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Super Sentai

Season 34 Episode 12

The Miraculous Gosei Headder Great Assembly (Mirakuru Gosei Heddā Daishūgō)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM May 02, 2010 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

The Miraculous Gosei Headder Great Assembly (Mirakuru Gosei Heddā Daishūgō)
Mons Drake goes to Earth himself to use the technique that he and Dereputa have used to destroy other worlds. They soon find themselves battling the Goseigers, with Dereputa taking on GoseiRed. The Goseigers are defeated and, unable to use their powers, Master Head creates a tornado to force them to retreat. Datas shows them a message from Master Heas about combining their powers as Mons Drake has Dereputa stab him in order start the Gravity Fall ceremony, pulling the Moon towards the Earth. The Goseigers commune with their respective elements and regain their Gosei Powers from the Earth. They then return to the battle and seal Mons Drake's powers to save the Earth before defeating Dereputa. Mons Drake leaves the fight and Dereputa is enlarged. GoseiGreat is formed to fight him along with Datas Hyper. GoseiRed summons the Skick, Landick, and Seaick Brothers to combine with GoseiGreat and Datas Hyper to form Hyper GoseiGreat. Hyper GoseiGreat then destroys Dereputa.moreless

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  • Warstar comes to Earth.

    It's a welcome change of pace to see Mons Drake actually do something and join the battle personally, although Episode 12 does seem to be quite early in the series. Usually main villains only come out towards the end of the series, it should be interesting to how this goes. Dereputa, who I never really liked, surprisingly bought it here, even though he could have just retreated. Mons Drake's gravity plan to pull down the moon never really seemed all that threatening, especially when it involved stabbing him with an axe. The Goseigers little side quest to reconnect with their elemental powers was totally pointless as far as I could make out. It seemed very easy for them, with just a few lines of dialogue each about the sky, sea and land and it was back to normal. I felt there should have been much more to it and a lot more peril while they were out of action. Hyper GoseiGreat was pretty good in it's first battle, although the Goseiger formations are starting to look very bulky. Most recent mechas do, but the Headders make it look worse than normal.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (9)

    • Mons Drake: Damn Gosei Angels... They're very impudent, considering they're youngsters. They shall see what happens when they underestimate me.

    • Alata: A Headder was created just for Datas. That's amazing!
      Hyde: Datas has a cool head. It's very reassuring to know he can join us in battle.
      Nozomu: Now there are six Goseigers.
      Datas: No. I can't fight properly in this size. Think of it more as 5.5 members.
      Moune: You're our mechanical member!

    • Dereputa: It has been a while since I saw Drake get serious.
      Buredoran: I don't know what you're planning, but is this really a good idea? To be going with you.
      Dereputa: What do you mean!?
      Buredoran: Your poor skills allowed that kid to hurt you.
      Dereputa: What was that!?
      Buredoran: Well, you were never anything more than a Warstar underling. Can't expect any more than that...
      Dereputa: Silence! I have been reborn thanks to my battles with Drake. The days of conquest with Drake filled me with excitement. Now, on this planet, it seems I will finally be able to taste it for myself! So it's about time I got serious with that greenhorn.

    • Dereputa: (to the Goseigers) I was able to bring down Heaven's Tower with one attack thanks to you guys.
      Alata: What was that!?
      Dereputa: At the time, not one of you came running. I'm disappointed to hear you're Gosei Angels. You guys aren't any sort of chosen warriors. I bet you just happen to be fighting because you can't go home!

    • Master Head: (to the Goseigers) Everyone... listen carefully... I sense it... each of your five auras are off. That's why you're having problems. As you are now... you guys probably cannot transform.

    • Alata: The wind... is trying to tell us something.
      Eri: That's true... We... probably didn't try to listen to the wind's voice.

    • Moune: The land is screaming out.
      Agri: Rage? No. Is it sadness?
      Moune: It's neither. It's like it's trying to envelop us.
      Agri: That's it. This voice... is the planet's pulse which gives us our power.
      Moune: Yeah. I can feel it. It's always with us, right?
      Agri: Yeah. The land is with us.

    • Hyde: That's it... I am so immature... I had only just recently learned the meaning to being a Gosei Angel too... We live with the sea and the land... as well as the blue sky. We let their provocation cause us to forget this important thing.

    • Dereputa: (on Hyper GoseiGreat) What is that monstrosity!?

  • NOTES (7)

    • Ending theme: "Gotcha ☆ Goseiger" by Hideyuki Takahashi (Project.R)

    • Goseiger Card types:
      Change - Transformation Card.
      Explosion - Elemental Attack Card.
      Outbreak - Enhancement Card.
      Splash - Elemental Card.
      Spark - Thunder Elemental Card.
      Expand - Spell Card.

      Gosei Cards used:
      (Card type : Card name - Description)

      Shared Cards:
      Change: (Goseiger) - Transform into Goseiger.
      GoseiDynamic - Activates the GoseiDynamic attack with the GoseiBuster.
      Combine: GoseiGreat - Forms GoseiGreat.
      Combine: Hyper GoseiGreat - Forms Hyper GoseiGreat.
      Victory Charge - Initiates GoseiGreat's final attack.

      Skick Gosei Cards:
      Explosion: Twistornado - Summons a large transparent whirlwind.
      Expand: Defenstorm - Increases defense.

      Landick Gosei Cards:
      Explosion: Rockrush - Lifts giant rocks from the ground.
      Expand: Defenstone - Increases defense.

      Seaick Gosei Cards:
      Splash: PresShower - Fires jets of water from the ground.
      Expand: Defenstream - Increases defense.

    • First appearance of Hyper GoseiGreat, the combination of all the GoseiMachines, Headders and Datas Hyper.

    • Final appearance of Dereputa.

    • It is revealed that Dereputa started out as regular Warstar soldier and rose through the ranks after Mons Drake noticed his fearless attitude and promoted him to be his right hand man.

    • Despite being largely cut off from Earth, Master Head is still about to create to a tornado to retreat the Goseigers from battle, although doing so uses up a lot of power and leaves him out of contact with the Gosei Angels for a while.

    • This is the first time that Mons Drake directly engages the Goseigers in battle.


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