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They Stole My Idea

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    [1]Sep 17, 2008
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    This is unfair. Out of the Blue Enterprises "STOLE" MY IDEA.

    I was going to use the Super Story Answer "Share" for a book title of "Kirby's Dream Land" (even though it's a video game, not a real fairy tale or anything).

    The Why Writer would do these three lines : "There was a puff ball named Kirby and a penguin named King Dedede." "One day, King Dedede was picking apples." "King Dedede refused to give apples to Kirby or his friends."

    All the characters would have the same voices as "Kirby: Right Back at Ya!".

    But unfortunately, when Labor Day 2008 came, that's when the trouble began -- Super Why aired "The Goose and the Golden Eggs", and that episode took away my idea of the Super Story Answer with it.

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