Super Why!

Weekdays 9:00 AM on PBS Kids Premiered Sep 03, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • This show is the most insidious piece of work ever to hit Childrens TV. A proponent of rewriting the story for propagandic purposes teaching children that it's ok to make things better by changing the story and litereature.

    My 2 year old watches PBS every morning and with out a doubt I have no porblem with the shows on PBS until I watched this show a couple of times. First off the charactors are blatant and the setting is harmless. I watched I began to see the jest in this show. Teaching children that in order to solve a problem you can change the story began to wreek of pre-propagana 101. The Orwellian concept of changing the story in the news to keep people under the thumb of the state and control their behaviour started to pour out of the television set and right at my 2 yeasr old. There are some that would say I'm crazy, that changing childrens stories (age old tales at that) to solve a problem is harmless. Keep on thinking that way and in the future your children will be your jailers.