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  • *SuperGals*

    SuperGals is a show about a girl named Ran Kotobuki and her friends. They are a group known as gals who were loose socks and short skirts. Everyday is another adventure for Ran and her friends. I think that SuperGals is an excellent show. It\'s funny and also has alot of info about what \"gals\" should know. It\'s my new favorite show ^_^
  • Too cool for words!

    Supergals! is the new Anime on the block. This series tells the stories of 3 teenage girls who learn a thing or two about being a teenager (or better yet, being a "gal").

    Among the principal characters are hyperkinetic teen Ran Kotobuki, the daughter of a family of Tokyo police. Her father is a detective, her mother a traffic cop & her big brother is a patrolman. Ran also has a pesky little sister named Sayo who wants to be a cop when she grows up. There's also Miyu, a cute blonde gal who was once a mean street gang leader who later reformed thanks to Ran's brother who later became Miyu's boyfriend. And last (but not least) is the shy Aya who was once mistaken as a class nerd, but thanks to Ran she's 1 of the gals. Also not to be missed are their friends, Yuuya (aka 2nd Place), Rei (Aya has a crush on him) & Machida Black (aka Monkey Boy).

    Ran & her friends do have rivals, uppity rich girl Mami Honda & her ally, Harue (who for some reason hates Miyu).

    Above all, this is 1 of the most entertaining Animes i have ever seen. Spend some time with these gals, you won't regret it! I just hope they bring out more episodes real soon!
  • three cool girls, two rivals, high fashion sense

    love it love it love it! the gals are cool. the rivals are cool. their fashion trends are the best. ran is strong and tough, like the others. other shows this good are totally spies! and sailor moon, which are cool. also, they all look fabulous for the three shows