Super Sentai

Season 33 Episode 48

The Final Great Decisive Battle (Saigo no Daikessen)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Jan 31, 2010 on TV Asahi
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The Final Great Decisive Battle (Saigo no Daikessen)
Dokoku appears in the human world. Dayu sacrifices herself to restore Dokoku's body. While Kaoru prepares the sealing character, the other Shinkengers fight Dokoku. The character seems to work, but Dokoku was protected by Dayu's half human body. Takeru helps the Shinkengers to retreat with the injured Kaoru. Later, Kaoru adopts Takeru into the Shiba clan, making him its 19th head. The Rokumon Junk arrives in the human world, starting a Gedoshu invasion. The Shinkengers face the invading hoardes...moreless

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  • The final battle begins... like the title says actually...

    This isn't the final episode, but the penultimate. That's not to it's detriment however, although clearly the best will be saved until the finale next week. There's still plenty of great moments here to enjoy until then though. First, Dayu sacrifices herself to Dokoku, the exact reason doesn't become apparent until he fights the Shinkengers later and messes up the Shinkenger's plan to defeat him. The biggest event comes with Kaoru's failure to seal Dokoku, the one thing that she has been training her entire life to do. In a cunning twist that allows Takeru to resume his position on the Shinkenger team, Kaoru adopts him and steps down as Shiba's head. This is a funny moment as everyone realizes the implication of that, none more so than Tanba, who points out that she is now Takeru's mother, but he is older that she is. That's strange to say the least. Some trivia comes here when we get a complete list of all 19 Shiba clan heads; they're still giving us tidbits like that even one episode from the end. The build up to the final episode comes with the appearance of the Rokumon Junk in the human world, carried on the overflowing Sanzu River, spurring a massive Gedoshu invasion of the kind that only happens at the end of a series. It goes without saying I think that I'm really looking forward to the finale, but this episode as a stand alone is superb and sets up what should be a great ending to the series.moreless
Hiroki Aiba

Hiroki Aiba

Ryunosuke Ikenami/ShinkenBlue

Tori Matsuzaka

Tori Matsuzaka

Takeru Shiba/ShinkenRed

Shogo Suzuki

Shogo Suzuki

Chiaki Tani/ShinkenGreen

Rin Takanashi

Rin Takanashi

Mako Shiraishi/ShinkenPink

Rintarou Nishi

Rintarou Nishi

Dokoku (voice)

Romi Paku

Romi Paku

Dayu (voice)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Several civilians are shown being stabbed and slashed by the Nanashi during the Gedoshu attack on the city. Their fate is unknown.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Narrator: A single but great lie shatters Takeru and Ryunosuke and the others. At last, they finally make their feelings one again. Dayu Usukawa lets go of her centuries-old attachment. The released lamentation and pain instantly fills the Sanzu River with water. Once again, Dokoku Chimatsuri appears in this world. The curtain now rises on the greatest battle of a lifetime.

    • Dokoku: I'm surprised you let go of the shamisen. I heard its final tune.
      Dayu: I see...
      Dokoku: But, it wasn't the piercing sound like in the past. I've never heard anything like it.
      Dayu: That was... the real shami. Dokoku! I... finally succeeded for the first time. It has been centuries since I felt this peaceful.
      Dokoku: You're not the one I wanted anymore, are you?
      Dayu: It can't be like it was in the past. Never again...
      Dokoku: Then... shall we end this?
      Dayu: That would be nice...

    • Dokoku: Shinkengers! Where is the Shiba head who deceived me!? Come out!
      Kaoru: I'm here! I am the 18th Shiba clan head. Kaoru Shiba. Dokoku Chimatsuri. Today, you will be sealed!
      Dokoku: What can a little girl like you do!? Today will be the end of the Shiba family!
      Kaoru: The only thing ending is you!

    • Dokoku: (having survived the sealing character) Dayu, your body came in handy.
      Mako: Could it be... because he absorbed the stray Gedou Dayu Usukawa...
      Shitari: (on the Rokumon Junk) Thank goodness! It's thanks to Dayu. Her half-human body protected him from the sealing character's power!

    • Kaoru: Forgive him. Tanba thinks of nothing but me.
      Takeru: Of course.
      Kaoru: All this time, I've wondered what kind of person my shadow is. You are not as anachronistic as me. It is Tanba's fault that I am like this. But, even without meeting, I was sure about one thing. I was sure you were as alone as me. Even with a Tanba or Kusakabe there. If one lies... one will only be alone.
      Takeru: Yes. But... despite that, there are those who will be there with me.
      Kaoru: You mean those samurai, right? I learned that upon coming here. Protecting the Shiba clan by myself was wrong. I can't do it alone.
      Takeru: I also finally believe that same thing.

    • Shitari: Very soon the river will overflow! Thanks to Dayu, you no longer need to worry about running out of water. Plus the sealing character has no effect. We Gedoshu can appear in the human world all we want.
      Dokoku: Yeah. (throws Dayu's kimono into the river)
      Shitari: What should we say? Things like prayers do not exist for Gedoshu like us. Dokoku, looks like this was your fate.
      Dokoku: Let's go.

    • Kaoru: Before battle, I have something to say. Now that the selaing character is useless, I am... leaving the position as head.
      Tanba: But... how can they fight without ShinkenRed?
      Kaoru: We have a ShinkenRed. Takeru.
      (Takeru enters and sits in the lord's seat)
      Tanba: Princess, this person is a shadow.
      Kaoru: He is no shadow! (a kuroko runs in with a scroll of the Shiba clan chart) I have adopted him.
      Tanba: Huh!?
      Ryunosuke: Eh?
      Mako: No way!
      Chiaki: Eh?
      Genta: Eh!?
      Kotoha: You're a mother?
      Kaoru: Yes.

    • Kaoru: Even if he can't use the sealing character... Takeru has enough Mojikara to fight. Historically, adoption has been an option when there is no heir.
      Tanba: This is too crazy! What's important is the Shiba bloodline! Anyway, your "child" is older than you!
      Kaoru: ...Even if he is older... Even if he is not connected by Shiba blood... Takeru is my son. He is the Shiba clan's 19th head.

    • Narrator: It is finally the last battle. With nothing left, how will the Shinkengers face Dokoku? Can they defeat the Gedoshu? Shinkenger Act 48 continues next time in the closing act.

  • NOTES (11)


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