Super Sentai

Season 30 Episode 20

The Brand-New Giant (Aratanaru Kyojin)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Jul 16, 2006 on TV Asahi
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The Brand-New Giant (Aratanaru Kyojin)
The Boukengers cannot fight until the upgrade to their powers is complete, leaving Eiji to fight alone but he's disappeared. Gaja puts a Goadom Engine into a new robo, which the Questers steal. The Boukengers try to fight them, but their suits malfunction. Eiji turns up but is injured so the Boukengers try to fight in DaiBouken. The GouGou Vehicles are damaged, leaving the Questers to attack the city. Natsuki finds Eiji by a river and learns of how his father died. The other Boukengers use GouGou Vehicles 6 to 10 to fight the Questers but they're damaged. Luckily, Eiji decides to join the fight, arriving in GouGou Fire with Aider and Police in tow. They combine into SirenBuilder and destroy Quester Robo. Later, Eiji officially joins the Boukenger team, even getting his own jacket.moreless

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  • Fire, Aider, Police! Go Go!

    Continuting the Eiji/BoukenSilver story from the previous few episodes, this episode has the Boukengers unable to fight, leaving Eiji to fight the Questers alone. However, he's having a crisis, having begun to change into an Ashu last time. In an exciting battle, the Questers defeat all the Boukenger's GouGou Vehicles. Eiji returns just in time, thanks to some unsually helpful advice from Natsuki who wanders off from the battle without a word to anyone. The main part of this episode is the battle debut of BoukenSilver's GouGou Vehicles; GouGou Fire, GouGou Aider and GouGou Police. These Vehicles are nice by themselves, but they will normally be used as their combined form, SirenBuilder. I'm not sure why, but I like that name. SirenBuilder is a fun combo, especially when it dodges attacks by splitting it's legs. The episode ends with a nice scene of Eiji getting his own jacket and offically joining the Boukenger team.moreless
Takaya Kuroda

Takaya Kuroda

Yaiba (voice)

Junpei Morita

Junpei Morita


Shinichiro Ohta

Shinichiro Ohta

Narrator/equipment (voice)

Masashi Mikami

Masashi Mikami

Souta Mogami/BoukenBlue

Nobuo Tanaka

Nobuo Tanaka

Mr. Voice (voice)

Chise Nakamura

Chise Nakamura

Natsuki Mamiya/BoukenYellow

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The shot of GouGou Mixer as it prepared to fire it's Wall Shoot at Quester Robo was actually of it transforming to combine with DaiBouken. Note the cab section raising up as the cement barrell tilts backwards.

    • GouGou Fire somehow manages to use it's water cannons to put out all the fires around the Boukengers, but doesn't get them wet.

    • As a boy, Eiji had black hair, but by the time he encountered the Boukengers, he had brown hair.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Souta: Silver's the only one that can freely move around the Goadom Engines because he gets his energy from the new Vehicles.
      Voice: That's correct. The Neo-Parallel Engines certainly are effective aren't they?
      Makino: Right now we are preparing the version up for all the Vehicle's engines. But... I think it will take about a week.
      Voice: Makino, I'm counting on you.
      Sakura: But... Silver has the only effective equipment and it's disappeared with Takaoka.

    • Eiji: Father... the Ashu blood in me was awakened again. The hatred turns me into a monster, however... How can I just make my hatred disappear? The blood in me is the remnant of mother and you... Even though it killed you, father!

    • Gaja: Goadom Engine has been loaded in the Goadom giant, Gagadom. When your power is exhibited, at last my civilization will be revived!

    • Akashi: BoukenSilver!
      Natsuki: Ei, fight with us!
      Eiji: Treating me like a comrade bothers me!
      Akashi: But you became Silver and fought before!
      Eiji: That was...
      Souta: Right now, you're the only one that can move around the Goadom Engines!

    • Makino: Boukengers! Please respond! Big trouble! An ancient giant is using that Precious in the city... The city is being destroyed!

    • Akashi: Let's go.
      Masumi: What are we going to do? GouGou Vehicles won't move anymore.
      Sakura: And we can't transform near that machine.
      Souta: In this situation... we can't collect the Precious.
      Akashi: What is our mission? No matter what the situation... isn't our mission to collect the Precious? Mission start!

    • Natsuki: Why won't you join us? Do you have some reason?
      Eiji: I don't have a reason! I'm always alone. That's all.
      Natsuki: You caused your father's death... Is that true?
      Eiji: The one who killed father... was me and... my mother... Because the Ashu blood in me awakened, my father died. I couldn't help hating that which killed my father... was the Ashu blood! And my mother for leaving that! This hatred will not go away. That's why I might once again become a monster someday. If that happens you guys will end up like my father!

    • Eiji: What kind of person was my late mother? Dad?
      Karato: I've said it many times. She was kind and really beautiful. She's the woman I fell for after all.

    • Karato: Gai! Fierce God Gai! Return to the demon world!
      Eiji: Finish him, Father!
      Gai: So that's the brat. The half Ashu brat?
      Karato: Gai, stop it!
      Eiji: What'd you say just now?
      Karato: Eiji! No, don't listen!
      Gai: Your mother is Ashu. To increase the Ashu blood, she married your father.
      Eiji: Father... it's a lie isn't it? Is Mother an Ashu?
      Karato: It's true your mother was an Ashu.

    • Karato: (dying) Eiji, listen carefully. The Ashu are weak against this khakkhara. That's why with this, you can keep the Ashu blood within you from awakening. Good. Don't let go of it.

    • Eiji: Maybe it's better if you don't know your past.
      Natsuki: It is kind of scary. But I want to know. Because... that's also a part of Natsuki. But my mother... I hope she's as nice as Ei's mother.
      Eiji: Don't be stupid! That woman tricked father! Just a heartless Ashu!
      Natsuki: She's not that kind of person. Natsuki met her. Your mother. She's always watched over Ei as a spirit. In the end, your mother left this. (gives Eiji the crystal) I'm sure it's your mother's soul.

    • Natsuki: Ei, do you know what an adventure is? Listen. It's the challenge of trying new things. So, Ei, making friends for the first time is an adventure.

    • Eiji: I see. You... My mother... You really... were watching over me? Remaining in this world as a spirit. You and father really loved each other... And that's why I was born. That's true isn't it? The Ashu blood in me is proof of that. I will fight the Ashu, but not because I hate them. Not because it's my mission. It's because I want to try adventuring with those guys!

    • Eiji: Precious collection complete, I guess.
      Masumi: That line...
      Sakura: So you... are becoming a Boukenger?
      Eiji: Can't be helped! Seems you can't fight without me.
      Souta: Oh well.
      Akashi: I'll count on you, BoukenSilver. Eiji Takaoka.

    • Eiji: Today's Super Sentai is…
      Boukengers: (together) Gosei Sentai DaiRanger!
      Souta: In 1993 five stars shining in heaven.
      Masumi: Using Ki power, they fought the Gorma kaijin.
      Akashi: All of them were masters of Chinese martial arts.
      Sakura: Super Ki Power Bazooka!
      Natsuki: Boom!
      Natsuki & Sakura: (together) Look forward to the next one.

  • NOTES (21)

    • It is unknown whether GouGou Aider and GouGou Police have their own cockpits as they are always controlled remotely via the GouGou Changer.

    • GouGou Fire's cockpit is identical to those of the other GouGou Vehicles except that it is tinted grey and has the number '11' on the back wall.

    • GouGou Fire is controlled via a BoukenDriver identical to those used by the Boukengers in the other GouGou Vehicles. There is also a handle mechanism for quickly raising and lowering SirenBuilder.

    • This episode ends with a trailer for GouGou Sentai Boukenger The Movie: The Greatest Precious.

    • Until the Boukengers' Parallel Engines are upgraded, BoukenSilver and SirenBuilder are the only effective defense against the Questers.

    • Sakura mentions that Eiji has the only equipment effective against the Questers, suggesting that like the GouGou Changer, the SGS Sniper is a one of a kind.

    • Instead of pressing buttons to summon GouGou Vehicles as with an Accellular, Eiji turns the dial on the GouGou Changer to combine his three GouGou Vehicles.

    • It is unknown if Eiji can summon other GouGou Vehicles using the GouGou Changer or indeed if the other Boukengers can summon GouGou Fire et al with the Accellulars.

    • Makino describes Gagadom/Quester Robo as an "ancient giant". How he knows it's age is unknown, but it suggests that it was built by the Goadom at least 40,000 years ago.

    • GouGou Fire, GouGou Aider and GouGou Police apparently have their own seperate area with the Vehicle Bay as they will never been seen in there with the other Vehicles.

    • Karato, Eiji's father, told him that his mother, Kei, was dead, presumably to keep her being an Ashu a secret. One day after fighting Gai, Gai revealed to Eiji that he is half Ashu. The distraction of Eiji becoming a monster as his Ashu blood rose allowed Gai to kill Karato. With his dying breath, he gave Eiji his khakkhara and passed on the mission of the Watcher of the Ashu.

    • Makino's initial estimate to complete the work on upgrading the GouGou Vehicle's Parallel Engines is one week.

    • The Boukengers are still able to use their powers and GouGou Vehicles during Makino's upgrades.

    • Despite the greater strain on their bodies, the Boukengers are now able to pilot GouGou Vehicles 6-10 without being transformed although they still experience discomfort.

    • The large Goadom Engine built by Gaja is used to power Gagadom/Quester Robo.

    • Masumi apparently controls the legs of DaiBouken, a part of GouGou Dump.

    • First appearance of GouGou Vehicles 11, GouGou Fire, 12, GouGou Aider and 13, GouGou Police, outside of the Vehicle Bay and their combined form, SirenBuilder.

    • 30 Sentai Encyclopedia: Gosei Sentai DaiRanger.

    • Precious: Lightning Cannon.
      Hazard Level: 550.

    • Monster: Kyoshin Gagadom of the Goadom but used by the Questers as Quester Robo.

    • Eiji receives a Bouken Jacket and joins the core cast in the "Sentai segment" from this episode onwards.


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