Super Sentai - Season 29

Sunday 7:30 AM on TV Asahi Premiered Apr 05, 1975 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Mahou Sentai MagiRanger: KaiShine Vs. MagiShine ~Golu Goolu Goo Goo~ (Mahō Sentai Majirenjā: Kaishain tai Majishain)
    Revealed! The Gold GripPhone's Super Magic!

    Kai and Hikaru are training in the miniature battle arena. Kai is defeated by a Smokey Shining Attack and loses his MagiPhone in a pond. While looking for it, Kai and Jikaru and transported back to the magic room by the goddess of the spring, who bears a striking resemblance to Miyuki. She offers Kai a choice of replacement phone – the Gold GripPhone or the Silver MagiPhone. Hikaru tells to Kai to find his old one, but after considering what each of his siblings would do and rejecting them, Kai takes the Gold GripPhone. He uses it to become KaiShine, essentially MagiShine with a red scarf. Hikaru goes after him, but Kai fights using MagiKing's KingCalibur sword to defeat him and take MagiLamp Buster. He then attacks using Travelion's Destruction Fire, trapping Hikaru in the Lamp. Soon he tries to make Yamazaki love him, but turns himself into a spider. He tries to use the GripPhone to return to normal, but can't operate it with spider legs. Hikaru gets him out of the arena and the goddess tells Kai that he can't use magic again. Kai's sadness causes the Silver MagiPhone to grant him a spell, restoring him to normal. The goddess returns Kai's normal MagiPhone.moreless
  • Mahou Sentai MagiRanger Vs. DekaRanger ~Maagi Giruma Deka Magika~ (Mahō Sentai Majirenjā tai Dekarenjā)
    04/10/2005 – The MagiRanger’s Fantastic Happy Day is being celebrated in a fancy restaurant. The Rangers explains to Hikaru that once every ten years, they show their love for each other to Miyuki’s special jewel. As they eat, a woman at another becomes impatient just as the whole building shakes and is carried off by a monster. Believeing it to be a Hades Beast, the Rangers want to fight, but can’t transform in front of the people. The other woman reveals herself to be Umeko of SPD. The other DekaRangers arrive to fight the monster, Chigukade Seijin Buildjick. DekaBike Robo saves the restaurant as the DekaMachines capture Buildjick. Meanwhile, an Alienizer called Babon and an Agent X make other plans. On the ground, Umeko attacks Sen for being late to their date. Suddenly, Buildjick is destroyed by Babon before he attacks the Rangers. Defeated, the DekaRangers are saved by the MagiRangers but their final attack is interrupted by the appearance of DekaRed and SPD’s new battlizer. He attacks Babon and apparently destroys him but he recovers and kidnaps Urara with Jasmine going after her. In the magic room, Ban tells the Rangers of Agent X, who was Aburera’s successor. Agent X contacts the MagiRangers, demanding the Flower of Heaven for Urara’s return, but no one knows what it is. In Infershia, Jasmine attacks Babon but is captured. Later, Swan reveals that she and Doggie knew Miyuki as she came to them saying that her jewel is the Flower of Heaven a treasure of Magitopia. If it is not fed with love every ten years, terrible things will happen. The Rangers agree to work together to stop Babon. Sen has Tetsu and Hikaru dress up as women to distract Babon during the trade in the Marudeyouna world Prison Island. However, their disguises don’t hold, but the others save Urara and Jasmine. Babon gets the Flower before attacks from Ban and Kai get it back. Agent X then appears, followed by Doggie, who ends up fighting Wolzard as the other Rangers make their escape. Agent X uses his Kaijuuki, AbreTrex, to attack the Earth from space with the Flower, but DekaWing Robo and MagiLegend force him back down where DekaRanger Robo, MagiKing, DekaBike Robo and Travelion destroy the Kaijuuki. Agent X and Babon escape but are fought and eventually deleted by the 12 Rangers. The Flower even grants them special magic as a reward for their courage and love. Later, the Rangers finish their Fantastic Happy Day celebrations.moreless
  • Mahou Sentai MagiRanger The Movie: Bride Of Infershia ~Maagi Magi Giruma Jinga~ (Mahō Sentai Majirenjā Za Mubi: Inferu
    During a thunderstorm, MagiKing fights a powerful enemy. The Rangers loose and are thrown to the ground. Groom Do Bridon, King of the Hades Beastmen Berserkers, kidnaps Yamazaki to take for his bride. Earlier that day, Kai had been playing football, watched by the others. Kai scores a goal and wins the game. Soon the Ultra Hades Beast Living Sword attacks the city with Bridon. He takes Yamazaki so the Rangers form MagiKing to fight him. Recapping the battle later, Kai demands Hikaru tell him how to get to Infershia to rescue Yamazaki before the marriage can take place and Bridon’s spirit army is released. Smokey tells Kai of a horse, the horned Unigolon, that can take him there. Hikaru however refuses to take them to Unigolon in Magitopia, saying it is a forbidden land to humans. He does leave them a MagiTicket (The Sky) that makes Mandora grow to enormous proportions, taking the Rangers all the way up to Magitopia. Once there, they meet their respective Heavenly Saints as Meemy creates a dress and ring for Yamazaki. Bridon attacks the city again to charge the ring, the Puppet’s Ring with human life energy so he can control Yamazaki. Hikaru takes the Ring and fights him while the Rangers continue higher into Magitopia, eventually finding Heavenly Arch Saint Maigel’s Hevanely Temple. Lunagel takes them inside as Hikaru is defeated by Bridon. However, he assumes his Heavenly Saint and uses the Ring to temporarily defeat Bridon. Bridon however strikes Hikaru down again. Maigel tells the Rangers that their fight is not her concern but eventually allows Kai to take Unigolon to Infershia. Bridon uses the Ring on Yamazaki to make her love him. Unigolon and Kai arrive in Infershia but are met by Wolzard as the wedding begins. Wolzard is beaten by Kai, who proceeds to the wedding and arrives just in time to stop the kiss. He restores her to normal by breaking the spell and she finally realizes that Kai is her beloved MagiRed. An angry Bridon attacks the city looking for Yamazaki but is fought by the Rangers. Bridon is eventually defeated but calls back Living Sword and combines with it, forming Sword of Groom. Travelion and Hikaru arrive, as does Unigolon. Unigolon enlarges and combines with MagiPhoenix, creating SaintKaiser. Together with Travelion and MagiDragon, SaintKaiser destroys Groom. As a reward for their bravery, Maigel grants all humans a spell – courage. Back at football, Kai hits the post, but impressed Yamazaki anyway. moreless
  • Return To Legends ~Maagi Magi Majendo~ (Densetsu e no Kikan)
    The MagiRangers arrive in the desolate future ruled by N Ma. The Rangers try to fight N Ma in MagiLegend but he east their magic attacks and destroys ScrewCalibur. He then attacks the Rangers on the ground. The dejected Rangers are inspired to continue fighting by a single flower clinging to life in N Ma’s dark world. N Ma attacks again, but four of the Rangers manage to shield Kai who, remembering his father’s words, attacks N Ma with his MagiStick Sword and DialRod. He beats N Ma, sending them all back to the present. N Ma attacks then again, but is stopped by Magiel’s earlier Hollow Mirage spell. Lunagel and Snowgel arrive and reveal the Magiel survived N Ma’s attack on Magitopia. Miyuki also returns with Sphinx having been revived by Vancuria’s immortality, allowing her to destroy Dagon. Nai and Mae revive Blagel and Hikaru. Smokey even reappears. N Ma returns enlarged, so after an incredibly long henshin and roll call, the Rangers use a special spell that overloads N Ma with magic, destroying him. Sphinx vows to change Infershia. One year later, and the Ozu Family celebrates the anniversary of defeating N Ma. Urara has been living in Magitopia with Hikaru, but Magiel still isn’t used to it. Kai has been helping to rebuild Infershia.moreless
  • Decisive Battle ~Magi Majuulu Gogoolu Jingajin~ (Kessen)
    Lunagel tells the Rangers of how N Ma attacked and destroyed Magitopia. Magiel fought N Ma but was apparently killed. Her final act was to send Lunagel to Earth to warn the Rangers. Isamu and Hikaru decide to go to Magitopia to fight, leaving the Rangers to protect the surface world. Before they leave, Isamu teaches Kai the Fatal Blade technique. Hikaru leaves Smokey with Urara to protect her. Sleipnir appears and attacks the city with his chariot but is met by MagiLegend. As they fight, Miyuki, as MagiMother tries to talk to Dagon, but he attacks her. Hikaru and Isamu arrive in the ruined Magitopia and fight N Ma. MagiLegend is defeated as are Hikaru and Isamu when N Ma eats their magic and uses it against them. Smokey is apparently killed protecting Urara from Dagon and Miyuki is injured. Dagon kidnaps Miyuki, leaving the Rangers to fight Sleipnir. At the same instant, both Kai and Blagel attack their opponents. The others join Kai and destroy Sleipnir. However, N Ma soon appears in the city, dumping Hikaru and Blagel’s bodies in front of the Rangers. N Ma takes the Rangers forward in time to when he rules the Earth.moreless
  • The Magic I Use To You ~Luludo Goludiiro~ (Kimi ni Kakeru Mahō)
    Isamu tells Hikaru that in three days, N Ma will be powerful enough to destroy the world. Later, Hikaru announces that he’s returning to Magitopia for good, which Urara does not take well. N Ma orders Sphinx to carry out the next Divine Punishment. As it’s Hikaru’s last day on Earth, Urara takes him out as Isamu and Miyuki seek Snowgel’s advice. On their date, Urara tells Hikaru she loves him, but soon the Rangers are fighting Sphinx in MagiLegend and Travelion. Both are defeated, but Sphinx leaves. Dagon and Sleipnir decide to eliminate her. With Miyuki’s help, Hikaru realizes that he can’t just abandon Urara, and asks her to marry him. At the wedding, Smokey acts as priest and using his own vows, marries the couple. They swap Oath Rings but their kiss is interrupted when an injured Lunagel staggers in and collapses. Dagon and Sleipnir attack Sphinx as Lunagel reports that Magitopia has been destroyed…moreless
  • Head To The Lake ~Goolu Golu Golu Goludiiro~ (Mizūmi e Mukae)
    To save Isamu, Miyuki pours her magic into him as Travelion heads for the Marudeyouna world of the Eternal Woods containing the Lake of Slumber. Time stops at the lake, so Titan plans to sleep there for eternity to prevent N Ma being reborn. Wyvern is given the task of bringing Titan back. Sphinx traps the remaining Rangers in her Marudeyouna world to force them to answer her questions. In the Eternal Woods, Wyvern attacks Titan, Houka and Makito. Titan is injured protecting Makito, but they manage to escape. Sphinx questions the Rangers trying to understand how they have defeated the Hades Gods with such little power. She learns that it is their courage that allowed them to do the impossible and sends them to the Eternal Woods. Wyvern attacks again, but falls for Houka's trick of disguising herself as Titan. The other Rangers arrive, but they are defeated by an angered Wyvern. A revived Isamu saves them from being killed. He then uses a red WolzaPhone to become Wolzard Fire. Wolzard Fire destroys Wyvern. Titan reaches the Lake of Slumber, but is killed by Dagon, allowing N Ma to be reborn…moreless
  • The Couple Are Friends ~Gii Golu Majuna~ (Futari wa Tomodachi)
    Wyvern is injured from his battle with Wolzard, but makes out that it is nothing. The Slab of Judgement chooses Titan for the next attack. The MagiRangers are enjoying Miyuki’s cooking, until Houka comes back with an old chair that Makito thinks is garbage. Titan appears in the city and begins his attack. MagiKing and Travelion fight him but they are easily defeated. Mandora follows Miyuki into a secret room where she uses a magic circle to send her spirit to Infershia to search for Blagel. In the city, Titan meets a puppy and is strangely taken with it. Houka sees this and manages to befriend Titan until Makito attacks him. Houka protects Titan and convinces him to call off the Divine Punishment. Miyuki finds Blagel in Infershia. Meanwhile, N Ma’s soul chooses Titan to be it’s host and enters his body but he refuses to sacrifice himself so N Ma can be reborn. He and Houka fight Sphinx and Wyvern. Just as Titan is about to be killed, Houka has Travelion run Wyvern down. She then takes Titan aboard and leaves with Makito clinging onto the outside. However, Wyvern also got aboard and attacks Makito and Houka. Houka gets a new spell and dumps Wyvern between worlds. Titan then explains how he will prevent N Ma being reborn…moreless
  • The Scent Of Mom ~Giruma Giruma Gonga~ (Kāsan no Nioi)
    The Rangers form MagiLegend to fight Toad as Travelion continues destroying the frogspawn. Toad is pushed back, allowing the Rangers to reach Miyuki, but she is taken away again by Toad. He runs away to Earth. The Rangers try to follow him as Wolzard battles Wyvern for N Ma's soul. MagiLegend almost gets Miyuki back, but she is seemingly destroyed by Toad's attacks. Wolzard defeats Wyvern, so Dagon sends in Titan. Tsubasa uses the sensory perception spell to search for traces of Miyuki as Travelion is attacked by Toad. Travelion's attacks fail as the furnace is full of frogspawn. The Rangers see Miyuki's light in the sky; she is still alive due to Blagel's earlier spell. Titan defeats Wolzard, destroying the Jagen Shield, allowing Dagon to attack him from behind and take N Ma's soul. A new spell allows Tsubasa to restore Miyuki from the light. The family is reunited. Miyuki's MagiPhone changes colour, signalling a new power. Travelion is defeated by Toad as his frogs hatch but they are frozen by Miyuki. She and her children transform and destroy Toad. Later, Miyuki is introduced to Hikaru, but she senses Isamu is in danger…moreless
  • The Garden Of Thorns ~Magi Magi Gogika~ (Ibara no Sono)
    Toad is chosen by the Slab of Judgement. Tsubasa has a dream of when he and Urara were trapped and rescued by Miyuki. Urara has the same dream. They believe it was sent by Miyuki, but Toad appears in the city. Travelion and MagiKing attack him. Toad quickly shrinks to human size and tells the Rangers of his frogspawn that is growing just above the city. Urara is terrified of this and Toad sends her and the others to a Marudeyouna world leaving only Hikaru to fight. The Rangers are forced to follow Toads directions to escape, resulting in them coming to a giant board game. Meanwhile, Nai and Mae locate Wolzard and N Ma’s soul as Hikaru starts using Travelion to destroy the frogspawn. The Rangers make their first move in the game with Kai rolling a six, but Toad cheats, blowing the dice to five. This move makes them go back two spaces, onto a forfeit space. They are attacked by evil MagiRangers and Kai, Houka and Makito are transformed into dolls. Urara gets a new spell allowing her and Tsubasa to destroy the evil Rangers. As Dagon, Titan and Wyvern confront Wolzard, the Rangers arrive in Toad’s briar garden, having used Urara’s spell to make it possible to roll a nine. They see Miyuki there and are stunned…moreless
  • Confrontation! Two Ultimate Gods ~Goolu Luuma Golu Gonga~ (Taiketsu! Nikyokushin)
    Snowgel and the Rangers fight Drake in the Marudeyouna world. Just in case Drake looses, Dagon has Sleipnir prepare to attack as well even if it is against the Dark Precepts. None of the Rangers attacks work and Drake sends them all back to Earth where Hikaru is till trying to figure out what he was supposed to learn. He walks past the cake shop where was working and sees that they are back in business, the owner having managed to remake all the cakes since seeing Kai trying so hard. Hikaru realizes that this was what he was to learn: that sometimes, over thinking a situation is a waste of time, you just have to try. He arrives at the Ranger’s battle with Drake. Snowgel leaves now that he has learnt, allowing Hikaru to fight, and defeat, Drake himself. Drake returns enlarged so the Rangers fight him in MagiLegend and Travelion. However, Sleipnir appears as well with his chariot. Just as MagiLegend is about to be defeated, WolKentaurus appears and saves them from Sleipnir. Wolzard destroys the chariot and forms WolKaiser. During the fight, Vancuria plants one of Dagon’s scales on Wolzard just before he drags Sleipnir back to Infershia. Travelion and MagiLegend then manage to destroy Drake. Back home, the Rangers have their Christmas party, but not before making Hikaru dress up.moreless
  • The Teacher's Teacher ~Goolu Golu Majuulu~ (Sensei no Sensei)
    It’s Christmas Eve and the Ozu Family is preparing for it’s annual party. Snowgel transports Hikaru to her Marudeyouna world of constant snow. When asked about the battles with the Hades Gods, Hikaru admits that he feels he lacks the power to defeat them. She tells him that to progress, he must learn from Kai. Back in the magic room, Hikaru is less than impressed to see Kai dressed as a fairy but asks to learn from him anyway. They begin by helping out at a cake shop to fill the Christmas orders. Meanwhile, Drake is growing impatient, especially after the loss of Gorgon. At the cake shop, an accident ruins all the cakes. Kai has them begin remaking everything, despite the lack of time. The Slab of Judgement selects Drake to perform the next attack. Short of strawberries, Hikaru tries to get Kai to give up as Drake appears in the city. MagiLegend and Travelion fight him, but when MagiLegend goes down, the Rangers form MagiDragon. Hikaru tries to get them to stop as they don’t have a plan, but Kai does Drake some damage before being beaten. Hikaru tells him that there is nothing he can learn from him, as Snowgel appears. She tells Hikaru that he has failed, as MagiDragon is defeated. Snowgel fights Drake herself, luring him to her Marudeyouna world. She and the Rangers go to fight him, but leave Hikaru behind…moreless
  • The Gorgon's Garden ~Magine Luludo~ (Hebi-onna no Niwa)
    Gorgon has released her snakes into the city that will eventually turn everyone to stone. Leaving the switched Houka and Kai behind, the others head off to a Marudeyouna world to find the garden Gorgon mentioned. Sphinx finds out about what Toad did and restores Nai and Mae to their own bodies. Meanwhile, Gorgon watches Travelion arrive in her world. The Rangers split up to search for her as Kai, in Houka’s body, runs into Yamazaki while watching Houka play soccer as Kai. In the Marudeyouna world, a giant snake takes Makito. Kai learns a few things from Yamazaki, but doesn’t hear when she reveals that she knows he is a magician. Another snake takes Urara. After a brief fight, it swallows Tsubasa as well. Hikaru fights Gorgon but is eaten too. Kai and Houka are attacked by Gorgon, but Sphinx reverses the body switch, allowing them to transform and get a new spell. They use a special MagiBolt to free the other Rangers but Gorgon grows. MagiLegend and Travelion fight her, destroying her and her snakes. Dagon sees an image of Wolzard, who tells him that N Ma will no revive as he will not allow it.moreless
  • Contrary Brother And Sister ~Majuna Giruma~ (Abekobe Kyōdai)
    Houka gets dropped off by a gentleman friend, ending up outside Kai’s school. She sees him with Yamazaki and, disguising herself as a post box, overhears their conversation, which ends in Yamazaki crying. Vancuria finds the Book of Prophecy but it is taken by Gorgon. Houka tells Kai of all the dates she has this week and decides to help him with Yamazaki. They are attacked by Toad, who squirts them with one of his spots and eventually grows. MagiLegend and Travelion fight him, but he is recalled to Infershia. The Slab of Judgement selects Gorgon for the next attack. Houka and Kai find that their bodies have been switched. Chaos ensues until Tsubasa uses Mandora’s screaming to knock everyone out. Later, Houka, in Kai’s body, tries to get Kai, in her body, to go on her dates while she goes to school in his place. Things quickly fall apart for both of them. Gorgon attacks but Houka and Kai find they can’t transform. The others fight with Travelion as the MagiMajins. Houka and Kai are given a new spell, which knocks Gorgon off her feet. She becomes human sized to attack them, but when Smokey gets in the way, she turns him to stone. She reveals that her snakes will eventually turn the whole city to stone before leaving.moreless
  • A Promise With Big Brother ~Goo Magiiro~ (Aniki to no Yakusoku)
    Makito disappears and the others run, with an unsure Tsubasa now in charge. Vancuria reports that Drake is fighting MagiShine. Sphinx goes to bring him back. The Ranger head into the forest for protection, but Cyclops shoots the trees, leaving the Rangers exposed. They turn themselves invisible but Cyclops uses heat to find them and shoots Houka. Drake defeats MagiShine, but Sphinx stops the fight as the remaining three Rangers try to escape. Tsubasa refuses to leave Kai behind just as Urara is shot and disappears. Drake leaves the battle and Sphinx reveals to Hikaru that they must obey the rules if N Ma is to revive. Tsubasa starts to loose faith over not being able to protect his siblings. Kai makes him realize that he cannot be Makito. He must be himself. Tsubasa also realizes that Makito’s last attack was not wasted; he was aiming at Cyclops who was hiding in a mirror. Facing Cyclops, Tsubasa uses MagiPunch to deflect his bullets and enter his mirror world. He transforms and uses a new spell to turn his DialRod into DialRod Bow Gun. They have a shooting match, which Tsubasa wins, returning everyone who was shot. Cyclops is enlarged, but the Rangers destroy him with MagiLegend and Travelion.moreless
  • Sniping ~Golu Maagi~ (Neraiuchi)
    The Slab of Judgement selects Cyclops to carry out the next Divine Punishment, but Drake and Gorgon decide to go out as well. Tsubasa and Makito have been out watching a boxing match. Makito surprises Tsubasa by speaking perfect English to a tourist looking for directions. He reveals that his dream was study abroad just as Cyclops appears in the city and begins destroying buildings with his rifle. MagiKing soon arrives but is defeated by a well-placed shot from Cyclops. Meanwhile, Hikaru is training with Smokey in a Marudeyouna world and senses Cyclops’s attack. They are attacked by Drake. Cyclops challenges the Rangers to a game – if he can shoot all of them by sunset, he wins and the surface world will be destroyed. He fires on them, but they manage to deflect his bullets for a time until Kai is hit in the leg. Drake and Travelion fight as the Rangers try to make themselves invisible and find someone to hide. Cyclops finds them as Travelion is defeated. Makito goes out to face Cyclops alone and uses his Rock Armour to protect himself, allowing everyone else to escape. However, Cyclops concentrates his fire on one part of the armour, destroying it. Makito attacks Cyclops, but he is shot and disappears…moreless
  • Carrying Out Divine Retribution ~Maagi Golu Gogika~ (Shinbatsu Shikkō)
    Hikaru stops the Rangers fighting the Hades Gods as an ancient legend says that everything will be destroyed if they do. He, as a Heavenly Saint, can fight however. The Hades God’s Slab of Judgement chooses Ifrit to begin the Divine Punishment on the surface world. The dark aurora returns as Ifrit arrives in the city. Travelion attacks him but is easily defeated. Ifrit shrinks himself down to human size to fight Hikaru. The Rangers arrive but Hikaru stops them fighting. Later, everyone starts fighting over Hikaru’s actions. Urara tries to clam the situation with Miyuki’s apple pie. Hikaru apologies to her and allows the Rangers to fight to save their mother. Ifrit returns and is attacked by the Legend MagiRangers. Ifrit sets a challenge; if he defeats all of them before the fire goes out, he wins, but if one person survives, the Rangers win. The Rangers attacks prove useless until Urara gets a new spell and allows Hikaru to get in close with MagiLamp Buster, injuring Ifrit. Ifrit grows and fights MagiLegend and Travelion but he fails to destroy them before his fire time limit expires. As he broke his own rule, Dagon destroys him himself. Before he dies, he tells the Rangers to defeat the God with a thorn garden to save Miyuki.moreless
  • Valley Of The Gods ~Magi Magi Gigiru~ (Kamigami no Tani)
    Kai believes he heard Blagel’s last words – Miyuki is alive. The others heard it too, but Urara can’t find her in the crystal ball. Hikaru tells Snowgel what Meemy said about Infershia gods reviving. Nai and Mae find the Book of Prophecy in the ruins around Infershia. It tells of everything that has happened so far, and what is to come. Hikaru uses a memory spell on Kai to see his memories of the battle against Branken when MagiMother appeared to them. He concludes that what they saw was the real Miyuki and she is alive. They head to the place where Wolzard defeated MagiMother in the hopes of increasing Urara’s powers. Nai and Mae attempt to use the Book of Prophecy to see into the future but it flies away. Hikaru views Urara’s memory of Miyuki’s defeat, and realizes that Wolzard only pretended to kill her and teleported her somewhere. Miyuki’s ice arrow that hit Wolzard during the battle brought Wolzard to his senses, stopping him killing her. Urara is granted a new spell, allowing her to see Miyuki in the crystal ball but she is trapped in a garden of briars. Vancuria stumbles upon the valley of the gods, and encounters the giant Hades Gods. A dark aurora appears in the sky and the Hades Gods make their appearance on the surface. The Rangers try to fight them in MagiLegend, but are easily defeated. The Gods leave and Hikaru tells the Rangers they cannot fight them…moreless
  • Bonds Of Courage ~Goolu Golu Goludo~ (Yūki no Kizuna)
    Smokey saved Hikaru and Lunagel from Meemy’s attacks by swallowing them. The Rangers are still in shock over their father, Blagel being Wolzard. He transports them away from Meemy and tells them that N Ma used the wound he got from Raigel to corrupt him and turn him into Wolzard. He believes it was Mold who helped him start to recover his memories. Kai refuses to accept him as he killed Miyuki, something he doesn’t remember. Meemy attacks them with Chimera while Vancuria kidnaps Blagel. As the Rangers are about to be defeated, Hikaru and Lunagel ride in on Unigorgon, a white horse that can freely travel between Infershia and Magitopia. Unigorgon transports the Rangers away, leaving the two Heavenly Saints to fight Chimera. Meemy challenges Hikaru to a Duel Bond battle to settle their differences. Hikaru agrees, knowing it is probably a trap. Back on the surface, the Rangers are faced with a giant Chimera. Kai joins with Unigorgon to form SaintKaiser while the others form MagiDragon. MagiDragon is defeated and SaintKaiser is soon met by WolKaiser and a restored Wolzard. WolKaiser makes SaintKaiser keep fighting until Chimera is destroyed. Sungel and Raigel begin their Duel Bond battle as Wolzard and Kai fight. Raigel nears defeat but uses magic to place Smokey in the firing line, allowing him to injure Hikaru, but he eventually wins. Wolzard again remembers who he is and changes into Blagel and his human form, Isamu. They have a tearful reunion before N Ma appears. Before the Rangers can fight, Isamu prevent them from moving and takes on N Ma alone. Both disappear underground as they fight. N Ma is defeated, restoring the Ranger’s Legend Power, but Blagel is lost…moreless
  • Toward The Infershia ~Maagi Golu Magika~ (Inferushia e)
    Kai looks through a family photo album of him and his father as he doesn't remember anything about him. Lunagel tells him that they have much in common and Hikaru says he always used magic to help others. Before the final battle against Infershia 15 years ago, Sungel and Lunagel tries to convince Blagel not to fight alone. They and Raigel fought with him, or so it seemed until Raigel switched sides, allowing Zee the Yeti to injure Blagel. Meanwhile, Meemy has Wolzard prepare to revive N Ma, but he has a hallucination at the same time Kai feels his presence and Hikaru and Lunagel sense Raigel. The Rangers face Wolzard who announces that their Legend Power will be used to revive N Ma. In a Marudeyouna world, Hikaru and Lunagel encounter Meemy, who transforms into Raigel and apologies for betraying them. It is a ruse and he attacks them, later enlarging himself. Travelion is called, but it's power is drained by Meemy. He uses it with a forbidden spell to revive the spirits of defeated Hades Beasts, which them combine into Hades Beastman Chimera. It attacks Hikaru and Lunagel and then interrupts Wolzard's battle by attacking the Rangers. Wolzard takes the Rangers to Infershia where Meemy gives their Legend Power to N Ma. Kai refuses to give up and manages to free the others but is struck down by N Ma. Wolzard steps in to protect him and is revealed to really be Blagel…moreless
  • Dad's Words ~Maagi Giruma Golu Gogika~ (Chichi no Kotoba)
    Meemy summons Hades Fungal Beast Mold and gives it to Nai and Mae to take to the surface. Wolzard takes back his magic, which he plans to use to defeat the MagiRangers. Kai is depressed as he was substituted in the middle of a football match, something that has never happened to him before. To cheer him up, Makito tells him the story of when he was a child and was left out of baseball games. Their father told him to be strong. Vancuria and Mold attack people in the city. Misinterpreting Makito’s story, Kai rushes into battle alone, resulting in Makito getting hit my Mold’s gas. Lunagel vaccinates the other Rangers against Mold, but Makito has only 35 minutes until Mold’s eye opens and he and everyone else infected dies. Lunagel and Hikaru head out to stop the Mold spreading while the others fight Wolzard. The Legend Rangers are defeated by Wolzard. Seeing the battle, Makito goes to join them even though he can’t fight, he cheers his siblings on with a giant flag – this was the true meaning of their father’s advice. This makes the Rangers regroup and defeat Wolzard and Mold, saving Makito and the people. Wolzard form WolKaiser but is fought by MagiLegend. The Rangers are granted a new spell, allowing them to defeat WolKaiser, but MagiLegend is struck down by Meemy’s special ‘Kai-Mold’. WolKaiser however refuses to destroy the Rangers in this state, and even removes the Mold but confuses the Rangers when he uses the same words as their father.moreless
  • The Extraordinary Majin ~Maagi Giruma Golu Jingajin~ (Susamajiki Majin)
    The Rangers are still overflowing with power from their first use of Legend Power. Hikaru tells them that the Legendary Magicians increased their power and were able to form the Crimson Firebird and the Lion of Four Colours, which could create a new Majin power, MagiLegend. Suddenly, a goat appears. It is the Magic Postman from Magitopia. The letter is from Lunagel, but only one page makes it through. She warns the Rangers not to use Legend Power, but they brush it off as being over protective. Meemy powers up Bururatesu and sends him to the surface. The Rangers use Legend Power to fight Bururatesu despite the warning. Buruatesu is destroyed and his spirit arrives in Meemy's Marudeyouna world. Meemy reveals that he only had Buruatesu fight as his Hades Machine Golem needed a 300 year old soul to power it. Back home, the power overflow gets worse for the Rangers but Lunagel arrives and stops it. She tells them that using Legend Power again will cause them to become Heavenly Saints with no memory of their lives as humans and they will cease to be siblings. Hikaru senses Golem and goes to fight it. Travelion is defeated by Golem as the Rangers decide that if needed, they will use Legend Power to protect people. Golem arrives on Earth so the Rangers fight it in MagiKing, but they are defeated. With no other choice, the Rangers use Legend Power and are granted new spells. Kai becomes MagiFirebird, while the others become MagiLion, just as the Legendary Magicians once did. They then form MagiLegend and destroy Golem. As the Rangers begin their transformations into Heavenly Saints, Hikaru is granted a spell that will allow the Rangers to remain as humans and use Legend Power indefinitely.moreless
  • Legendary Power ~Maagi Magi Magi Magiiro~ (Densetsu no Chikara)
    The Rangers try to destroy the Evil Ice but Zee attacks them. The Evil Ice begins lowering the temperature on Earth. Hikaru tells the Rangers that there is someone who can help – Snowgel, the Heavenly Saint of Ice and Snow. The Rangers decide to find him and leave for his Marudeyouna world, the Sea of Lamentation with Smokey and Travelion. They are soon swallowed by a giant fish. Inside, they find an infant, who Smokey identifies as Snowgel. Meanwhile on Earth, Hikaru senses Wolzard’s presence and goes to fight despite not having recovered. Snowgel initially doesn’t want to help, but seeing how the Oath Rings respond to the Ranger’s courage, he changes his mind and grants them Legend Power. They leave the fish and return home as Hikaru is getting beaten by Zee. They save him and transform into the Legend MagiRangers. Zee and the Evil Ice are then destroyed by the Legend Finish attack.moreless
  • Repeating "What's That?" ~Gii Magi Magiiro~ (Kurikaesu "Are?")
    Houka is chased through the streets by a large bubble, but before she can tell the others, the bubble hits her and she loses her memory of becoming a MagiRanger and everything after that point. Hikaru saves her from Bururatesu but she doesn’t remember him. A whole year of her memory has been erased. The Rangers start teaching her about magic. She manages to transform, but an hour later her new memories also disappears and no spell or potion can restore then. The Rangers take Houka to where she was attacked to look for clues, but they are met by Tetsuya, her former fiancé. Bururatesu begins sucking the life energy from people, including Tetsuya as he talks to Houka. The Rangers fight him but Zee the Yeti intervenes and defeats them. Houka was told to stay put while the Rangers fight but her memory resets and, forgetting what she was told, wanders off. Bururatesu gives Zee the power of Neriesu and Shichijuurou which he uses to fight Hikaru. Houka wanders into the middle of the battle, resulting in Hikaru being badly injured. Despite not knowing what’s going on, Houka rallies the Rangers into continuing the fight. Bururatesu is enlarged but MagiKing arrives to fight him. Houka is given a new spell for fighting despite her memory, which allows MagiKing to destroy Bururatesu’s Buru Stick. Houka’s memory returns and she remembers why she was attacked – she saw Bururatesu and Zee creating a giant block of ice using the life energy of the people.moreless
  • Eternally... ~Giruma Magi Magi Magiine~ (Eien ni...)
    A woman plays a harp and sings a haunting melody, enticing unsuspecting men to their doom. Out jogging, Tsubasa hears the same tune and goes to investigate. He distracts the woman who breaks a string on her harp. She lures him away as something begins to emerge from the lake. The Rangers have had reports of Neriesu attacking people. The similarity of her attacks to the set up of the woman he met leads Tsubasa to believe she is connected to it. It turns out that the woman is Mamiya Rei, a famous singer who disappeared and was presumed dead a week ago. Meemy tells Wolzard that Neriesu is unable to sing herself as he voice is still injured from a previous battle with a Heavenly Saint. Neriesu forces Rei to entrance a large group of people for her to consume but they are saved by the Rangers. Neriesu is enlarged so the Rangers fight her as the MagiMajins and in Travelion while Tsubasa takes Rei away. She tells him that she is already dead, killed by Neriesu, who is forcing her soul to do her work. Hikaru offers to release her soul using his magic, but Neriesu grabs Rei. When she refuses to sing, Neriesu consumes her. The Rangers arrive too late. Her voice healed, Neriesu attacks them but Tsubasa’s refusal to give up on Rei grants him a new spell, which he uses to free Rei. The other Rangers then finish Neriesu with a Wonderful Shining Buster attack. Neriesu’s spirit is collected by Bururatesu. Tsubasa and Rei say goodbye as her soul departs for the great beyond.moreless
  • Our Bonds ~Magiine Magiine~ (Oretachi no Kizuna)
    Meemy revives the Hades Beast Men Four Kings of Hell, Zee, Bururatesu, Neriesu and Shichijuurou. It’s the time of the year for the Ozu Family shish kabob day. Makito is making the preparations. Shichijuurou begins his attack on the city and turns Tsubasa, Kai, Urara and Houka against Hikaru and Makito having severed their family bonds. They refuse to go back to the house and all but Kai move out into their own places. Kai is too young to rent somewhere. Hikaru tries to bring everyone back but they refuse to see Makito unless Infershia attacks again. Makito uses this to get them all to attend his shish kabob barbecue in the hopes of reuniting them, but they ruin the food. Makito almost gets through to them when Shichijuurou attacks again, this time bigger. The Rangers fight him as the MagiMajins, but with Makito, they are defeated. Makito as MagiTaurus and Hikaru in Travelion arrive and Makito beats Shichijuurou with a single blow. However, the others are not returned to normal as Shichijuurou survives and attacks them at the barbecue. Makito takes his sword, and is controlled into attacking the others by it. This restores their bond, allowing Hikaru and Smokey to destroy the sword and free Makito. Shichijuurou’s spirit is collected by Bururatesu as Makito is given a new spell, one that restores the barbecue and allows the family to celebrate as usual.moreless
  • Believe!! ~Giruma Gii Magika~ (Shinjiro yo!!)
    Meemy makes Wolzard give him his magic which he turns into two WolzaPhones for Nai and Mae to use. Meemy then summons Hades Beast Man Harpy Peewee and sends her to the surface. Houka treats everyone to sushi but Smokey is made to stay at home for giving Mandora leaf eating bugs. Smokey follows them to the restaurant where he turns all the food to dust, but later pleads innocent when the same happens elsewhere in the city. No one believes him so he runs away. Later, Hikaru explains how he and Smokey came to be together – Smokey was cursed and if he remains outside of MagiLamp for 3 hours, he’ll die. Urara feels responsible and goes to look for him. The Rangers encounter Nai and Mae in Smokey disguise in the city, making them realize that Smokey was telling the truth. Urara and Smokey see Peewee in the city and try to stop her but its been nearly 3 hours. Smokey manages to defeat Peewee before disappearing. Fortunately, Hikaru gets his remains into the MagiLamp before it’s too late. Urara is given a new spell and destroys Peewee using MagiLamp and Smokey’s Blue Shining Attack. Peewee is enlarged so the Rangers fight her in MagiKing while Smokey pilots Travelion.moreless
  • Stolen Courage ~Giruma Magi Magiiro~ (Nusumareta Yūki)
    Hades Beast Man Shiifu Gaston uses his speed to steal items from people in the city. Kai queues for a bus as he notices that Yamazaki has a toy of her beloved MagiRed. Kai gets annoyed that he can't tell her that he is MagiRed. Instead, he bravely stands up to a man who pushed in line only to have his courage stolen by Gaston. Another situation arises on the bus and Yamazaki's MagiRed toy is stolen. Kai chickens out and gets off the bus. Gaston returns, but Kai is saved by Hikaru and the others. During the battle, Kai finds he is unable to transform, allowing Gaston to steal Hikaru's Travelion MagiTicket as well and escape. In Infershia, Gaston prepares to combine the stolen items into powerful explosives to use on the surface world. Meemy uses the MagiTicket to call Travelion, which Nai, Mae and Gaston use to attack the city. The Rangers fight them as Hikaru fights Wolzard. After being bullied to join the battle by Mandora, Kai recovers Yamazaki's toy. He then attacks Gaston, throwing him at Meemy. With new courage, Kai takes Gaston's explosives and transforms. Gaston is enlarged, but Kai as MagiPhoenix knocks him and Travelion down, allowing Hikaru to regain control of it. MagiKing and Travelion then destroy Gaston. Kai is given a new spell, which he uses to return all the stolen items, including his courage.moreless
  • As Your Teacher ~Golu Golu Gojika~ (Sensei Toshite)
    Due to his use of the reverse magic, time is now being sucked into Tsubasa’s body. Hikaru manages to slow it down for now but to cure him permanently he must travel to Chronogel’s Marudeyouna world. Meanwhile, Spider and Belbireji collect their 1000th soul and prepare to destroy the city with them. The four remaining Rangers arrive to stop them. Hikaru reaches Chronogel’s world and must climb to the top of his mountain. Unknown to him, Tsubasa has followed and takes Skarpet to the mountain. Belbireji tricks Urara and Houka into attacking Kai and Makito as Hikaru reaches the summit. He is about to take the Staff of Forgiveness that will save Tsubasa by taking his own life but Wolzard and Tsubasa appear. Wolzard destroys Chronogel’s mountain and takes the staff himself. Hikaru fights WolKaiser in Travelion as the others are nearing defeat. Realizing that Hikaru is fighting for Tsubasa’s life, they regroup and attack again as Travelion defeats WolKaiser with a new spell and Hikaru recovers the staff and uses it to restore Tsubasa to normal. Back in the city, Tsubasa stops Belbireji’s firework and Hikaru saves the souls. The Rangers to destroy Spider and return the souls but Belbireji is enlarged. MagiKing destroys him with the Tenkuu Mahou Slash. Later, Tsubasa and Kouta starts boxing training together.moreless
  • Forbidden Magic ~Rooji Maneeji Magi Mamaruji~ (Kindan no Mahō)
    A young boy is chased through the wood at night. A monster grabs him and throws him off a cliff, but he wakes up and finds it was just a dream. Hikaru gives a lesson on playing the piano with magic. Everyone tries, but only Tsubasa manages to play with the help of the dependable skill elixir. Smokey mentions ‘reverse magic’ for going back in time, but Hikaru forbids it’s use, saying that only the Heavenly Saint of Time, Chronogel, can safely manipulate time. Chronogel sealed himself away in a Marudeyouna world to protect people from his magic. Tsubasa leaves, saying it is his friend Kouta’s birthday. Tsubasa finds Kouta unconscious, having been bitten. The Hades Beast Man Incubus Belbireji attacks. He is responsible of Kouta’s, and many other’s, condition. Wolzard returns to Infershia so Meemy sends him to fight MagiShine. Tsubasa wants to use the reverse magic to find out how Belbireji is taking the people’s souls but Hikaru won’t allow it. Hikaru senses Wolzard and leaves on Travelion. Tsubasa uses the reverse magic and sees what happened to Kouta’s soul – Belbireji is feeding them to Hades Beast Spider. The Rangers fight Spider as Wolzard and MagiShine face off. The Rangers end up fighting Spider on a giant web over the city. Tsubasa defeats it and recovers the souls using MagiPunch, but Meemy makes Spider grow. MagiKing is formed, but comes apart when Tsuabasa starts suffering from the side effects of the reverse magic. Belbireji takes back the souls…moreless
  • A Date In Kyoto? ~Luuma Goludo~ (Kyōto de Dēto?)
    Hikaru grades the progress of each Ranger’s training but is interrupted by Houka who wants to take him to Kyoto. Meemy summons Hades Beast Ninja Kirikage and orders him to take Hikaru’s Travelion MagiTicket so he can use it to destroy the surface world. Houka and Hikaru arrive in Kyoto. Houka reveals that there is a temple so wants to pray at, but can’t remember which one. Hikaru’s memory magic narrows down the possibilities. Urara sees them through her crystal ball and, thinking they are kissing, immediately goes to Kyoto. Houka shows Hikaru around a steam engine but they are attacked by Kirikage. Urara arrives in the middle of the battle and accidentally allows Houka to be taken. The Rangers follow in Travelion as Wolzard forges a new sword from Branken’s Hellfang. Urara realizes why Houka went to Kyoto – one year ago they went there with Miyuki to pray for the whole family’s well being. Hikaru realizes that she wasn’t thinking of herself after all. They arrive in a ninja themed Marudeyouna world where their Phones don’t work so they fight the Zobil and Vancuria without magic. Houka manages to distract Kirikage long enough for Hikaru to arrive and save her. Houka destroy’s Kirikage’s drum, allowing the Phones to work. They defeat Kirikage but it takes Travelion to finish him. The Rangers end the day with prayers.moreless
  • Let's Go On The Magic Express ~Goo Goo Goludiiro~ (Mahō Tokkyū de Ikō)
    The Rangers begin their training under Hikaru, but Makito doesn't do very well and feels like their new teacher has replaced him as head of the family. Meemy summons Hades Beast Man Behemoth Beldan. For their next lesson, Hikaru takes the Rangers for a ride on the Magical Train Travelion Express. They arrive in a prehistoric Marudeyouna world, a place created by magic in another dimension, where Hikaru tells them that they will live here for a while. He leaves them a Return MagiTicket – when they find it, they will have completed the lesson can go home. Makito feels unable to lead the group and Kai upsets a mammoth. Back on Earth, Beldan starts causing earthquakes but is fought by MagiShine until Wolzard appears. He taunts Hikaru and then leaves. In the Marudeyouna world, Urara collapses from the heat, making Makito take action to save her. He organizes water, food and shelter but the mammoth returns. Makito has the Rangers build a wall to protect themselves. The mammoth breaks in but is tamed by Makito's shouting. He finds the MagiTicket on the mammoth and they return home on Travelion just in time to join Hikaru in battle against Beldan. Makito is given a new spell which bulks up his muscles allowing him to defeat Beldan. When Beldan grows, Hikaru uses Travelion to destroy it.moreless
  • Kiss Me, Frog ~Goolu Golu Goludiiro~ (Kisu Shite Kero)
    Smokey reveals to the Rangers that his MagiLamp can transform into a weapon, MagiLamp Buster. However, Kai’s magic level is too low to use it. Meemy revives Hades Beast Man Gremlin Garim and sends him to the surface to get ink for the Calamity-Loving Pen using human suffering. He uses the ink to draw patterns on the ground. The Rangers fight him but are beaten. The frog from the cave appears and is taken home and name Hikaru by Houka. Urara hates frogs, and puts him outside. She realizes there is more to the frog when it makes her draw a square, indicating that Garim’s patterns are a Madou circle. The Rangers stop him from completing it as Hikaru arrives. Urara kisses him, and he is transformed into a man. He is Heavenly Saint Sungel but was transformed into a frog in battle against Meemy. He is also Smokey’s master and transforms into MagiShine and destroys Garim using MagiLamp Buster. Later, he decides to stay with the MagiRangers as their teacher and adopts the name ‘Hikaru’.moreless
  • The Magic Lamp ~Meeza Zazare~ (Mahō no Ranpu)
    Fifteen years ago, two warriors fought. One of them is Raigel, the traitor of Magitopia, but both are apparently killed in the battle. Urara senses that Infershia isn’t as defeated as they thought, but also senses something else, something good and bright like the sun. The Rangers later intercept Nai and Mae on their way to a cave. The Rangers pass through the magic seal at the entrance. Urara encounters a frog and is terrified by it. The others find a mummified corpse and a lamp bearing the crest of Magitopia. Picking up the lamp breaks the cave seal, allowing Vancuria inside. She takes the mummy and leaves. Mandora identifies the lamp as MagiLamp. Rubbing it awakens and genie-like cat named Smokey who grants them one wish. They decide to wish for Infershia’s defeat, but Smokey says he can’t without payment up front. In Infershia, N Ma revives the mummy, freeing Raigel, now calling himself Madou Priest Meemy. He turns Nai and Mae into centipedes to teach them a lesson. The Rangers meet Meemy for the first time when he attacks them. Smokey refuses to help and the Rangers are defeated. Meemy enlarges himself and also beats MagiKing until Smokey decides to do something and enlarges himself, surprising Meemy and allowing MagiKing to attack. Meemy retreats, for now…moreless
  • Uniting Powers ~Maagi Giruma Gii Jinga~ (Chikara o Awasete)
    Wolzard starts to unlock the spell on Lunagel that is keeping the Gate closed. Meanwhile, Branken escapes Infershia through the Gate and attacks MagiKing. MagiKing and the Rangers are defeated as Branken and Gargoyle attack the city. Makito rallies his siblings to keep fighting, so while Kai goes to save Rin, the others transform into MagiDragon and destroy Gargoyle. Branken defeats MagiDragon as Kai finds Rin and fights Wolzard to save her. Kai gets beaten by Wolzard until he increases his elemental power and defeats Wolzard. Barikion arrives to take Kai and Rin back home. Rin returns to Magitopia, causing the Gate to return to the ground, trapping Branken outside. Kai and Barikion form FireKaiser, allowing MagiKing to later destroy Branken with help from a new ice magic spell and an apparition of MagiMother. This, and a vision of their mother when they return home, gives the Rangers new hope that Miyuki is still alive. Later, Wolzard finds Branken’s Hellfang Sword…moreless
  • Tenderness Isn't Needed ~Uuza Douza Uru Ugaro~ (Yasashisa wa Iranai)
    Wolzard absorbs the power of the Mahou, which he plans to use to defeat the Rangers. Lunagel believes that the Rangers need to be more forceful in their battles, like Blagel their father. She tells them that N Ma created the Hades Gate to allow the Hades Beast to come to the surface, but Blagel sacrificed himself to prevent this. Lunagel sealed the Gate after him, using a special spell that would keep the Gate locked for as long as she lived. Before she could return to Magitopia, effectively making the seal permanent, she was attacked by Heavenly Saint Raigel and woke up on Earth as Rin. Wolzard summons the Rangers to battle but Lunagel wants to defeat him, believing that he is Raigel. She traps the Rangers in another dimension and fights Wolzard alone. The Rangers try to find their way out but learn that to keep the door open, someone must be sacrificed. Lunagel fails to defeat Wolzard so she transforms into her Heavenly Saint form and enlarges. Wolzard becomes WolKaiser and defeats her as Kai sacrifices himself, allowing the others out just in time for them to save Lunagel. Kai also escapes, having seen that Lunagel would not make them make such a choice. However, the Hades Gate rises out of the ground, releasing Hades Beast Gargoyle. Wolzard captures Lunagel as the Rangers fight Gargoyle as MagiKing. Branken manages to break out of the Gate.moreless
  • The Gate's Key ~Uzaara Ugaro~ (Mon no Kagi)
    A young woman is chased by Nai and Mae until Kai saves her. The other Rangers arrive. Vancuria says she is the ‘Key to the Gate; and flies off. The Rangers then search for the woman. Kai finds her in the park humming Miyuki’s song to the birds. He takes her make to the magic room where the Rangers try to find out about her. She has amnesia, so Kai names her Rin. However, she doesn’t want to remember and runs away. Meanwhile, Wolzard powers up Vancuria so she can find Rin. Kai finds her again and, after a trip on a SkyHouki, she drinks Tsubasa’s memory potion. They are attacked by Nai and Mae as Rin begins to remember. An attack from Vancuria fails to hurt her, and she transforms into Lunagel, the Magitopian Heavenly Saint of the moon. Lunagel defeats Vancuria but isn’t impressed with the Rangers…moreless
  • The Bride's Elder Brother ~Giruma Magi Majuna~ (Hanayome no Ani)
    At night, two girls chat about a strange red skull that marks people and later makes them disappear. One of the girls reveals that she has the mark and disappears. The other girl soon runs into the skull. The Rangers have heard of this red skull, but no Hades Beast has been detected. Mandora tells of another device that can detect the Beasts, the Theremin. Houka chooses this time to tell everyone that she is getting married. She introduces them to Tetsuya, her fiancé and photographer. The wedding is tomorrow. Makito is furious and refuses to acknowledge the marriage. Meanwhile, Branken orders Skeleton to curse everyone with its skull at once. As the Rangers prepare for the wedding, the Theremin detects Skeleton so they head out without telling Houka. However, Houka is the first on the scene and uses MagiPunch to defeat Skeleton. It rebuilds itself and leaves as the others arrive. It’s wedding time, but Makito doesn’t go. Tetsuya finds him, saying that Houka wanted to marry him as he has been cursed by the skull and will soon disappear. Skeleton reappears, which Makito fights alone is as to not disrupt the wedding that he will now be attending. As he fights, the wedding starts without him. Houka realize what is happening and helps him defeat Skeleton. The others arrive as Skeleton grows and they destroy it with MagiKing and a new spell. At the wedding, Houka and Tetsuya don’t go through with it as Tetsuya won’t be disappearing after all. However, Vancuria has found the key to the Gate…moreless
  • Burn, Punch ~Gii Gii Gigiru~ (Moero Panchi)
    Branken sends the second of the Solitary Confinement Hades Beasts, Ghoul, to the surface. Kai has a date with Yamazaki, even after what happened last time. He has invited her to see a movie. Ghoul appears in the city. The Rangers fight it but are beaten by it’s lightning fast boxing moves. Tsubasa manages to get a hit in, but is attacked by Nai and Mae, allowing his hand to be injured. With no other choice, Kai is put through boxing training. Meanwhile, Branken powers up Ghoul. Tsubasa allows Kai to go for his date, saying his hand is healed. It isn’t, and Kai realizes this and comes back for more training. Ghoul returns and is battled by Kai. His courage grants him a new spell that creates MagiPunch, a pair of magical boxing gloves. Yamazaki sees Ghoul defeated, and falls in love MagiRed all over again.moreless
  • If I Were Mother ~Jinga Majuna~ (Okāsan Nara)
    Urara finds that the family has no money. To make matters worse, Makito has lost the takings from the farm. Urara decides to keep the money problems from the others until she can find a solution. Branken summons the Hades Beast Three from solitary confinement. The first is Ogre, who can go to the surface without a Madou Circle. Urara announces that the family will be economical from now on and won't waste things. While shopping, she enters a competition to win rice for a year. After several goes and ¥100,000 worth of shopping, she still doesn't win. Ogre attacks the other four Rangers until Urara arrives. Vancuria also appears and tells them that they plan to release the seal on Infershia. Ogre leaves, ending the battle. The others blame Urara for no defeating Ogre, but Makito takes the fall. Urara still blames herself as she promised to take care of everyone in Miyuki's absence. Ogre returns but a new spell allows the Rangers to use the Magical Curtain to deflect its attacks. They then destroy the giant Ogre using MagiKing. Later, Tsubasa returns having won the years supply of rice by working on the principle that Urara increased his chances by having so many goes. Mandora even finds the farm taking behind a cupboard.moreless
  • The Mark Of Determination ~Maagi Giruma Magi Magika~ (Ketsui no Shirushi)
    The Rangers have Houka trapped in a magic circle so she can’t attack them. Wolzard calls the Rangers to battle, but Tsubasa fights him alone, wanting a cure for Houka. Wolzard tells him that it was Vancuria that bit Houka. Houka breaks out, but Mandora has a plan to defeat Vancuria. While Tsubasa mixes a potion, the others search for Houka. They find her, apparently normal, as Tsubasa completes the Dawn Crystal. Tsubasa realizes that Houka is still under Vancuria’s control when she tries to give them poisoned apples. Chasing her, they run into Vancuria, who has Houka fight the Rangers. While the others try to stop Houka, Tsubasa fights Vancuria. Despite Houka being used as a human shield, Tsubasa manages to shoot Vancuria with the Dawn Crystal after the power over Houka is broken. The Rangers defeat Vancuria but an enlarged Wolzard appears. The Rangers fight it as MagiKing and are granted a new spell. It allows KingCalibur to use the Tenkuu Mahou Slash and defeat WolKaiser. However, Vancuria has returned to life…moreless
  • Night Of The Vampires ~Magiiro Magika~ (Kyūketsuki no Yoru)
    Houka attends a concert. Unknown to her, the guest singers are Nai and Mae. Their song, along with the powers of a hidden Hades Beast puts everyone, including Houka, under a spell. On returning home, Houka is admonished for not taking her MagiRanger duties seriously. Wolzard calls the Rangers into battle, but before they can transform, Houka defeats the Zobil herself. Wolzard enlarges himself, but Houka is unable to hold her MagiFairy form when the sun rises. Unable to fight the Rangers at the their best, Wolzard leaves. Tsubasa discovers that Houka has become a vampire, but promises to keep it a secret. They retrace Houka’s steps back to the concert where Tsubasa fights Hades Beast Leech. All those affected will die with the morning sun if Leech isn’t destroyed but Tsubasa is injured. Houka is determined to help and is granted a new spell. It allows them to follow Leech, where the Rangers fight and defeat it. It enlarges, but MagiKing is able to destroy it, saving the people. However, Houka still hasn’t recovered and falls under Vancuria’s influence…moreless
  • If The Flower Blooms ~Giruma Magika~ (Hana ga Saitara)
    Makito is in a good mood as he is delivering vegetables to the woman he loves – Erika. However, she is less than impressed with him and his vegetables. To get rid of him, Erika gives Makito a cactus, saying that if he can make it bloom, she will go on a date with him. The Rangers are called into battle against a group of Zobil, but Makito is more bothered about protecting his cactus. The cactus is infected by Hades Beast Spector as the Rangers fight. At night, Spector begins eating books and candles and grows, but no one believes Mandora when he tells them what happened. The cactus even blooms, but Eriko doesn’t like it – the cactus she gave Makito doesn’t flower. The cactus is soon taken over by Spector and runs away. Erika is attacked by it, but Makito saves her, proving his love for her. Spector is enlarged, but the Rangers use MagiKing to destroy it.moreless
  • Fiery Friendship Fusion ~Giruma Maagi Magi Jinga~ (Honō no Yūjō Gattai)
    Branken is getting impatient at being sealed in Infershia. Wolzard says that he needs the ‘Key to the Gate’, failing to mention that he still has the Ranger’s MagiKing magic. Nai and Mae tell Branken this, and he gives Vancuria a weapon. Tsubasa is busy building a ship in a bottle, but Kai ruins it by using magic construct the ship outside the bottle. The Rangers are called to battle a Hades Beast Troll and easily defeat it. Wolzard then appears and calls Barikion so they can combine into WolKaiser. Despite not having MagiKing, the Rangers fight as MagiDragon. They are defeated, but WolKaiser is hit by an arrow from Vancuria’s weapon. WolKaiser tries to return to Infershia, but Kai gets in the way and falls through the portal with Barikion. Kai finds himself in another dimension with an injured Barikion. Meanwhile, Wolzard attacks Branken for the attack and tells him that he gave the MagiKing magic to Troll. Troll is revived and powered up by the magic. The four Rangers fight it as the MagiMajins, while Kai decides to help Barikion but his magic isn’t strong enough. With Barikion getting weak, Kai eventually manages to remove the arrow. The two escape the dimension together and, arriving back home, combine to form FireKaiser. They destroy Troll and return the MagiKing power to the Rangers. Barikion returns to Wolzard and they leave.moreless
  • You're Just The Heroine ~Majuna Majuna~ (Kimi Koso Hiroin)
    An actress finishes a scene and, returning to her trailer, the Hades Beast Manticore locks her in it’s power and devours her. Houka is late for an audition and has Mandora help her with some magic. At the audition, Urara helps her using an invisibility cloak, but she is visible in mirrors. She is discovered, but the director likes her and asks her to the final auditions. They are soon called to fight Manticore, but Urara makes a mess of it as she is distracted by the audition. Houka convinces her to go, but Manticore returns. Houka goes to fight with the others while Urara auditions. Manticore traps them in its power. Urara leaves the audition and is just in time to save the others from Manticore. She is granted a new spell, which the girls use to defeat Manticore. The monster is enlarged but is destroyed by MagiDragon.moreless
  • Into The Dream ~Jinga Magiiro~ (Yume no Naka e)
    Wolzard absorbs the MagiRanger’s MagiKing magic to use for himself. Meanwhile, the Rangers try to wake Kai up, who has been sleeping since the battle with Wolzard. Mandora says his soul is stuck somewhere due to using magic way above his level. Tsubasa has a plan, but the others must collect various ingredients for him first. He makes an elixir for entering a person’s dreams. While the others respond to an emergency call and fight Hades Beast Fungus, Tsubasa enters Kai’s dreams. He sees Kai fighting Wolzard. Tsubasa defeats him when he realizes that in a dream world, he can do anything. The dream world begins to collapse, but they are guided out by Miyuki’s spirit. They join the others in battle and they defeat Fungus. It is enlarged, but the Rangers manage to destroy it using as the MagiMajins.moreless
  • The Ruler Of Darkness ~Uuza Douza Uru Zanga~ (Yami no Haō)
    Branken and Wolzard spar. Branken wants Wolzard to send him to the surface so he can fight the Rangers himself. N Ma orders Wolzard to attack the Rangers. While Kai sleeps, Wolzard appears to him, calling him to battle. Despite the others not believing him, he finds Wolzard and the two fight. Somehow, Kai summons the strength to hurt Wolzard, intriguing the knight. As they fight, Kai meets a young boy who he tries to protect, but Wolzard stops his attack before the boy is hurt. Kai gets the boy to safety so Wolzard resumes his attack but is stopped when the other Rangers appear. Wolzard enlarges himself and calls Barikion. As WolKentaurus, he fights MagiDragon and is beaten. Believing Wolzard gone, the Rangers celebrate, but Kai is still troubled by the incident with the boy. But Wolzard is not gone and contacts Kai again. Wolzard is enlarged but this time forms WolKaiser with Barikion to fight MagiDragon. The Rangers try to form MagiKing, but Wolzard steals the magic before they can use it. He uses it to bring Branken to the surface who defeats MagiDragon. Wolzard refuses to strike down a defenceless Kai, allowing him to send Branken back down.moreless
  • The Way Of Love! ~Maagi Magiiro~ (Koi o Shiyō yo)
    Two drunk men are picked up by a taxi, but the car turns into a monster and attacks them. Out shopping, Houka sees Kai out with the girl he really likes, Yamazaki. She decides to help him impress her. Meanwhile, the others investigate disappearances in the city. They figure out that the monster is disguising itself as something and attacking unsuspecting people. Houka transforms into a fly to try to help Kai, but ends up making him hit Yamazaki. Next she turns into a fan to create a breeze, but ends up blowing Yamazaki’s skirt up, allowing Kai to get a good look. Yamazaki isn’t impressed. Kai realizes what Houka is doing and chases her, spilling food all over Yamazaki. Houka explains why she did what she did as Yamazaki is attacked by the taxi monster, Mimic. Houka and Kai save her. The others arrive, but Mimic escapes. Houka disguises herself as Vancuria to lure out Mimic. The Rangers then attack and defeat it. Mimic is enlarged, but is destroyed by MagiKing. Later, Yamazaki tells Kai that she has fallen for someone else – MagiRed! Kai cannot tell her the truth however.moreless
  • The King Of The Majin ~Maagi Giruma Magi Jinga~ (Majin no Ōsama)
    Urara slaps Kai for breaking the compact mirror their mother left her. At night, a man is attacked and turned to stone by a monster. The Rangers investigate by using Urara’s divination abilities. Four of the Rangers set off to where Urara’s crystal ball told them and find lots of stone statues. Nai and Mae tell them that Cockatrice did this. The Rangers fight it, but are beaten. Urara arrives to save Kai, but is turned to stone. The Rangers retreat. Kai tries to use his alchemy abilities to restore Urara, but he isn’t strong enough. While he keeps trying, the others fight Cockatrice again. Kai, realizing that Urara had a plan to defeat Cockatrice, joins the others. He tricks it into being hit by it’s own attack, turning it to stone and allowing Kai to defeat it. This frees all the stone people. Their courage grants them a new spell. Cockatrice is enlarged, so the Rangers use the new spell to form MagiKing. MagiKing makes short work of Cockatrice, and destroys it.moreless
  • Ride The Magical Dragon ~Maagi Giruma Jinga~ (Maryū ni Nore)
    A man out jogging is attacked and devoured by a giant underground creature. Out shopping, Urara hears the stories of people disappearing, Back home, Makito is busy getting everyone to clean the magic room. Kai finds Mandora Boy, and makes the mistake of removing him from his pot. Mandora screams, knocking everyone out. He explains that he is there at Miyuki's request to help the Rangers. Makito gets annoyed when they are told that Kai is the leader of the Rangers. Infershia attacks, so the Rangers head out, rescuing a boy from the creature. Makito and Kai end up arguing during the battle, allowing the High Zobil to escape. Kai goes off by himself, eventually saving a woman from the Zobil, but is attacked by the creature. Meanwhile, Houka makes Maikto realize that Kai should be leader. He then works with Kai to fight the creature and the Zobil. When Worm shows it's full self, the Rangers get a new spell, which allows the MagiMajins to form MagiDragon. MagiDragon and MagiPhoenix destroy Worm and Kai is confirmed as leader.moreless
  • Bringing Out Courage ~Maagi Magi Magika~ (Yūki o Dashite)
    Faced with the giant WolKentaurus, the MagiRangers are almost crushed but Miyuki transports them to safety. MagiMother enlarges herself and fight WolKentaurus. Despite a valiant struggle, she is struck down by WolKentaurus and apparently killed. Only her MagiStaff remains. The Rangers are left distraught, but a new danger is detected in the city. This danger is Nai and Mae, but only Kai, Makito and Urara can bring themselves to go. When the Rangers arrive, Nai and Mae merge, forming Vancuria, and attacks. Back home, Tsubasa and Houka discover a magical room behind a wall where they see a hologram of Miyuki, which tells them about Magitopia and their father and what they must do in her absence. Meanwhile, Vancuria drops the others into the monster Blob’s mouth. Using the new SkyHoukis, Tsubasa and Houka battle Blob, freeing the others. Their courage unlocks a new spell; the ability to enlarge into the MagiMajins. With their new power, the Majins destroy Blob.moreless
  • The Morning Of Departure ~Maagi Magi Magiiro~ (Tabidachi no Asa)
    Start of Mahou Sentai MagiRanger.

    Magic, it is a sacred power. Magic, it is an adventure into the unknown. Magic, it is proof of courage!

    Kai runs into a young girl in the street, making her loose her balloon. Meanwhile, deep underground, Branken and the evil Infershia have awoken. At the Ozu house, the family is sitting down for dinner. On TV, they notice their brother, Kai, climbing a building for a balloon. The rest of the family comes to get him after his heroics, but on the way home, they a strange circle appears beneath them and a huge monster appears from it. The family runs, but Miyuki, speaking of magic, shocks her children by transforming into MagiMother. She defeats the Troll, and later shows her family her magic. She explains that the Troll was from Infershia. To fight them, she gives four of the children new clothes and MagiPhones so they may become Mahou Sentai MagiRanger. A new danger is detected, so Miyuki sends Makito, Tsubasa, Houka and Urara to fight it, but Kai must remain behind as he seems reckless. The others encounter an army of Zobil and, transforming into MagiRangers, defeat them with their magic. However, Wolzard arrives and defeats them before Kai intervenes. This makes Miyuki grant him the power to become MagiRed so he can protect his siblings. Wolzard returns and calls his giant horse Barikion. He joins with it, forming WolKentaurus…moreless