Super Sentai

Season 30 Episode 18

The Man That Lived (Ikiteita Otoko)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Jun 25, 2006 on TV Asahi
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The Man That Lived (Ikiteita Otoko)
The Boukengers try to decide what to do next as Eiji searches for Gai. Meanwhile, Gaja tests his new Goadom Engines on Kaas, but they fail. Rei and Gai locate the Soldier's Bow, a weapon designed to stop them and begin destroying buildings with it. The Boukengers go to stop them but Akashi encounters Masaki, his old treasure-hunting friend who he believed was dead. He blames Akashi for this and attacks him with the Bow. Akashi is badly hurt but he refuses to give up. He finds Masaki again but Eiji ends up saving him from another attack. After a brief talk with Eiji, Akashi goes back to Masaki, saying he cannot run away from what he loves doing. Masaki is then revealed to have been a trick of the Ashu. The other Boukengers arrive and fight the Ashu with Eiji who retrieves the Bow, which is then used to defeat the Ashu. Ultimate DaiBouken destroys them, but Gaja uses his Engines to resurrect them…moreless

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  • The Man That Quit.

    After a fairly brief flashback to Akashi's past earlier in the series, what happened with his former treauring hunting partners is explored in more detail here. It was nice to see him begin to doubt himself over his actions that day, but I wouldn't have expected Eiji, who's only been in the series for a couple of episodes, to be the one to talk him around. I don't think much of Rei's special ability, but it did allow Akashi to have his crisis, so i suppose it worked at least. Inter-episode continuity plays a part here when it is revealed that the Parallel Engine designs Gaja saw before have allowed him to create his own Goadom Engine to rival the Boukengers. He uses these to resurrect the Ashu, which we'll see the result of in the next episode.moreless
Takaya Kuroda

Takaya Kuroda

Yaiba (voice)

Junpei Morita

Junpei Morita


Shinichiro Ohta

Shinichiro Ohta

Narrator/equipment (voice)

Masashi Mikami

Masashi Mikami

Souta Mogami/BoukenBlue

Nobuo Tanaka

Nobuo Tanaka

Mr. Voice (voice)

Chise Nakamura

Chise Nakamura

Natsuki Mamiya/BoukenYellow

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • As SGS knew of the Soldier's Bow's history of destroying monsters, it is unclear why the Boukengers weren't sent to retrieve it to use on the Ashu before Gai and Rei got to it first.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Eiji: Boukengers... they search for treasures. Foolish children. Defeating Hyouga must have been a fluke.

    • Voice: You truly did good work this time.
      Akashi: Gai and Rei are powerful enemies.
      Sakura: We need a counter plan against the Ashu.
      Voice: SGS is on alert. However, please do not forget this; your mission is limited to safekeeping Precious.

    • Voice: What do you think, Red? Decide to quit being BoukenRed?
      Sakura: Quit Boukenger?
      Akashi: I've already refused that.
      Voice: I see. But think it over again.

    • Gaja: The Goadom Engine is complete. (to the Kaas) Be cald in the Goadom armour, Kaas! (puts the Engines in the Kaas, but they are destroyed) But the Boukengers are able to endure this power!

    • Gai: This is it. The humans created the Soldier's Bow to hunt us.
      Rei: It'd be inconvenient if Takaoka interferes.
      Gai: First are those Adventurer or Journeyer whatevers, we're wasting them first! Revenge!
      Rei: Fierce God of Rage... That is not enough.
      Gai: What was that?
      Rei: Make them suffer, suffer, suffer. That way Hyouga's grief will lessen.

    • Voice: Just before these repeat explosions, a shrine in the mountains was destroyed. The records say the Soldier's Bow was stored there.
      Natsuki: Yumi Tsuwamano? She's an idol?
      Souta: The Soldier's Bow, a Precious used to exterminate monsters in ancient Japan.
      Masumi: So the Negative has found it and is trying to out?
      Akashi: Think about it afterwards. Boukengers, all members move out.

    • Masaki: It's me... Immortal Fang.
      Akashi: It can't be... You're alive? Is that so, Masaki!? I'm so glad.
      (Masaki points the Soldier's Bow at Akashi)
      Akashi: The Soldier's Bow? Why do you have that!?
      Masaki: I figured if I had a Precious, you would come.
      Akashi: What do you mean?
      Masaki: Kyoko is dead. It's your fault after all. I cannot forgive you. You left me and Kyoko to die so you could monopolize the Precious!
      Akashi: No... I was going to call for help! Masaki... hand that over!
      Masaki: That's right. Even now all you can think about is obtaining Precious. If you hadn't found that Precious... Kyoko wouldn't have died! Despite that, why do you continue to adventure!? You're a Boukenger. You protect the Precious, right? What right do you have to do that!?
      Akashi: I...
      Masaki: I... cannot forgive you.

    • Akashi: (giving his Accellular to Sakura) Sakura Nishihori. From here on, command over the Boukengers... as sub Chief, you are in charge.
      Sakura: What are you talking about? Don't tell me... this is about the talk you had with mr. Voice? Didn't you decline?
      Akashi: I don't have... the right...

    • Masaki: Immortal Fang.
      Akashi: I don't want to fight you! I left behind my Boukenger equipment!
      Masaki: Really? So?
      Akashi: If you say quit, then I'll quit being a Boukenger. But hear me out! I lost you guys... It made me realize how dangerous Precious is. I didn't want your deaths to be in vain, so I safeguard dangerous Precious. I took on a job to protect!
      Masaki: So?
      Akashi: This is my mission! Please hand over the Precious!
      Masaki: Cit it out. You did it for us? It's your mission? Stop making this all about yourself! Who asked you to do that!? Did you think that would save us!? This is what I want.

    • Eiji: I was born in the Takaoka family. Passed down the Takaoka line is a mission to watch over and destroy the Ashu. One of them, Gai, was a failure of my father's.
      Akashi: I see... So that's why you do that.
      Eiji: At any rate, for me, I hunt and destroy Ashu. There is nothing more than that.
      Akashi: I also think my mission is important. But...
      Eiji: Don't compare us! What you have isn't a mission!
      Akashi: What?
      Eiji: The treasure hunt you guys do is nothing more than a game. It is nothing like my fate that I cannot escape.You're just doing it 'cause you like it, right? If you don't like it, then why not quit?
      Akashi: Doing it 'cause I like it... Eiji Takaoka. You are an amazing guy. I finally understand.

    • Masaki: Immortal Fang, so you're finally prepared to die?
      Akashi: Hey, Masaski. I like adventures. I finally realized it. For your sake, for the safety of the world... That was just my reasoning. But I like adventuring. You did too, Masaki. Kyoko loved the excitement of a treasure adventure. It is not a mission given by anyone. That's why, That's why I cannot run away! This is my adventure. I will not quit this adventure!

    • Akashi: What is going on!? Where's Masaki!?
      Eiji: You still don't get it!? All of it was an illusion created by the doubt in your heart. This is Grand Beast Rei's ability. You inhaled the poison fog he spits out and saw an illusion.
      Akashi: No! It wasn't an illusion. I met Masaki!

    • Akashi: (to Gai) You saw didn't you!? Your spell didn't affect me. People can surpass their limits and challenge themselves in unknown worlds. That is the power of an adventure!

    • Sakura: You're not going to quit being a Boukenger, right?
      Akashi: Of course not. I... am BoukenRed!

    • Gaja: Ashu... such life energy... So they still survive in this age? (puts the Goadom Engines into Gai and Rei's bodies)

    • Sakura: Today's Super Sentai is…
      Boukengers: (together) Choujin Sentai Jetman!
      Akashi: In 1991, Cross Changer!
      Natsuki: Their enemy was Dimensional Battle Party Vyram.
      Sakura: Using Birdonic Waves, they spread their wings and flew in the sky.
      Souta: (being pushed past on trolley by Masumi) Flap, flap flap!
      Masumi: (being pushed past on a trolley by Souta) Flap, flap flap!
      Akashi, Natsuki & Sakura: Look forward to the next one.

  • NOTES (15)

    • Makino does not appear in this episode.

    • The papers that Natsuki knocks onto the floor contain plans labelled "New Accell Suit", with diagrams of a suit like the Boukengers and close ups of a helmet.

    • As Gaja tests his Goadom Engine on the Kaas, copies of the Parallel Engine diagrams drawn by Manuscript of Leon Giordana from Task 11 can be seen.

    • Despite the danger posed by the Ashu, the Boukenger's main mission is still to safeguard Precious, not fight them.

    • SGS knew that the Soldier's Bow was stored in the mountain shrine so they presumably believed that the owners could keep it safe there, otherwise the Boukengers would have been sent to retrieve it.

    • Like Gekkou in the previous episode, Gaja is surprised to learn that the Ashu still exist, suggesting that he had dealings with, or at least of, the Ashu 40,000 years ago.

    • Eiji recognizes the attack on the city as originating from the Soldier's Bow after only seeing a single arrow.

    • Mr. Voice and Akashi mention discussing his stepping down as BoukenRed. What brought this about is unknown, but Akashi refused.

    • Rei has the ability to create illusions using the doubt in one's heart. In Akashi's case, he takes on the form on Shiro Masaki, Akashi's former partner who died when the Precious they were collecting set off a booby trap.

    • The Soldier's Bow's Hazard Level comes from Souta's scan of its arrows as they entered the city. The bow itself may have a different level.

    • Eiji reveals that it is his family's mission to keep the Ashu at bay. The title of Watcher of the Ashu is passed down from father to son. As his father failed to kill Gai, Eiji has a personal grudge against this Ashu.

    • Eiji is able to fire arrow like energy blasts from his staff.

    • Gaja's Goadom powers allow him to collect the spirits of the Ashu that Eiji supposedly destroyed into ghostly forms. The Goadom Engine then restores the real bodies.

    • 30 Sentai Encyclopedia: Choujin Sentai Jetman.

    • Precious: Soldier's Bow.
      Hazard Level: 187.


    • Natsuki mistakes the Soldier's Bow for Yumi Tsuwamano, an idol, as her name is similar to the Japanese name for the bow; Tsuwamono no Yumi.

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