Super Sentai

Season 30 Episode 36

The Oni's Kanabou (Oni no Kanabō)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Nov 05, 2006 on TV Asahi

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  • Boukenger does Den-O...

    This episode is based on the legend of Momotarou the Peach Boy, which will be used next year as the basis of Kamen Rider Den-O. Akashi and Eiji find a boy in a peach, who quickly grows into a teenager who is to fight for the mountain and recover its kanabou weapon. Seeing those two men try to look after a baby, getting peed on in the process, is hilarious, especially when Tarou calls them Auntie and Uncle respectively. I liked how the Boukengers tried to support Tarou in his mission to fight the Questers, with the unlucky Sakura having to bring the snacks. The only think I didn't like here was that DaiVoyager seemed to go down quite easily. Okay, so it fighting a Precious weapon, but it's only been here for three episodes so I would have expected a bit longer before the Negatives caught up in strength.