.

    • Narrator: A friendship that crosses dimensions. It connects peace in the world. There is nothing left to say. Shinkener vs. Go-Onger. It comes to a fine ending.

    • (Movie Highlights Volume)
      Takeru: Engine Sentai Go-Onger, what interesting people.
      Ryunsouke: They fought differently than us, but our love of justice is the same.
      Mako: Yeah. The Go-Ongers and we are both Super Sentai, right?
      Chiaki: So there are many worlds. Maybe there are more heroes too.
      Kotoha: That's amazing. I wonder what other kinds of Super Sentai there are.
      Genta: From DaiGoyou's info, the new Tensou Sentai Goseiger appeared.
      Takeru: Yeah. Like the Go-Ongers, a day may come when we fight together. Everyone, please look forward to Tensou Sentai Goseiger's adventures. Okay, everyone.
      Shinkengers: (together) See you again!

  • NOTES (13)

    • Set between Acts 35 and 38 of the series.

    • According to the Highlights Volume, DaiGoyou told the Shinkengers of Tensou Sentai Goseiger.

    • First and only appearance of Hyper Go-onRed and Samurai Formation 23, in which ShinkenOh, DaiKaiOh, MouGyuDaiOh, KyoretsuOh and EngineOh G9 man the IkaTenku Buster.

    • Gunman World is the last of the original 11 Braneworlds from Go-Onger, after Dino World/Human World, Machine World, Junk World, Sound World, Stormy World, Magic World, Christmas World, Prism World, Glass World, and Samurai World. A 12th, Grass World, is briefly visited by EnjinSpeedor.

    • Perhaps as a result of their internment in the Sanzu River, Yogostein, Kitaneidas, and Kegalesia are able to pass through the crevices usually used by the Gedoshu to enter and exit the human world.

    • The Enjins and Origami are all shown to be capable of space travel.

    • The dimensionally displaced Shinkengers and Go-Ongers find themselves on the following worlds: Christmas World (Genta, Mako, Hiroto and Miu), Samurai World (Renn, Gunpei, Kotoha, Chiaki and DaiGoyou) and Junk World (Ryunosuke, Saki and Hant). These groupings later form the teams during the final battle with Batcheed and Homurakogi.

    • Akumaru seems to know of the other worlds besides those of the living and the dead. He is also familiar with Yogostein, Kitaneidas, and Kegalesia, although how is not mentioned. It is possible that as they were at the bottom of the Sanzu River, he or his Ayakashi have had contact with them at some point.

    • For their transformation before the final battle, the Kuroko provide the Go-Ongers with their own screens and banners bearing their logo as they usually do for the Shinkengers. There is also a combined banner with both teams' logos.

    • Opening theme: "Samurai First Rap ~Ginmaku Bang!!~" by Project.R.

    • Monsters: Chief of Pollution Batcheed of Gaiarc and Homurakogi of the Gedoshu.

    • First appearance of the main cast from Tensou Sentai Goseiger, the series that is to succeed Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

    • This is the first team-up special where a ranger from the previous team uses a power up available to the current team. In this case, Go-onRed becomes Hyper Go-onRed.


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