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  • This show is about this kid named Whyatt (or something) and his friends, the Super Readers finding solutions to problems in story books.

    Well this isn't what I would call the greatest show or one of the greatest like the Sopranos or Heroes but it is "okay." The story revolves aroun this kid named Whyatt(who's a boy BTW) and his friends the Super Readers and they find problems evey day in their normal lives... in a story-telling world. Each of the Super Readers are kid-versions of fairy tale charcters like Princesses and Little Red Riding Hood and each Super Reader has a special power like Alphabets, Words, Spelling and Reading. So far the only episode I've seen of this show is the one about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. And in that one they tried solving a problem using that book and along the way they found these Super Letteres or something that they added into their super Computer which, in the end, spelled the Super Ending. This show needs to find another word besides Super :P.
  • A cute show that teaches kids about asking questions while reading and writing

    Super Why is a good show for little kids, and my little sister even learned the alphabet from this show. My personal favorite character is cute little Wonder Red, and my sister, a little princess, loves Princess Presto/ Pea. This show is great for kids with great songs and stories, and like I said earlier, its great for kids to learn to ask questions while they are reading. Whenever kids learn to ask questions about how the story would be different if 1 thing was changed, they are already learning level 3 Cornell questions. In other words, this is a wonderful show for teaching kids how to ask high level questions.
  • Cool!

  • Believe it or not, you can learn something from all this!

    The show centers around Whyatt Beanstalk, Jack's little brother, and his three friends - The Littlest Pig, Red Riding Hood and Princess Pea, the daughter of the Princess of The Princess and the Pea. Together, with their respective "super hero" identities - Super Why, Alpha Pig, Wonder Red and Princess Presto - they help solve problems by going into "Fractured Fairy Tales" styled stories, based on classic Grimm Brothers fairy tales, Aesop's Fables and international stories.

    By going through each tale, with letter identification, spelling, rhyming words and changing the tale, whilst looking for letters to spell out the solution to the problem in said story, kids - even my year-old nephew - can learn and have fun doing so.
  • Great show for kids!

    My daughter is almost 2 and loves Super Why. I prefer not to let her watch TV, but she is permitted one episode of Super Why and Sesame Street a few times a week as a special treat. These shows are truly educational for pre-school children. Every episode of Super Why teaches reading (letters, words, rhyming etc) and there is an age-appropriate lesson at the end of each show (e.g. share, listen, stop and think etc). Each episode is also based around a common book or fable. Great show for kids under 4 and it is not too painful for parents either.

    This show gave my sister and me nightmares. Please stop encouraging these types of show and go back to the old types. Like Disney princesses, The Lion King and even Nemo. At least they weren't giving me nightmares!
  • This show is the most insidious piece of work ever to hit Childrens TV. A proponent of rewriting the story for propagandic purposes teaching children that it's ok to make things better by changing the story and litereature.

    My 2 year old watches PBS every morning and with out a doubt I have no porblem with the shows on PBS until I watched this show a couple of times. First off the charactors are blatant and the setting is harmless. I watched I began to see the jest in this show. Teaching children that in order to solve a problem you can change the story began to wreek of pre-propagana 101. The Orwellian concept of changing the story in the news to keep people under the thumb of the state and control their behaviour started to pour out of the television set and right at my 2 yeasr old. There are some that would say I'm crazy, that changing childrens stories (age old tales at that) to solve a problem is harmless. Keep on thinking that way and in the future your children will be your jailers.
  • was alright at first, but got boring after a while

    i give this show credit for teaching kids how to spell and read, but they're too repetitious and they've really butchered alot of children's classic stories. For example: the boy who cried wolf was originally made to teach kids that if you lie too much no one will believe you when you tell the truth. That's why the boy who cried wolf cried wolf when there wasn't a wolf and then no one came to his rescue when there really was one. I think it was so stupid that they played it up that the boy who cried wolf was telling the truth about there being a wolf and the parents were stupiditly quick to not believe him without questioning him first. same with Whyatt's parents when they were quick to not believe him when he told his parents that the baby said "Why". The only episode that i found to be the most entertaining and educational is Galileo's space adventure. It would've been funnier though if Galileo told his cat "Houston, you are a problem" after rescuing him from the comet and i like that it teaches the kids that the comet was orbiting. And hearing the words "super duper computer" in every episode is as boring as hearing "ooper schmooper big idea" in sid the science kid. I think instead of changing the story to make it better in the books, maybe what they could do instead is come up with creative ways to teach kids how to make choices to make things better
  • Good show but...

    ... The show elements are really cheesy. Like, can't it be just one element? that would make the show sense better. Also, storybook village, I think they should save that for the books, shouldn't they? Think about it: four normal kids saving books for life. THAT concept would make the show better, wouldn't it? So think about it, the show, Ok in my book, can make it better. I repeat: So think about the show, Ok in my book, can make it better. To conclude, do you think our lives would be better with or without the show? Think about it.
  • super why super pie

    how about they just give up on word crap and eat any pie?
  • This show teaches not only the basics of reading(letters, phonetics), but also comprehension, observation, reasoning, and it even has a little bit of a "moral" at the end, which it explains in words little ones can understand. Excellent teaching tool!!!!

    This show teaches not only the basics of reading(letters, phonetics), but also comprehension (when they change the story), observation (looking for super letters), reasoning (what word makes the story do what you want and how does this story apply to my life), and it even has a little bit of a "moral" at the end (how does this apply to the problem the Super Readers are having), which it explains in words little ones can understand. Excellent teaching tool!!!! This one is definitely a keeper to show the children over and over. Isn't that the way they learn. Fun songs, too.
  • Who responsible for is garbage?!

    This show is a train wreck. I HATE THIS SHOW SO MUCH. It has some OK parts but not a lot. But the songs,the plots,and the characters are just plain HORRIFIC! First thing is the beginning is just dreadful because it makes no sense. The setting take place in a book but they go into different books for no reason once so ever. They only go in the books just for spelling. WHAT THE HECK ! Thats just screwed up BIG TIME!! As the episode progresses on they go into a book then sing a song thats worse than Justin Beabers songs. Then the chararaters are hobos just like the teen titan go series. Then try to find a letter for a word or sencetence a Belive me it is just plain atrious. But whats the ending like? They find a pointless word or sentence then sing the worst song of them all! This is how to make your kid annoying and stupid. Grade F- raating 135/1000 Ultra abombanation
  • NO LOGIC whatsoever.

    The whole show, the relationships between people and events, and the way it all unrolls does not make any sense and has no application to real life. It is not the worst show on TV since it still teaches some alphabet, but it absolutely does not relate to life. Feels like those who create it are really lazy to come up with something more logical yet exciting.
  • Not that great.

    The most comedy I got from this show is this weird glitch with the closed captioning! It doesn't work now, but years ago, when I turned on the closed captioning, the captions were inaccurate and kept repeating!



    *changes channel back and forth*

    >>SUPER WHY!

    >>SUPER WHY!

    >>SUPER WHY!

    >>SUPER WHY!

    LOL! If this glitch still worked, I'd keep doing this trick! XD
  • Terrible

    I loathe this show. Once again, the educational show producers has made a 4th wall breaking, too lame, and overall stupid show. The CGI animation is horrible. I think they were trying to copy anime chibis. Nice try. Also, they're running out of ideas. First, I thought it was all traditional fairy tales. Now, they're making up their own stories. And it's getting too repetitive. My final statement is, this show just sucks. Period.
  • Another reason why kids can't be superheros


    As much as I hate Fanboy and Chum Chum,there is another show that proves why superheroes suck when they are kids. Unless it's Powerpuff Girls or Sidekick,it sucks. However,PBS Kids proved me right,and made a show that makes Fanboy and Chum Chum look like Invader Zim. Super Why? is about a group kids that go into books and save the day with the powers of counting,spelling and stuff like that. Seriously,I feel like this is the processor of FBACC. First off,the animation looks horrible. Everybody looks horrible and have shiny eyes like in FBACC. It looks even worse when they are in the books,seriously,everybody moves slowly and feels like a christmas card than a book. As if that wasn't bad enough,this show also has the stupid "Ask the audience" thing. Seriously,if these idiots are superheroes,why would they need help from the audience? It's just like in Little Einsteins where the kids ask the audience for help when they are called geniuses. And what really disturbs me is the fact that one of the characters are a pig who talks. Seriously,who idea was that? The education is pretty much just counting,spelling and stuff like that,which fails because so many educational shows focus on that. Overall,,this show sucks and proves that PBS Kids is running out of ideas. Seriously,why can't they have good shows like Cyberchase,Arthur and Fetch with Ruff Ruffman? And this just proves that kids suck at being heroes. With shows like this,Teamo Supremo and Fanboy and Chum Chum,the idea just fails. Never watch this show,and change it to Arthur,Cyberchase and Fetch.

  • Geat Show Dumb Episodes

    Super Why is a fun and educational show but after seeing episodes Goldilocks and the 3 bears:the Mystery we see how super the show really is They have 2 episdoes based on the same story. Running out of ideas already? They have searched everywhere folktales and movies are now common. the are also changing the stories that are already changed. Look at the frog prince episode. They just changed it so it could fit their plot. So they could'nt find a story to fit the plot so they changed it. The princess wants to PLAY with the prince. They are running out of ideas and only the 18th episode! I mean the writers took a big break in these episodes they should get their butts in gear!
  • This show is horrible and there are some things im consurned with?

    I have some problems with this show

    1.Every episode is about the same thing one of the main characters has a problem and the main proligist(whyatt) calls the other super readers and then they head of to the book club and they save the story (not) by changing the story and then go back to the book club and they then find out what to do they solve the problem and do this stupid dance they repeat over and over again!

    2.Does the red girl even have parents because im now thinking that she only has her grandma.

    3.3 of the main characters are so stupid and such goodie goodies,The only main character that is at least funny and is not that goodie goodie is Red.

    4.They always do the same things and they never do anything else.

    5.Half of the characters are too thin.

    and 6.They go a little too far with the Q's and all they focus on is whyatt what about the others!

    So stop wasting your time watching this junk and watch Bubble Guppies or Kung fu panda Legends of Awsomeness!
  • My Kids Love It, but I have some issues.

    My kids (3yrs & 22mos) love the show. My 3 year old daughter was already pretty good with her letters and I can see my son really getting into repeating the letters and words. For the most part it accomplishes what it sets out to do.

    While I can see the value in showing the consequences of changing words, I have a problem with the major alterations to classic stories. Even before they make their word change at the end of each episode, they have completely rewrittend the story.

    For example:

    Goldilocks was falsely accused of eating the porridge, breaking the chair, sleeping in the bed.

    The Boy Who Cried Wolf didn't lie.

    The Troll was the good guy in The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

    They completely undermine and contradict the messages of the original stories. Wouldn't it be better to find actual stories that solve problems similar to those of the characters, rather than rewrite something to suit what they need.
  • Solving problems

    I have two kids that watch this show. It is horrible.

    1 You cannot look within a book to solve life problems

    2 You cannot change the words in a story to solve your problems

    3 You need to learn to solve your own problems in life by asking questions or asking a adult

    4 In reality if you went about trying to solve problems SUPER WHY style people would be dead or in a hospital

    5 Try other channels like Nick Jr. or Sprout

  • Good spelling, dangerous lessons

    Great for teaching the alphabet, but teaches children that life revolves around them; if they don't "like" a situation, story or moral truth, they can change it with magic. In "The Boy Who Cried Wolf," the problem is that the parents were insensitive jerks because they wouldn't believe everything their son told them without question.

    This ultimately undermines teaching. The shows reinforces children's pre-existing belief that they already know everything; parents & teachers are idiots who "just don't understand" anything.

  • This show is boring.

    I don't even like this show and all that it had done.The superheros stink including a spelling fairy and this pig dude.This is worst than Sid The Science Kid or all of those stupid tv shows that all so chidish.Very not really good and the stupidish thing to have on a show.Superheros who don't even save the world but go into bedtime stories an do stuff in there.I really don't like this show and it's really stupid and it's really terrible of what it did all the time.You don't even like this show and I don't even like it too.
  • A kids show going too far with the unknowing and innocence.

    Every day after I get home from school, I find my little sister aptly ready to watch this show. But, I just have to wonder why. I mean, most little kids could probably figure out the answers to the problems presented in each episode and "solve the problem" without taking a whole half hour.

    Pretty much all I see that this show is good for is teaching pre-schoolers their ABCs. Other than that, all I see happening is little kids acting as if they have no common sense whatsoever and then supposedly "saving the day". It takes more than cute faces and waving around a wand and pretty magic letters to make a show educational.