Super Why!

Weekdays 9:00 AM on PBS Kids Premiered Sep 03, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • was alright at first, but got boring after a while

    i give this show credit for teaching kids how to spell and read, but they're too repetitious and they've really butchered alot of children's classic stories. For example: the boy who cried wolf was originally made to teach kids that if you lie too much no one will believe you when you tell the truth. That's why the boy who cried wolf cried wolf when there wasn't a wolf and then no one came to his rescue when there really was one. I think it was so stupid that they played it up that the boy who cried wolf was telling the truth about there being a wolf and the parents were stupiditly quick to not believe him without questioning him first. same with Whyatt's parents when they were quick to not believe him when he told his parents that the baby said "Why". The only episode that i found to be the most entertaining and educational is Galileo's space adventure. It would've been funnier though if Galileo told his cat "Houston, you are a problem" after rescuing him from the comet and i like that it teaches the kids that the comet was orbiting. And hearing the words "super duper computer" in every episode is as boring as hearing "ooper schmooper big idea" in sid the science kid. I think instead of changing the story to make it better in the books, maybe what they could do instead is come up with creative ways to teach kids how to make choices to make things better