Super Sentai

Season 30 Episode 36

The Oni's Kanabou (Oni no Kanabō)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Nov 05, 2006 on TV Asahi



  • Trivia

    • Souta, Masumi, Sakura and Natsuki are all stood and sat in the exact same places on the bridge when Akashi and Eiji find Tarou as they are when TArou returns to the mountain.

  • Quotes

    • Gai: I can't believe there's a Precious in such a remote place.
      Rei: The Mountain Crushing Kanabou. With this, we can quickly waste the human world.
      Gai: We should create a Quester Robo suitable for this.

    • Eiji: Gai, hand the Precious over!
      Gai: Hey hey, it's hard to tell who's doing the robbing.
      Rei: We found this first!
      Natsuki: Precious aren't finders keepers!
      Gai: That's right. It belongs to the strong! When the robo is finished, we'll take our time in dealing with you.

    • Sakura: Mr. Voice, just what is that baby?
      Voice: Plain as sight. Isn't he Momotarou?
      Sakura: You're not sure?
      Souta: (holding a sword) He even had this with him.
      Natsuki: But... Being born from a giant peach floating down a river. That would be Momotarou. I wonder if he'll eventually go exterminate oni?
      Masumi: Well... we'll find out then. More important, the Precious.
      Voice: I'm researching that Mountain Crushing Kanabou. Seems they say it has the power to smash the land.
      Souta: We let such a thing fall into the Quester's hands? Didn't they say they were going to make a robo?
      Sakura: Let's find their base. There should be a large energy signal. Split up and search.

    • Akashi: (on the baby) That's it. He has no name, does he? How about Tarou?
      Eiji: Well, he's too different to be Momotarou. Tarou is good enough, I think.
      Akashi: Alright. Then Tarou it is. You like that?
      (Tarou suddenly grows to be around 8 years old)
      Akashi: Tarou?
      Tarou: (to Eiji) Uncle!
      Eiji: Uncle?
      (Tarou looks at Akashi)
      Akashi: Wait a minute! I have a bad feeling.
      Tarou: (to Akashi) Auntie.
      Akashi: I knew it.

    • Natsuki: That baby grew this big!?
      Masumi: Then you guys are Uncle and Auntie?
      Souta: So then... after all...
      Sakura: That can't be! Boy, can you tell us yourself?
      Souta: (holds up the sword) This is yours, right? What's it mean?
      Natsuki: Hey, hey. You're Momotarou, aren't you?
      Akashi: Hey. He's still a kid.
      Eiji: And Momotarou wouldn't be a crybaby like this. Tarou! Men don't sob uncontrollably.

    • Tarou: I... very soon, will have to exterminate the Oni.
      Akashi: I thought so. But there are no Oni in this era.
      Tarou: All that steal the Mountain Crushing Kanabou are Oni. When the Kanabou is stolen, the mountain sends a child to exterminate the Oni.
      Akashi: I see. So, the Questers are Oni?
      Tarou: But... I'm scared. I'm scared of exterminating the Oni.
      Akashi: Don't worry. We'll take back the Kanabou.

    • (the Boukengers watch Akashi take care of Tarou)
      Sakura: Chief...
      Natsuki: He's like a mother.
      Masumi: I feel sick.

    • Tarou: That's far enough, Oni!
      Gai: Who's there?
      Tarou: The one who will eliminate the Oni!
      Gai: A kid? We're not Oni. We're Questers! Go home.
      Eiji: Shut up! Tarou says you're Oni! Just be good and be eliminated as Oni!
      Gai: Takaoka! What are you doing!?
      Akashi: Today we're helping eliminate the Oni.
      Masumi: (as the dog) Friend number 1.
      Souta: (as the monkey) Number 2.
      Natsuki: (as the pheasant) Number 3.
      (there is a silence as everyone waits for the dejected Sakura)
      Sakura: (holding the food) Kibi dango.

    • Tarou: I'm sorry... I'm sorry... Even though everyone did that... I'm sorry... I'm sorry.
      Eiji: I didn't mean to make you feel so pathetic. I'm sorry. You're Tarou, right? Ever since you were a baby. Not Momotarou! Tarou is good enough. No, it's even better! You did good, Tarou!

    • Akashi: This is good.
      Tarou: I'm going to return the Kanabou to the shrine.
      Eiji: So... what will happen to you?
      Tarou: My mission is over, so I have to return to the mountain.
      Eiji: I see. Don't cry anymore.
      Tarou: You two are like my father.

    • Souta: Today is: Transformation Gattai!
      Boukengers: (together) Start Up!
      Sakura: Denjiman's DaiDenJin is the first transforming robo.
      Masumi: Denji Fighter transforms.
      Eiji: Sun Vulcan's combines 2 mecha. It's the first gattai robo.
      Akashi: Finish it with the DenjiKen and TaiyouKen!
      Mr. Voice: Red, please go to NASA.
      Akashi: Eh!?
      Masumi & Eiji: (together in BoukenRed jackets) Leave the future to us!
      Mr. Voice: Though I'm lying…

  • Notes

    • Kibi dango is a millet dumpling.

    • While cheering for Tarou, Masumi assumes the role of a dog, Souta a monkey, and Natsuki a pheasant. All these were creatures that Momotarou befriended in the story. Sakura is left to bring the kibi dango, the food that Momotarou likes.

    • SirenBuilder has finally been repaired after it's battle with Zubaan in Task 33.

    • As Akashi and Eiji take Tarou out for a meal, the song in the background is the "Song of Momotarou", a Japanese folk song.

    • Tarou already possessed the knowledge of his mission, including knowing where the Kanabou is, and how to speak.

    • An impact of 11 kilotons, delivered by the Kanabou, is nearing the limit of what DaiVoyager can withstand.

    • It is unknown if it is the Kanabou or Quester Robo that enlarges the weapon prior to using it.

    • 30 Sentai Encyclopedia Special Files: First Henkei (transforming) and Gattai (combining) Robos - DaiDenjin from Denshi Sentai Denjiman and Sun Vulcan Robo from Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan.

    • Precious: Mountain Crushing Kanabou.
      Hazard Level: Unknown.

    • Monster: Quester Robo Radial.

  • Allusions

    • Kanabou is the name given to a metallic staff weapons, usually carried by Japanese demons in folklore.

    • Quester Robo Radial is based on DaiDenjin from Denshi Sentai Denjiman.

    • Tarou is based on Momotarou from Japanese folklore. Momotaro came to Earth inside a peach and was found in a river by an old woman. He fought many battles to protect his people. 'Momo' means 'peach'.