SuperFriends (1978)

ABC (ended 1978)


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  • Season 1
    • The Rise and Fall of the SuperFriends
      Mr. Mxyzptlk is a magical imp from another dimension who comes to Earth to annoy Superman and the rest of the SuperFriends. He decides to make a movie starring the SuperFriends and forces them to fight Vikings. The SuperFriends long to be rid of the Mr. Mxyzptlk, but the only way to get rid of him is by making him say his name backward.moreless
    • Journey Through Inner Space
      When Aquaman is exposed to a radioactive substance he is transformed into a sea creature. In order to cure him, Superman and Wonder Woman are shrunk down to microscopic size and sent within the creature to give it another dose of radiation.
    • Battle of the Gods
      Battle of the Gods
      Episode 14
      The SuperFriends are summoned to the planet Caltos by the Greek Gods Hera and Aphrodite. The Gods have been debating how courageous the SuperFriends are and if they are worthy of continuing to serve the Earth. Zeus decides to make the SuperFriends complete four life threatening events to prove themselves. In the first challenge Zeus sends Wonder Woman to capture a necklace from Medusa. Will the SuperFriends be able to complete their tasks?

    • Batman: Dead or Alive
      The Capricorn Kid threatens to take over the planet Texicanna. Batman and Robin go to the planet and defeat the Capricorn Kid and his android cowboys. Vowing revenge, the Capricorn Kid captures the Wonder Twins and the rest of the SuperFriends setting himself up for a final confrontation with Batman.
    • The Incredible Space Circus
      Alien poachers are stealing animals for use in a galactic circus. When Wonder Woman and Aquaman try to stop them, the are transformed into animals. When the poachers force these animals to fight and later capture the Wonder Twins, the rest of the SuperFriends must find a way to stop the poachers, rescue the Wonder Twins, and turn Wonder Woman and Aquaman back to normal.moreless
    • Invasion of the Brain Creatures
      Evil Brain Creatures attack Earth from Mars with lightning and take over the minds of Batman and Superman. As these two Superheroes attack Earth, the rest of SuperFriends must find some way to stop them and the Brain Creatures.
    • World Beneath the Ice
      The evil Tyranna tries to freeze the planet Earth. When the SuperFriends try to stop him, they are frozen. Aquaman's friends from Atlantis, however, arrive and rescue the SuperFriends. The Atlantians and the SuperFriends work together to stop Tyranna and prevent a new ice age.
    • The Anti-Matter Monster
      Dr. Matter makes a monster with the use of a special computer program that is made out of anti-matter. This monster has the ability has the ability to drain energy from all power sources, including the SuperFriends. The evil Dr. Matter is well on his way to destroying the SuperFriends and taking control of the world. Can he be stopped?moreless
    • The Beasts are Coming
      Radiation from a crashed space satellite causes animals to grow into giant dangerous creatures. When Wonder Woman tries to deal with the satellite she and the Wonder Twins are turned into rampaging monsters. Superman, however, manages to stop the satellite's radiation and save Wonder Woman and the Wonder Twins by using his X-ray vision.moreless
    • Terror From the Phantom Zone
      When a comet frees three Kryptonian criminals from the Phantom Zone, they head to Earth and expose Superman to Red Kryptonite. Superman is turned into an elderly man that can only watch helplessly as the rest of the SuperFriends are trapped in the Phantom Zone. Superman must stop the Kryptonians and free his fellow SuperFriends by first finding blue Kryptonite which will turn him back to normal.moreless
    • Attack of the Vampire
      Dracula returns from the grave and tries to turn everyone on the planet into vampires. As the SuperFriends rush to stop him, Superman and the Wonder Twins are turned into Vampires. The rest of the SuperFriends must find a cure for them and find a way to stop Dracula.
    • The Pied Piper from Space
      UFO's come to Earth in an effort to capture and enslave the planet's children. The aliens play music which hypnotizes and attracts children including Jayna and Zan. When the SuperFriends try to stop them they are all trapped by various means. When the SuperFriends free themselves they find that their young friends are missing. Superman uses military tracking equipment to locate the missing kids. Can the SuperFriends save the children of Earth before it's too late?

    • Sinbad and the Space Pirates
      Wonder Woman is captured by the evil Captain Sinbad and his Space Pirates who have traveled to Earth to rob, steal and plunder whatever they can find of value. Captain Sinbad has with him a powerful mind control device that has already worked on Wonder Woman. The rest of the SuperFriends must proceed with caution as they try to devise a plan to rescue her and stop the pirates.

    • Battle at the Earth's Core
      The SuperFriends go out on a search party when the Wonder Twins vanish during their vacation at sea. A giant vortex in the water pulls the SuperFriends into the center of the Earth where they discover that Jayna, Zan and Gleek have been captured by a group of tar creatures. The superheroes must defeat the tar creatures and their dinosaurs if they want to free Jayna, Zan and Gleek. The tar creatures have some rather surprising abilities that our heroes have never dealt with before.

    • Rokan: Enemy From Space
      A giant bird named Rokan travels to earth from Superman's home planet of Krypton. Once on Earth he begins to cause problems with the planet's weather system. The SuperFriends are called in to stop the beast. The Wonder Twins discover that the monster is laying eggs and will soon have baby chicks. Superman suggests that the rest of the SuperFriends try using kryptonite on Rokan, as it is the only substance that can stop him. Will kryptonite have the same effect on Rokan as it does Superman?moreless
    • The Demons of Exxor
      The Wonder Twins take a trip back to their home planet of Exxor. When they arrive, they find that the evil Lord Darkon is trying to take over their planet with a new ray he has developed that make nightmares come to life. In their effort to stop Lord Darkon, Jayna, Zan and Gleek are captured. The twins managed to signal to the SuperFriends for help. Can they arrive in time to save the Wonder Twins and their home planet?moreless