SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show

ABC (ended 1984)





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  • Okay, this is the 1st of the 2 shows that Alan burnett was involved in and really good for being from the 80s!

    This show was the 1st superhero show that Alan Burnett did, i think, and he soon became involved with other shows and all in all, this show was influential and was sort of an inspiration to the greatness Of batman the animated series. As for the quality of the show itself, it was pretty good, considering it was a superhero show from the early 80's. While some episodes where just plain ridiculous, like Island of the dinosoids, episodes like Reflections in crime was mirror masters 1st appearance and the show also debuted darkseid and alot of the new gods from Apokolips.

    The show had an ongoing storyline as darkseid trying to destroy the earth, although his crush on Wonder Woman was pretty lame. This show featured 2 other ongoing villains. The first was Braniac, who appeared in a new design and as a better character beggining in this show, although he grew to be better. In addition Mr. Myxptlk (or however its spelled) appeared multiple times. Myx was an average character and was the same as he was in other incarnations of the show.

    Overall this show is a step higher than most of its predescessors and worth the 20 dollars the dvd costs!