Super Sentai

Season 30 Episode 36

The Oni's Kanabou (Oni no Kanabō)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Nov 05, 2006 on TV Asahi



  • Quotes

    • Tarou: That's far enough, Oni!
      Gai: Who's there?
      Tarou: The one who will eliminate the Oni!
      Gai: A kid? We're not Oni. We're Questers! Go home.
      Eiji: Shut up! Tarou says you're Oni! Just be good and be eliminated as Oni!
      Gai: Takaoka! What are you doing!?
      Akashi: Today we're helping eliminate the Oni.
      Masumi: (as the dog) Friend number 1.
      Souta: (as the monkey) Number 2.
      Natsuki: (as the pheasant) Number 3.
      (there is a silence as everyone waits for the dejected Sakura)
      Sakura: (holding the food) Kibi dango.