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Superbowl Commercials

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Superbowl Commercials are perhaps the most eagerly anticipated commercials of the whole year. Each Super Bowl, advertisers such as Budweiser, Sony, Coca-Cola, Motorola and Samsung spend millions on a 30-second commercial spot because they are likely to recoup their investment due to the large volume of people that are tuned in to watch the big game. Super Bowl commercials are usually funny and are always memorable and are critiqued and talked about for months after they are first aired. The commercials feature catchy tag lines and often announce the company's new products for that year. Perhaps one of the most popular of the Super Bowl commercials of all time is the one for Bud Light that was first aired during the 1994 game. The tag line is "Whaaassup?" and each lizard takes turns sticking their long tongue out and repeating the catch phrase. That one commercial generated magazine ads, billboards as well as many other advertising campaigns. The Bud Light commercial the following year utilized the trio of lizards because of the popularity.