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Super Sentai

Season 30 Episode 41

The Mercurius Vessel (Merukuriusu no Utsuwa)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Dec 10, 2006 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

The Mercurius Vessel (Merukuriusu no Utsuwa)
The Questers plan to use the Mercurius Receptacle to defeat the Boukengers. Meanwhile, the Boukengers and Makino try to turn Eiji back to normal, but Mr. Voice sends them out to retrieve the Caduceus Staff instead. The Boukengers end up fighting Gaja for it. However, the Jaryuu also attack, forcing the Boukengers to split up. Eiji, or at least his spirit, finds himself in a desert with his mother, who explains that they are between worlds, where she has been forced to suffer. Ryuoun locates the Philosopher's Herb, but Akashi and Natsuki fight them for it. Gaja gets away with the staff. Souta learns that all these Precious are related to alchemy. Dark Shadow has acquired the Paracelsus Mercury. The Questers take the Precious from all the Negatives and place them into the Receptacle, creating a giant Homunculus. Ultimate DaiBouken, DaiVoyager and Zubaan are all defeated by it…moreless

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  • Three Precious in one.

    This episode brings together all four of the Negative Syndicates, Gaja, Ryuoun, Dark Shadow and even the Questers. The Questers use the others to acquire the Precious they need to create a giant monster. Seeing the Negatives working together, even inadvertently, makes me wonder if they could defeat the Boukengers by pooling their rescources. Here, Ultimate DaiBouken, DaiVoyager and Zubaan are all defeated by the Quester's monster creation in an excellent, if salightly worrying battle sequence. I liked Eiji's encounter with his mother in the dimensional rift, and the simple effect of using the colours lens over the camera really make it seem quite eerie. A great episode, I can't wait to see how it is resolved in the next episode.moreless
Takaya Kuroda

Takaya Kuroda

Yaiba (voice)

Junpei Morita

Junpei Morita


Shinichiro Ohta

Shinichiro Ohta

Narrator/equipment (voice)

Masashi Mikami

Masashi Mikami

Souta Mogami/BoukenBlue

Nobuo Tanaka

Nobuo Tanaka

Mr. Voice (voice)

Chise Nakamura

Chise Nakamura

Natsuki Mamiya/BoukenYellow

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (16)

    • Narrator: Surviving Ashu, Ouga, attacks BoukenSilver. The Boukengers ignore SGS' order to obtain a Precious, so that they could back up Silver. However, during the battle, Eiji was turned to stone. Furthermore, the Questers took the Precious.

    • Makino: Eiji might not be dead.
      Souta: You mean he's still alive?
      Natsuki: Really?
      Makino: It's faint... but there are lifesigns.
      Akashi: Then... there's a way to restore Eiji back to normal?
      Makino: No... This is probably from the Ashu's power. He's completely stone. I can't do anything. But... I'm still investigating it.

    • Masumi: There's no Precious in those caves.
      Sakura: The evidence left makes me believe it was the Questers who took it.
      Natsuki: Questers!?
      Souta: Could it be... the attack on Eiji was also a part of the Questers plan?
      Natsuki: It was a plan to steal a Precious?
      Akashi: That's how badly they wanted the Precious. What are they trying to do?

    • Voice: I want you to be sure to obtain the next Precious.
      Sakura: Next Precious?
      Voice: We have information of a new Precious being in the Forest of Kurosani.
      Natsuki: But... Ei is...
      Voice: Please don't ignore orders.

    • Makino: Didn't Chief Akashi tell you to investigate the Mercurius Receptacle?
      Souta: I'm sorry, Sensei. Can you do that? If I investigate the Questers, we might find out about the Precious. And if we find them, I'm sure we can do something for Eiji.
      Makino: I see. Then I'll investigate.

    • Eiji: Mother?
      Kei: Eiji... You're Eiji, right?
      Eiji: Why are you...!?
      Kei: Thank you for coming.
      Eiji: Where is this?
      Kei: This is the dimensional rift.
      Eiji: Dimensional... rift?
      Kei: I've been waiting here all this time waiting for you.

    • Ryuoun: This is the Philosopher's Herb? Those damn Questers said this can defeat the Boukengers. Just what are they trying to do?

    • Souta: So the stolen Precious was!?
      Sakura: Gaja said it was the Caduceus Staff. I'm sorry...What about the Chief?
      Souta: He's still fighting it seems. But earlier he said Ryuoun was after the Philosopher's Herb.
      Sakura: We're meeting up with the Chief.

    • Makino: Souta, the Mercurius Receptacle is a Precious related to alchemy it seems.
      Souta: Alchemy? In the Middle Ages, they did things like search for eternal life... or turn metal to gold.
      Makino: Yeah. And the Philosopher's Herb and the Caduceus Staff are also alchemist's treasures.
      Souta: All the targeted Precious are related to alchemy.
      Voice: Big trouble! This time it's Dark Shadow! They stole the Paracelsus Mercury from a chemist museum.
      Souta: Dark Shadow too!?
      Makino: I bet it's a treasure related to alchemy.

    • Makino: The Mercurius Receptacle is a Precious for mixing materials.
      Souta: And if the remaining three Precious are mixed together?
      Makino: Simulation results are here. This is...!
      Souta: It can't be!

    • Eiji: Mother... this place is so desolate. Is there any way to leave?
      Kei: Eh?
      Eiji: Well... Is there a path back to the other world?
      Kei: No! I've been here all this time so I know.
      Eiji: But...
      Kei: You can't leave this world. It's been painful, but now that you're here... it's no longer painful.

    • Ryuoun: Questers, what are you trying to do?
      Shizuka: Hey! Dn't screw around you guys!
      Yaiba: What are you trying to do?
      Gaja: That's right. I want you to tell me.
      Gai: Oh, that's right. All you Negatives, thank you.
      Rei: You obtained the remaining Precious for us.
      Gai: Gaja got used for the secret Goadom techniques to get the Caduceus Staff. The Jaryuu went ot the volcano where we can't tread for the Philosopher's Herb. Dark Shadow are good at getting around security and got the Paracelsus Mercury from the chemist museum.
      Rei: And the three Precious are put in this Mercurius Receptacle.

    • (the Questers create the Homonculus from the contents of the Mercurius Receptacle)
      Gai: The Staff becomes the bones. The Herb becomes the blood. The Mercury becomes the flesh. And... The humans tried to use the power of alchemy to obtain eternal life. This is the result of that secret art!

    • Kei: I was alone all this time in the dimensional rift. I was alone all this time.
      Eiji: I'm sorry... It's my fault.
      Kei: It's okay. From now on, we will be together forever. Right?
      Eiji: Yeah... right.
      Kei: Thank goodness.
      Eiji: Mother... You were lonely, weren't you?

    • Ryuoun: (on the Questers) They really defeated the Boukengers.
      Shizuka: That's amazing!
      Gai: We did it! Now we stand at the tope of the world!
      Gaja: Well done, Questers! Maybe this is too early, but I'd like to discuss how the Homunculus is to be used.
      Gai: What are you saying? Our business with you guys is over!
      Gaja: No business!?
      Rei: We Questers will destroy the human world. Just watch!
      (Homunculus Quester Jet Over attacks Gaja, Ryuoun, Yaiba and Shizuka)
      Ryuoun: Damn you!
      Shizuka: Jerks!
      Yaiba: This is going to be bad.
      Ryuoun: I will never do a favour for the Questers again.
      Gaja: Why does this always happen?

    • Masumi: This time: Reinforcing Protector!
      Boukengers: (together) Start Up!
      Souta: The five Fiveman's FiveTector equipped. It's the first reinforcing protector.
      Natsuki: The MegaRangers wore the MegaTectors just once.
      Akashi: It all started with DynaBlack's BattleTector.
      Eiji: (as BoukenSilver wearing the AccelTector) Why not let this be my personal one?
      Boukengers: (together, ignoring Eiji) Watch next time!
      Eiji: Can I have it?

  • NOTES (16)

    • This episode opens with a flashback to the previous episode.

    • Eiji does not transform into BoukenSilver in this episode due to his being turned to stone and his soul being trapped in the dimensional rift.

    • This episode's 30 Sentai Encyclopedia Special File on the first powered protector armour is the only time that Eiji as BoukenSilver wears the AccelTector. While wearing the AccelTector, the armour's own shoulder pads replace the usual blue with red lights ones of the BoukenSilver suit.

    • By combining Quester Jet Over with Homunculus to form Homunculus Quester Jet Over, the Questers are able to control the creature as they would a regular robot. In this combination, Quester Jet Over takes the form of body armour and a helmet worn by Homunculus.

    • When the Caduceus Staff, Philosopher's Herb and Paracelsus Mercury are mixed together in the Mercurius Receptacle they form the Homonculus, a giant silver creature. Each Precious in the mix forms a part of the creature's body.

    • The Questers use Gaja's Goadom magic to obtain the Caduceus Staff.

    • The Questers use Ryuoun and the Jaryuu Tribe to obtain the Philosopher's Herb from a volcano that they cannot enter.

    • The Questers use Dark Shadow to circumvent museum security to obtain the Paracelsus Mercury.

    • The Questers obtained the Mercurius Receptacle themselves in Task 40.

    • Makino's computer scan of Eiji is labelled "Analysis of Biological Reactions".

    • Souta's computer display shows several pictures of the Questers under the heading "Simulation of Movement".

    • Makino accesses the SGS World Database to research the Mercurius Receptacle.

    • Makino's computer display for the four Precious shows pictures of each under the heading "The Simulation of Synthesis".

    • 30 Sentai Encyclopedia Special Files: First Powered Protector Armour - Five Tector from Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman.

    • Precious: Caduceus Staff.
      Hazard Level: 134.

      Precious: Philosopher's Herb.
      Hazard Level: 121.

      Precious: Paracelsus Mercury.
      Hazard Level: 145.

    • Monsters: Quester Jet Over, Homunculus and their combined form Homunculus Quester Jet Over.


    • The Mercurius Receptacle is an alchemic Precious created by Hermes Trismegistus. By combining human fluids and hair in it, it was said that it could create Homuncunli, Trismegistus' ultimate goal for immortality.

    • Homunculus is a term used to refer to any representation of a human body that illustrates physiological, psychological, or other abstract human characteristics or functions.

    • Quester Jet Over is based on Mask Fighter from Hikari Sentai Maskman.

    • Homunculus is based on Galaxy Robo from Hikari Sentai Maskman.

    • Quester Jet Over and Homunculus' combined form, Homunculus Quester Jet Over, is based on Great Five from Hikari Sentai Maskman.

    • The Philosopher's Herb is said to have been created by combining a plant with the Philosopher's Stone, an item that turns lead into stone and gives eternal life.

    • The 15th century alchemist Paracelsus is said to have created the mercury used in the formation of the Homunculus.

    • As it's name suggests, the Cadaceus Staff is the basis of the cadaceus symbol, commonly associated with the medical profession.

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