SuperFriends (1980) - Season 3

ABC (ended 1983)




Episode Guide

  • Video Victims
    Video Victims
    Episode 24
    Bizarro somehow manages to trap the Superman, Wonder Woman, and Samurai in an arcade game, putting them them through several torturous games in the process. The three SuperFriends must figure out a way to escape the arcade game and defeat Bizarro.
  • One Small Step for Superman
    After being chased by a bear, a young boy is injured in a fall. When he wakes up he learns that his dog is missing and that he cannot move his legs. When doctors examine him, however, they don't find anything physically wrong with the boy and believe that the problem may be psychological. The SuperFriends are called in to help the boy in hopes of getting him to walk again.moreless
  • Attack of the Cats
    Attack of the Cats
    Episode 22
    When two scientists are turned into strange cat creatures, El Dorado, Batman and Robin must figure out what happened in order to help them. The situation gets worse when Robin is turned into a cat creature as well.
  • Superclones
    Episode 21
    Brainiac clones Aquaman and El Dorado creating two evil supervillains. The clones capture the real Aquaman and El Dorado and then commit crimes in an effort to ruin the good name of the SuperFriends. The clones surrender to the authorities in order to be put on trial in efforts to get all the SuperFriends out of the way. The real Aquaman and El Dorado must escape and reveal the truth of Brainiac's plan.moreless
  • Bully for You
    Bully for You
    Episode 20
    After Batman loses his utility belt during a rescue, it's found by a young high school student who uses it in order to get back at a couple of bullies who have been tormenting him. However, his plan backfires, leading to near disaster.
  • Return of the Phantoms
    An alien explorer unwittingly frees Kryptonian criminals Logar, Hul, and Rom-Lok from the Phantom Zone. They then force him to take them back in time in order to destroy Superboy before he can ever imprison them. Fortunately, the alien brings Green Lantern and Superman back as well so they can team with Superboy to even the odds against the criminals.moreless
  • The Malusian Blob
    The Malusian Blob
    Episode 18
    An alien blob born from the waste of another planet arrives on Earth and when freed, goes on a rampage. Black Vulcan, Batman, and Robin must figure out a way to stop it from destroying everything in its path.
  • An Unexpected Treasure
    A pair of young dirt bikers stumble into a restricted area and find a buried spaceship. They get trapped inside when it's activated and is set for a return trip to its homeworld lightyears away. The Wonder Twins, Hawkman and Hawkgirl must find a way to help the boys escape before it warps away from Earth, never to return.moreless
  • Prisoners of Sleep
    Prisoners of Sleep
    Episode 16
    Superman and Batman fall into a deep sleep and experience terrible nightmares after encountering a released demon in a coal mine. Wonder Woman must follow them into their dreams in order to wake them up and defeat the demon.
  • Bulgor the Behemoth
    Bulgor the Behemoth
    Episode 15
    A TV writer is turned into one of his characters named Bulgor the Behemoth. Superman and Apache Chief must stop the seemingly unstoppable Bulgor and find a way to restore the writer to normal.
  • Two Gleeks Are Deadlier than One
    The Wonder Twins guard the Hall of Justice on the eve of an important meeting that will be attended by all the SuperFriends. Gleek is kidnapped by Gorilla Grodd and Giganta and is replaced by an evil robot double that is determined to destroy the SuperFriends.
  • Warpland
    Episode 13
    When Superman and Batman try to stop a meteor from hitting Metropolis, they are pulled into another dimension and encounter a league of super animals who mistake them for invaders. They're then turned into animals themselves, but must find a way to escape their captors, return to normal, and head back to their home universe to destroy the meteor.moreless
  • The Recruiter
    The Recruiter
    Episode 12
    When Superman and Wonder Woman are kidnapped by aliens, they are forced to play an ultra-competitive game called Spaceball. The two SuperFriends, however, are able to turn the tide on their captors by promoting teamwork among their fellow imprisoned teammates and opponents.
  • Space Racers
    Space Racers
    Episode 11
    The Wonder Twins are harassed while traveling in space by a gang of aliens that are only interested in racing. In order to reign them in, the Wonder Twins get the help of the Flash and Wonder Woman.
  • Playground of Doom
    Playground of Doom
    Episode 10
    When three enormous alien children arrive on Earth, they begin to play with the world as if everything were merely their toys. Superman, Batman and Robin must find a way of stopping the childrens' rampant destruction.
  • Day of the Dinosaurs
    When the Hall of Justice falls deep within the Earth, Wonder Woman and Samurai encounter two underground civilizations; the Slarum (a primitive race) and the Volti (an advanced race). But the groups aren't as they seem and the two SuperFriends must help prevent an impending war between them.
  • A Pint of Life
    A Pint of Life
    Episode 8
    When a young boy is in desperate need of a blood transfusion, the Wonder Twins and Aquaman head deep in the Amazon rainforest to find his archaeologist father who, because of a rare blood type, is the only viable donor. They encounter danger along the way when he discovers an ancient civilization at a temple his team is exploring.moreless
  • Terror on the Titanic
    When the sunken ship RMS Titanic is discovered by two divers, they are shocked to discover that a mutant algae has turned the ship into an enormous monster. Aquaman and Black Vulcan must work together to stop the rampaging creature.
  • The Revenge of Doom
    The Legion of Doom reunites and capture Batman and Robin. After they restore the Hall of Doom, they then manage to immobilize Superman and Wonder Woman with Lex Luthor's crystalizing ray. The SuperFriends must free themselves and stop the Legion of Doom before they rob Fort Knox.
  • Invasion Of The Space Dolls
    Alien dolls from outer space attack Earth by disguising themselves as children's toys. When the dolls take out Batman and Robin, the Wonder Twins must act quickly to stop the invaders.
  • The Krypton Syndrome
    While helping to rescue an alien cargo ship with Wonder Woman, Superman goes through a black hole, which puts him through a time warp, sending him back to his home planet Krypton just before it was destroyed by the cataclysmic explosion. With the SuperMobile, he's able to prevent the catastrophe. However, Superman is shocked to discover how changing the past also changes the future of Earth and must set things right.moreless
  • Once Upon a Poltergeist
    Batman and Robin head to Gotham City to investigate the sudden and mysterious shaking of the Wayne Building. There, Apache Chief discovers that the shaking is being caused by the spirit of a Mohawk Indian who thinks that the building was constructed over a sacred burial site.
  • Roller Coaster
    Roller Coaster
    Episode 2
    A club forces a pledge to take part in a dangerous initiation. He must ride on a condemned roller coaster. When the ride starts to break down, the Wonder Twins and the Atom must save him.
  • Mxyzptlk's Revenge
    Mxyzptlk's Revenge
    Episode 1
    When Superman and Batman are forced into Mr. Mxyzptlk's home dimension they are subjected to his annoying pranks. Even worse, however, getting Mr. Mxyzptlk to say his name backwards doesn't get rid of him.
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