Saturday 8:00 PM on Animal Planet Premiered Oct 03, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • I enjoy watching Superfetch because it is a show that makes you feel good. It doens't have violence, sex and obsenities, it just teaches a person how to communicate and build a relationship with their pet. It is a show that is educational and enjoyable.

    Zak George teaches how to interact with your dog and shows the right way to teach a dog. I enjoy that the show is not full of violence and sex. It is a good family show that both parents and kids can watch together. The show is educational and fun to watch. It shows the positives and the negatives of teaching a new puppy or an old dog an unusual trick, although the trick may not be necessary they are often times very cool to watch. It also includes some tricks that don't work out quite the way it was expected.