Super Sentai

Season 30 Episode 42

The Age Of The Questers (Kuesutā no Jidai)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Dec 17, 2006 on TV Asahi
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The Age Of The Questers (Kuesutā no Jidai)
The battle with the Homunculus has left all the Boukengers hurt and Ultimate DaiBouken, DaiVoyager and Zubaan out of action. The Boukengers can do nothing now until the GouGou Vehicles are repaired. However, Akashi takes SirenBuilder and fights the Homunculus alone. Sakura discovers that he is planning to self-destruct SirenBuilder to defeat the Questers, killing himself in the process. Just as he is about to carry out his plan, the other Boukengers arrive in their hastily repaired GouGou Vehicles to help. Between worlds, Eiji's mother is revealed to be Ouga's trap. The Boukengers fight the Questers with SirenBuilder, DaiBouken and DaiTanken as Eiji fights Ouga. With Ouga defeated, Eiji returns to normal and brings GouGou Voyager into the battle, helping to destroy Homunculus. The Boukengers then destroy the Questers on the ground and take the Mercurius Receptacle.moreless

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  • Questers End.

    Continuing the story from the previous episode, we find the Boukengers in serious trouble having lost Ultimate DaiBouken, DaiVoyager and Zubaan to the Quester's Homunculus. In a desperate move, Akashi takes SirenBuilder to face the enemy, planning to self-destruct it to defeat the Questers. I really liked the build up to this moment, Akashi's sense of duty carrying him on despite the danger and the other Boukengers realization of what he is going to do. I enjoyed Eiji's chat with his mother in the previous episode, so it was a shock to find out that all that was just a trick by Ouga, the Ashu Eiji thought he'd defeated a few episodes back. This episode makes the end of the Questers story with their defeat here, and Eiji nicely builds them graves, honouring his long-time mortal enemies.moreless
Takaya Kuroda

Takaya Kuroda

Yaiba (voice)

Junpei Morita

Junpei Morita


Shinichiro Ohta

Shinichiro Ohta

Narrator/equipment (voice)

Masashi Mikami

Masashi Mikami

Souta Mogami/BoukenBlue

Nobuo Tanaka

Nobuo Tanaka

Mr. Voice (voice)

Chise Nakamura

Chise Nakamura

Natsuki Mamiya/BoukenYellow

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Even though Akashi would eventually use it, none of the other Boukengers remember that SirenBuilder had not been present during the battle with Homunculus Quester Jet Over in Task 41 and had therefore not been damaged.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Narrator: Eiji is turned to stone by the Ashu Ouga. His soul wanders the dimensional rift. Meanwhile, the Questers gather together four Precious and create the ultimate artifical lifeform, Homunculus. Ultimate DaiBouken and DaiVoyager are defeated by its overwhelming power.

    • Voice: How terrible, Ultimate DaiBouken and DaiVoyager are seriously damaged. And all the Boukengers are hurt. Zubaan will be unable to act for a while and Silver is turned to stone. If you guys didn't disobey orders, this wouldn't happen.

    • Sakura: Chief... what do you plan to do from here?
      Souta: Do what? Ultimate DaiBouken and DaiVoyager have been destroyed.
      Masumi: Are we supposed to just watch then!?
      Souta: I didn't say that! But we can't fight Homunculus until the GouGou vehicles are repaired.

    • Makino: (on the GouGou Vehicle repairs) I'm desperately working at it right now. But I still haven't dealt with Zubaan.
      Sakura: Either way, we can't act until we have some plan. Chief.
      Akashi: We will wait for the Vehicles to be repaired. Until then, all members are on standby.

    • Kei: Where are you planning to go?
      Eiji: Mother. No... just...
      Kei: Are you planning to leave me behind, Eiji?
      Eiji: No, that's not it. If we investigate this world, there might be a way for us to return together.
      Kei: No! I can't escape this world! Please! Always remain here with me. I don't want to be alone anymore.
      Eiji: Mother...

    • Gai: Looks like battle favours the veterans. Quit your futile resistance already, Red.
      Akashi: Battle favours the veterans? That's true. However... there's still a way!

    • Souta: Chief was checking Builder's operation data, right?
      Sakura: Yes, but...
      Masumi: Hey! Akashi's leading the Homunculus to the mountains.
      Natsuki: But what is he going to do there?
      Masumi: What!?
      Souta: The situation is bad. Builder alone can't beat Homunculus.
      Natsuki: Chief might have some idea.

    • Shizuka: (watching SirenBuilder fight Homunculus Quester Jet Over) I hope the Questers get beaten. But I have mixed feelings about cheering for the Boukengers.
      Yaiba: I don't mind the Boukengers being defeated, but...
      Ryuoun: That Homunculus will get in our way.
      Gaja: I hope they destroy each other...

    • Gai: What are you trying to do!?
      Akashi: Have the Neo-Parallel Engine pass the critical point. The Engine, past the critical point, will go out of control and explode.
      Rei: This guy... He's planning to blow himself up!
      Gai: No way! Let go! Let go!

    • Akashi: Everyone... Everyone. Take care of the rest. Take care of Eiji.

    • (Akashi prepares to self destruct SirenBuilder)
      Sakura: Stop it, Chief!
      Masumi: We definately won't let you blow yourself up.
      Souta: No point in you going alone since you'd blow us up too.
      Natsuki: Coming alone... how mean, Chief!
      Sakura: I thought we were a team.
      Akashi: But... there's no other way.
      Sakura: There is a way.
      Masumi: All of us...
      Natsuki: ...will work together...
      Souta: and do our best to fight.

    • Akashi: Everyone, I'm sorry. Thank to you, I've opened by eyes. We're a team, right? We can never give up. We will do our best. That's how we always accomplish our missions.

    • Makino: Everyone. Thanks for waiting. All GouGou Vehicles can be launched. However... because of the rush, you can't become Ultimate DaiBouken.

    • Eiji: Sorry. But I think I have to go. Someday I'll see you again. But right now... my comrades are waiting. That's why... though the time was short, I was happy, Mother.
      Kei: You have to go?
      Eiji: Yeah. Maybe I would have always stayed if I hadn't met them, but I... got caught in their adventure.
      Kei: I won't let you go. You will wander this dimensional rift forever!

    • Ouga: You won't get away, no matter what!
      Eiji: Don't misunderstand me.
      Ouga: What!?
      Eiji: I'm not running away. I'm just returning to where I belong!

    • Rei: As long as we have the Mercurius Receptacle, we can create a new Homunculus.
      Gai: That's true.
      Eiji: Too bad... But I don't think you will get another chance.
      Gai: Takaoka's descendent!
      Eiji: The Boukengers will take that Precious.
      Akashi: Questers, you will no longer have your way!
      Eiji: We're going to finish things.

    • Eiji: I've grown fed up with you.
      Gai: What!?
      Eiji: That's why I will finish you.
      Gai: Finish me? Can you do that?
      Eiji: Yeah. I think I can. And then I will begin a new adventure with my comrades.

    • Masumi: (on the Questers) Why make a grave for them?
      Eiji: Because we've had such a long history together. It's okay for me to do at least this.

    • Souta: At last the Questers have been defeated.
      Akashi: But that doesn't mean it's over. Right, Eiji?
      Eiji: Yeah. The world still has many Precious dormant in it. I still have a lot of adventures that I have to go on with you guys.

    • Natsuki: This time: Number 3 Robo!
      Boukengers: (together) Start Up!
      Sakura: First appearing in Jetman, is the third giant robo, Tetraboy.
      Eiji: Transforming into TetraBuster Cannon. Fire!
      Akashi: It can move on its own without a pilot.
      Souta: Others: TackleBoy, LinerBoy, TimeShadow. Giant robos.
      (everyone eats a pot of Ako-Raman)
      Boukengers: (together) Look forward to the next one.

  • NOTES (18)

    • This episode opens with a flashback to the previous two episodes.

    • Final appearance of DaiTanken and Ouga of the Ashu.

    • This is the first time that someone other than Eiji pilots SirenBuilder in battle. In this case, Akashi uses it against Homunculus Quester Jet Over.

    • This is the second time that Eiji pilots GouGou Voyager after Task 37.

    • The Boukengers are unable to form Ultimate DaiBouken for the second battle against Homunculus Quester Jet Over due to the rush job Makino did on the GouGou Vehicles. What exactly is wrong is not revealed, but all 10 GouGou Vehicles in the form of DaiBouken and DaiTanken are shown to be operational enough to take part in the battle.

    • Before boarding SirenBuilder to fight the Questers, Akashi used its operation data to deactivate the limiter on the Neo-Parallel Engine which prevents it from overloading. The limiter is connected to the Engine's cooling system; when the temperature passes critical, the Engine will explode. The process can be aborted at any time by closing the flip-up door over the Suicide button.

    • The display on the console in SirenBuilder's cockpit as Akashi prepares the self destruct is marked "Warning" with "Neo-Parallel Engine" in a triangel connnecting the names and number of the three component GouGou Vehicles, GouGou Fire, GouGou Aider and GouGou Police.

    • Activating the Safety Device Release in SirenBuilder's cockpit causes an extra panel to slide out from the console to the right of the BoukenDriver. The panel is marked "Destruct System" with a large red button under a clear flip-up door marked "Suicide".

    • Akashi apparently did not summon GouGou Fire, GouGou Aider and GouGou Police to use SirenBuilder as his Accellular does not support their Vehicle Numbers. He presumably just climbed into the cockpit and drove them out of the Vehicle Bay.

    • It is unknown how Akashi managed to initiate Siren Formation to form SirenBuilder as this is usually done by Eiji's GouGou Changer which Akashi does not have access to nor does his own Accellular support that function.

    • Sakura's computer display shows a schematic of SirenBuilder under the heading "SirenBuilder Operation Data" with the warning "Limiter Off Warning".

    • In a partial reversal after their betrayal by the Questers in Task 41, Gaja, Ryuoun, Yaiba and Shizuka all now want them to be defeated, but they don't want the Boukengers to win either.

    • Eiji has flashbacks to when he first joined the Boukengers (Task 20) and the first group roll call with Zubaan (Task 30).

    • Repairs to the GouGou Vehicles are shown to be done remotely by Makino via articulated arms and cranes.

    • SirenBuilder is apparently more durable that both Ultimate DaiBouken and DaiVoyager as it survives alone against Homunculus Quester Jet Over much longer than either of them.

    • For the first time, the SGS Sniper is shown to enlarge, or at least extend, when switched from Sniper to Spear Mode.

    • Starting with the Questers in this episode, the various Negative Syndicates and enemies are defeated in the opposite order that they first appeared.

    • 30 Sentai Encyclopedia Special Files: First Third Robo - Tetraboy from Choujin Sentai Jetman.


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