TV Tokyo (ended 2002)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Goodbye ♥ Ran-Ran → The Skies of Shibuya Remain Unchanging
      A year has passed since the previous episode, and it appears that Towa is moving on from her café business. Miyu and Yamato’s relationship continues to blossom, while Aya strives to be brave when talking with Rei. Mami and Yuya seem to be hitting it off pretty well. The Junior Detectives are now the High School Detectives. Naoki is crushed that Towa is leaving, but another gal catches his attention! Even the Tan Face Trio finds some love as Ran and the gals prepare a big party for Towa, but Ran seems to be tired and missing, as Tatsuki frantically searches all over town for her.moreless
    • Friendship ♥ Smiles → ID Tags of the Heart
      The rumors continue to fly concerning Ran and Rei being the new couple, and it’s taking a strong toll on poor Aya’s heart and Ran’s friendship. Aya has decided to give up being a super gal and moved to the honor class. Ran has been unable to contact Aya; it doesn’t help that Ran’s cell phone bill was so high that she lost her privileges until the next month either. Tatsuki returns to Shibuya and reveals the truth about the mysterious woman. Ran tries to make up with Aya, but she has gone missing and might end up in some serious trouble!moreless
    • Misgivings of the Heart ♥ Stirring → Cold Spring Breeze
      Ran takes her finals and feels confident she will pass. But it comes down to the math exam as her homeroom teacher, Mr. Nakanishi, sweats it out. Miyu continues to search for a place to live, and ends up closer to where she expected. But while things seem cheery and optimistic for Ran, they get worse for Aya and Tatsuki, who discover the picture of Ran and Rei together in the Gals Paradise magazine, and ponder the status of their relationship.moreless
    • Heartbreak ♥ Painful → Miyu’s Place to Call Home
      Ran is in a real bind. If she doesn’t pass all her exams, she won’t advance to the second year of high school, but that doesn’t bother her. What does bother her is that her dad is going to cut her allowance and impose a curfew! So Ran studies hard with supplementary classes and a little of Aya’s help. Meanwhile Miyu is in a bind of her own as she tries to raise money to save her apartment. Aya also helps Miyu with the fundraising, but when Miyu’s mom makes a surprise visit home, Miyu is thrown into a dire situation.moreless
    • Gal Battle ♥ Fierce → Mami-rin Finished?
      Mami shows Yuya her new hairdo, but Yuya gets a call from Ran to karaoke. Mami refuses but then obliges. Afterwards, Yuya realizes that he finally feels settled with his relationship with Mami! He wants to tell Ran about it, when Mami interprets this as that he still has feelings for Ran, so she challenges Ran in an ultimate life-or-death battle involving all the gals in Tokyo!moreless
    • Kasumi ♥ Toasty Warm → Her Dream Coat
      Kasumi desires an old purple coat at a thrift shop because it looks like the one her super gal idol that saved her used to wear. But Ran does too; it costs 9800 yen to buy it, and none of them have the money. So whoever raises the money first at the upcoming flea market will win the right to buy the coat. Kasumi decides to take a job at Towa’s café not only to raise some money, but also to try to learn Ran’s secret from Towa.moreless
    • Clash ♥ Slurp Slurp → Ramen Battle
      A big chain ramen shop has planted a branch right across the street from Gantetsu Noodle Shop which is owned and run by Tatsuki and Naoki’s family. While Tatsuki’s dad isn’t worried at all, the brothers are totally scared they are losing all the business, and plead for Ran to help out. Ran wants to scout the competing business to see if their noodles are all that, and whether the Gantetsu noodle shop is any better. But after tasting both, she’s ready to help the Kuroi brothers, and enlists them in an Iron Ramen Battle on television. But corruption and lies hide behind the new noodle shop as they look to secure their victory.moreless
    • Signs of Love ♥ Various → Valentine's Day
      Valentine's Day hits the guys and gals of Shibuya. Miyu and Aya convince Ran to make hand-made chocolate rather than buy one from the store. Tatsuki spends most of the time anticipating Ran's chocolate. Mami invites Yuya to a party. Kasumi hatches an evil plan to become the number gal of Shibuya where she concocts her own nasty chocolate and hopes to switch it with Ran's. Aya wants to give chocolate to Rei but she’ll have to get past the Tan Face Trio, and if she does, will Rei even accept it?moreless
    • Killed in the Line of Duty ♥ Weeping → Odaiba Shark's Final Day
      Sayo is totally crushed and depressed that the Odaiba Cop Detective Kudoh was killed off in the season finale. The actor Matsuda isn’t that thrilled either since he has to do a kiddy exercise show for his career; he visits Shibuya and bumps into his old buddy Towa, who shows him her café. Later on, Matsuda bumps into Sayo, who thinks that Kudoh is a ghost, but Ran and the gang make sure Sayo’s dream isn’t crushed as they have Matsuda go on a date with Sayo.moreless
    • Pure Love ♥ Nervous → Rie's Love Tale
      Rie Aihara takes on a part-time job, and meets her schoolmate and her first crush from five years ago, Junichi Ohta. Rie rekindled her feelings of love, stemming from when Junichi stayed put to fight some bullies while Rie ran away. But Junichi sees Rie’s friend, Ran, and suddenly acts all nervous around Rie, frequently asking about Ran. Rie doesn’t know what to do with this wavering guy, thinking he’s in love with Ran instead, as she and Junichi go on a date.moreless
    • Taizo ♥ Enthusiastic → Police Training Project
      Ran's father Taizo looks through some old items for a flea market community sale held by his police association, and he finds some items that remind him of the time when Ran actually wanted to be a police officer. Flash back six years ago, when Ran was only ten years old, Taizo puts Ran through some rigorous exercises and field training to meet the challenge, but somewhere down the line she decides she will become a Gal instead.moreless
    • Shibuya Soldier ♥ Mystery → Maru-Q Moon
      Kasumi tricks the Tan Face Trio by saying Ran has been badmouthing them. But after the trio learns the truth, they chase Kasumi throughout town. Kasumi hides in a department store and ends up buying a sailor uniform cosplay costume but the trio spot her bunny purse pouch and chase her again. As Kasumi tries to escape, she accidentally does a bunch of heroic deeds, and soon her moniker Maru-Q Moon becomes so famous that there’s a reward out for finding out her secret identity! Could this be Kasumi’s big chance to become the number one Gal in Shibuya?moreless
    • Ran-Pyon ♥ Dizzy → Becomes Sayo!?
      Sayo and Ran receive their New Year's monetary gifts, but Sayo gets less money because she is younger, and now she can’t buy that Odaiba Cop DVD. She wishes she were Ran. She spends her gift money on a fortune bag that has a ball, but when the ball gets loose at home and knocks both Ran and Sayo in the face multiple times, it switches Ran and Sayo’s bodies so Sayo is now in Ran’s body, and Ran in Sayo’s. The sisters have to make it through the day and hope the fortune wears off.moreless
    • Christmas Eve ♥ Jingle Jingle → Emergency Bell of Love
      The Christmas holiday season reaches Shibuya, and everyone’s excited about the parties, but Tatsuki and Ran have to come up with Christmas presents each other. In the news, a monkey has gotten loose on the streets of Shibuya. When Ran starts acting friendly with Rei and poses with him in a picture, Tatsuki takes this as a sign that their relationship could be over. Oh no! What will the monkey and the monkey boy do?moreless
    • Heart ♥ Aching → Otohata's Words
      Ran receives a top secret mission from Nananishi to search for a ghost that's been haunting the school. Aya and Katase's relationship comes to a critical juncture as Katase wants Aya to stop wearing her dog tag accessory that symbolizes her friendship with Miyu and Ran.
    • Secret ♥ Revealed → Mami-rin in Danger!
      When Yuya hears Mami Honda’s cell phone ringtone nearby, Ran and the gang discover that it’s coming from Mami and her stretch limo. They chase her down and end up at Mami’s mansion. Mami must deal with her debutante reality mixing with her relationship with Yuya. Meanwhile, a hacker has screwed up the Honda family’s security system, setting loose a Robodog that attacks Mami, Ran, and the gang.moreless
    • Hot Springs ♥ Viva Viva → The GAL Incident in the Northern Steam Clouds
      Supergal hopeful Maki Komine invites Ran to the Hot Springs. Ran brings the Junior Detectives along but she becomes the prime suspect in a crime there.
    • Romantic Forecast ♥ Unclear → Otohata and then Katase?!
      Aya has to deal with her feelings for Otohata as Katase decides to take it upon himself to confront Otohata several times about his relationship with Aya. But he has another motive, and that is to become Aya’s boyfriend! Meanwhile, the tennis club captain gets Ran to play as the number one seed in the tennis tournament with a rival school, but the rival she has to play turns out to be none other than Mami Honda!moreless
    • Aya-ppe ♥ Teary Eyed → Otohata Syndrome
      Ran is late for class yet again, and the teacher threatens to have a conference with her parents, but she manages to get the vice-principal to have her preside over the upcoming cultural festival with all sorts of fun activities including a couple’s rival match. Meanwhile Aya’s relationship with Otohata seems more distant as he never calls her, but Aya meets Kazuki Katase, a first year high school student, who starts to befriend and comfort her, and even helps her with the festival.moreless
    • Kasumi ♥ Pissed → The Great Plot For Revenge
      Kasumi Tsukino pictures herself as the Number One Shibuya Supergal, but for that to come true, she must defeat Ran Kotobuki. She plans all sorts of tricks to try to foil Ran, from loading her with unnecessary jewelry to taking over for a street soothsayer and telling Tatsuki to break up with Ran! In the meantime, Rei has grown tired of Aya’s constant presence and not thinking for herself, and he starts to ignore her, leaving Aya really confused.moreless
    • Ran-pyon ♥ Irritated → A New Rival?!
      Ran gets a phone call threatening to destroy Miyu's missing cell phone unless she stops being a Super Gal. Aya loses her train pass as well. Could it be a new criminal?
    • Welcome ♥ Exciting → Palm Tree Grand Opening
      Towa Himejima, a popular idol from the Shibuya district, opens up a restaurant called the Palm Tree. But some hooligans mess up the place and Ran decides to take revenge.
    • Bukuro ♥ In Circles → Mystery of the Extension
      Yuya treats Mami by buying her a hair extension, but some strangers want it for their own purposes!
    • Mami-rin ♥ Lovey-Dovey → Falls For Yuya
      Mami has a fight with her boyfriend, and Yuya manages to comfort her. But then Mami falls for Yuya, and when she learns Yuya is pursuing Ran, she gets jealous and challenges Ran.
    • Yuya ♥ Crying → Talks About Being A Man
      After not having much of a chance with Ran, Naoki goes after Miyu but finds that she already likes Yamato. Yuya starts giving Naoki some manly advice but things get crazy when Ran loses her wallet and he tries to find it before Tatsuki does.
    • Brother ♥ Kichi-Kichi → Naokichi Appears
      Tatsuki is missing his photo sticker of him and Ran. At first, Ran doesn’t want to help but after hearing there’s a cash prize, Ran helps him look for it. A new kid skateboards through Shibuya, and it turns out he has the sticker. After some chasing it turns out the kid is 14-year old Naoki Kuroi, Tatsuki’s younger brother! Naoki instantly falls in love with Ran, but also wants Tatsuki to come back to their hometown and take over the ramen business. They have a three-round contest, culminating in a ramen making battle to settle the score.moreless
  • Season 1