SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show

Season 1 Episode 3

The Case of the Shrinking SuperFriends

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Sep 15, 1984 on ABC

Episode Recap

On the planet Chromolon in a distant part of the galaxy, a solar storm causes disaster and the SuperFriends receive a call for help. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Black Vulcan set off for Chromulon with Firestorm, Robin and the Wonder Twins left behind to monitor things on Earth at the Hall of Justice.

At his secret base, Lex Luthor tests out his new contractor ray, a device that shrinks whatever it is pointed at, on a tiger in a cage. Satisfied with the result, Luthor boards a stingray shaped ship and flies off for Metropolis and the Hall of Justice.

At the Hall of Justice, the Wonder Twins and the remaining SuperFriends watch the rescue efforts on Chromolon on a computer monitor. Moments later, the heroes alerted to the approach of Lex Luthor but before they can get outside, Luthor shrinks the Hall of Justice and the SuperFriends inside. In their diminutive size, the SuperFriends can't stop Luthor from stealing the Hall of Justice and taking it away with him. Firestorm uses his powers to save his fellow heroes and by transforming a piece of driftwood into a speedboat, the SuperFriends follow Luthor back to his base.

At Luthor's base, Luthor gloats over having the Hall of Justice in his possession. When the villain discovers the shrunken SuperFriends in his lab, he uses the contractor ray on them and they shrink down to microscopic size. The heroes managed to avoid being eaten by a pair of spiders Luthor release near them and Firestorm flies inside the contractor gun to reverse the circuitry and set it to discharge a set time. The contractor gun envelops the SuperFriends and they return to normal size. Luthor is captured and when the heroes return from the Chromolon rescue mission, the Hall of Justice is returned to normal size and they are presented wit Luthor, shrunkened and beating his fists helplessly against the walls of a glass jar.
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