Super Sentai

Season 29 Episode 35

Valley Of The Gods ~Magi Magi Gigiru~ (Kamigami no Tani)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Oct 30, 2005 on TV Asahi
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Valley Of The Gods ~Magi Magi Gigiru~ (Kamigami no Tani)
Kai believes he heard Blagel’s last words – Miyuki is alive. The others heard it too, but Urara can’t find her in the crystal ball. Hikaru tells Snowgel what Meemy said about Infershia gods reviving. Nai and Mae find the Book of Prophecy in the ruins around Infershia. It tells of everything that has happened so far, and what is to come. Hikaru uses a memory spell on Kai to see his memories of the battle against Branken when MagiMother appeared to them. He concludes that what they saw was the real Miyuki and she is alive. They head to the place where Wolzard defeated MagiMother in the hopes of increasing Urara’s powers. Nai and Mae attempt to use the Book of Prophecy to see into the future but it flies away. Hikaru views Urara’s memory of Miyuki’s defeat, and realizes that Wolzard only pretended to kill her and teleported her somewhere. Miyuki’s ice arrow that hit Wolzard during the battle brought Wolzard to his senses, stopping him killing her. Urara is granted a new spell, allowing her to see Miyuki in the crystal ball but she is trapped in a garden of briars. Vancuria stumbles upon the valley of the gods, and encounters the giant Hades Gods. A dark aurora appears in the sky and the Hades Gods make their appearance on the surface. The Rangers try to fight them in MagiLegend, but are easily defeated. The Gods leave and Hikaru tells the Rangers they cannot fight them…moreless

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    Nozomu Sasaki

    Nozomu Sasaki

    Wyvern (voice)

    Guest Star

    Kazuki Yao

    Kazuki Yao

    Drake (voice)

    Guest Star

    Akio Ohtsuka

    Akio Ohtsuka

    Dagon (voice)

    Guest Star

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    • QUOTES (2)

      • Book of Prophecy: (as read by Nai and Mae) The hidden Hades Beast Emperor, sealed by a Heavenly Saint, will again awaken. However, his awakening is not complete. His servants, awakening with him, the Yougen spy, the Victory General, the Madou Knight swear to fully awaken the Hades Beast Emperor. But at the same time, the Magicians of Five Colours will appear. All the Hades Beasts will be defeated. Troll the strong arm. Blob the glutton. Worm the soil eater. Cockatrice the feet scratcher. Mimic, the forbidden box that must never be opened. Fungus who laughs within the fog. Manticore the dance devourer. Stone Troll, strong as stone. Spector the possessor. Servant of the dark knight, Leech. Three Solitary Confinement Hades Beasts. With peerless superhuman strength, the horned helmet Ogre. Ghoul the with giant arms. Red Skull Skeleton, and Gargoyle, the tough watcher of the gate. With the defeat of the Victory General, the Mahou Priest will take the lead. With the increase in the power of darkness, the Heavenly Hero will appear to smash that wish. The mischievous artist Gremlin Garim. The instinctual crusher, Behemoth Beldon. Hidden from the people, hidden from the world, the shadow Hades Beast Man Ninja Kirikage. Maestro of corruption, Incubus Belbireji. The Sturm und Drang great robber, Thief Gaston. The terrifying demon bird, Harpy Peewee. And the Hades Beast Man Four Kings of Hell. The cursed blood blade, Samurai Shichijuurou. The massive killer, singing princess, Seiren Neries. The strongest man among the Hades Beast Men, Zee the Yeti. The sage of hell, Buruatesu of the Kobolt. And Hades Machine Golem. After Gestalt Hades Beast Man Chimera is defeated, the Hades Beast Emperor will once again be sealed by a single Heavenly Saint.

      • Mandora: Today's spell is Magi Magi Gigiru. It powers up Urara's ability to prophesise. The magic responded to her courage of never giving up. But so many enemies have appeared!

    • NOTES (7)

      • Tetsu Inada, who provides the voice of Ifrit in this episode and the next, previously voiced Doggie Kruger/DekaMaster on Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger.

      • First appearance of the Slab of Judgement.

      • This episode serves as a clip show/recap of past episode, but most importantly it brings together and explains several plot points set up throughout the series, which will play out over the remainder of the series.

      • The Book of Prophecy tells of the reawakening of Infershia, including Vancuria, Wolzard, Branken and Meemy. It also mentions that all the Hades Beasts and Branken will be defeated. Furthermore, it tells of Meemy and Sungel's arrival and N Ma's resealing by Blagel.

      • Other spells:

        MagiRanger spells:
        Maagi Magi Magika – enlarges MagiMother.

        Legend MagiRanger spells:
        Maagi Goruma Golu Jingajin – forms MagiLegend.

        Hikaru/Sungel/MagiShine spells:
        Luuma Goludo – memory spell (used with Memory MagiTicket).

      • First appearance of the Infershia Pantheon, and the ten Hades Gods, Sleipnir, Drake, Dagon, Sphinx, Gorgon, Toad, Cyclops, Ifrit, Titan and Wyvern.

      • Spell: 003 - Magi Magi Gigiru: Advanced divination spell.

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