Super Sentai

Season 22 Episode 9

The Secret Kitten (Himitsu no Koneko)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Apr 19, 1998 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

The Secret Kitten (Himitsu no Koneko)
Bucrates sees a meteorite in the sky. A little girl named Yuuko witnesses the meteorite land near Gingat. She later finds a dog-sized Gingat in the forest as well as a red crystal. The Gingaman search for Gingat. Sambash sends Mandiger to get the meteorite so they can unseal Daitanix. The Gingaman protect Yuuko and Gingat from Mandiger until the monster retreats. Saya tries to talk to Yuuko about getting Gingat back, but she wants to keep it. Mandiger returns but the Gingaman fight him while Saya stays with Yuuko. Sambash comes for the crystal, but Saya fights him. Yuuko realizes that Gingat wants to fight and allows Saya to destroys the meteorite, restoring Gingat to normal. Mandiger is defeated but enlarges. Saya arrives with Gingat, allowing the Gingaman to form Gingaioh, which then destroys Mandiger for good. Later, Yuuko is reunited with her real pet, Mii the cat.moreless

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  • Gingat focus episode.

    Yes, a Gingat focus episode. Like we ever really needed or wanted an episode that focused on the ugliest of the Starbeasts. Somehow, for reasons not clearly explained but attributed to 'sacred power' or something, Gingat gets hit by a meteorite and shrinks. A girl finds it and adopts it as her pet as you would when you find an ugly pink cat with gold ears and a plastic face in the forest. Ironically, Gingat looks slightly more convincing as an alien creature than it does when at normal size. I did laugh though when Gingat shows no interest in Saya whatsoever, despite her bleeting on about how they're friends. Maybe this being a Gingat episode is unfair, as Saya takes the lead here, taking to the girl about Gingat, fighting Sambash alone and then piloting Gingaioh herself against monster. We've not really seen that much of her until now, so it was nice that she got plenty to do for once although she looks too serious most of the time.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The Gingaman search for Gingat not knowing that it has been shrunk, but they keep very close together. At it's normal size, Gingat would be visible quite some distance away so they should have spread out.

    • Despite having chosen Saya to be GingaPink, Gingat shows little to no familiarity with her while with Yuuko.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Ryouma: Moak, what happened in this forest?
      Moak: There was some kind of impact and the sacred power was taken. I am unable to hear the voices of the forest. Probably because the sacred power there has vanished.
      Saya: If a Starbeast's sacred power is sealed, what happens?
      Moak: I haven't got a clue.

    • Zahab: What? A meteorite, you say?
      Sambash: Yes! What I saw last evening was a meteorite that takes sacred power. Basically, if we get this evil power, we can surely use it to revive Demon Beast Daitanix!
      Shelinda: That is so random.
      Sambash: Hold it! It's not me! It's what the barreled scholar great sensei said.
      Shelinda: Really, Bucrates?
      Bucrates: No, no!
      Sambash: If I succeed I'll get the credit, and if it fails, it'll be sensei's responsibility.

    • Saya: Yuuko, did you find Mii in the forest?
      Yuuko: (shaking her head) Mii and I have always been together.
      Saya: But Mii, looks a lot like my Gingat who I'm searching for. Gingat is a very important friend of mine.
      Yuuko: No! This is Mii!

  • NOTES (7)

    • For the first time, Ryouma uses a different mode on his Kiba Sword. In this case, he uses Kiba Shot instead of Kiba Cutter.

    • Yuuko names the miniture Gingat, 'Mii' after the cat she thought she'd lost.

    • This is the first time that Saya's full transformation is shown.

    • Without the sacred power, it is possible that what happened to Gingat here would also happen to the other Starbeasts. They would presumably shrink down to about the size of their Earth counterparts.

    • According to Moak, the Starbeasts now live seperately instead of being together as they are usually shown. Gingat lives in a forest. The others live in regions resembling their homeworlds and are seen emerging from them whenever the Gingaman summon them.

    • Moak being unable to hear the voices of the forest is apparently a different phenomenon than the tree network that allows him to monitor events around the world as he still able to contact the Gingaman via their GingaBraces in the forest with no sacred power.

    • Monster: Mandiger of the Sambash Majin Gang.


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