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Supergirl, supergirl, supergirl...

I really want to like you as a show..

But for reasons which eludes me, your writers, editors and showrunners all seem to pay more attention to paint peeling on a wall, than they do to the story telling and plot points of your show.

Maxima of Almarac imprisoned at the DEO facilities?

Are we serious? A Superman foe/foil. What gives? She's simply too powerful, she's got an army at her command and well, it's all great to see some cool actress playing the role, but, let's make it organic at least. C'mon, let's use some common sense.

And about Myriad.

From Non and Indigo in the previous episodes, whatever Myriad is (at that point in time in those episodes) is only supposed to affect humans.

In this episode, "bot-mommy" in the fortress of solitude explains Myriad to Supergirl and we find out that it was first designed to brainwash Kryptonians.

So, based on what we understand, it would seem that Astra and Non altered their system to brainwash humans.

So, as expected, Supergirl is immune and well, Lex Luthor Lite aka Max Lord figured out his satellites have been hijacked and augmented with force fields to protect them from tampering. He also figures out that all of this is related to mind control, even before it kicks in National City.

But, hey, somehow, he's able to devise a piece of technology which not only acts as a type of wearable mind 'shield', but because he's Max Lord, the ultimate brain surgeon to the brainiacs of our world, he has time and resources to create a special pair of diamond earrings which encapsulate the functionality of said shield at an even greatly reduced size and who deserves this more than ever? Cat Grant, of course.

This is a fun one, Supergirl gets a call from Superman and the moment he flies in National City, it would seem he's not immune to this Myriand because of 'nature vs nuture', he was raised on Earth, so, he is vulnerable like humans?

WTF? Makes no sense. Seriously.. none whatsofreakinever. He's Kryptonian, he uses his 'solar' based Kryptonian powers and that's pretty much it.

Sure, yes, I know, I know, I know, the show is called "Supergirl", and so, while Superman does exist, writers much always find excuses to make him either non-effective, not available or operating in the shadows and use indirect references to him.

Fine. But they had a good excuse already.. He was off-planet.

Doesn't anyone understand that less is sometimes more.

So, why make him fly into National City to get him to become just one other drone. What's the purpose? For Max Lord to sound smart and have a few extra lines of dialog?

So, Supergirl fast enough to match Barry Allen by running/flying at speeds above 2500 miles per hour. She can help him open and jump into a dimensional rift with such speed, but she can't move fast enough to catch 3 mind control human puppets who jump off a rather very tall building? How? She could have caught dozens of them.

Let's move on to the Martian Manhunter. He shouldn't be affected by Myriad. Period. Totally not human.

But he's struggling? I mean, sure he brought Alex back with him, again, makes no sense, because he should know better, but he did.. And he's gotta shield her, thus diverting his energies for himself, which makes him less effective against the threat he's trying to face.

Makes no sense, to bring her back.. unless???

Yes.. Lazy Writing. That's the answer. The design of plot points which forces characters and situation to happen, regardless of the logic used for the delivery. Force things to happen, instead of writing them in a way which flows organically.

So, all of this, to get Supergirl to fight a brainwashed Alex in a Kryptonian Battle Suit, powered with Kryptonite and full of weaponized Kryptonite goodies.

The similarity in forcing plot points to connect without considering the logic of the actions of the characters and the situations they are in, painfully reminds me of the Man of Steel movie.

So, sure, I'm curious how this Season will end and how the Myriad story arc will evolve.

It is hard to fathom the show getting a Season 2. This show has been ill conceived from the first episode and the plot holes are very apparent and strongly distract the enjoyment of the show.

Let's face it, it's becoming the Once Upon a Time (ABC) and Grimm (NBC) type show, where logic never gets in the way of a story. At least, the other 2 shows are really genuinely entertaining and as such, we can forgive that aspect.

Getting back to Supergirl, the saving grace for Melissa Benoist is that she can move on to the Arrow/Flash verse and be Power Girl (Karen Starr) if Supergirl flops and gets axed.

That would be cool.. She might need some 'padding' to make her character more akin to the comic book version, if you don't understand, use a search engine and look at drawings of Power Girl.

Anyways, off on another tangent..

Superman type properties overall, since the Superman movie in 1978, have been overall pretty disappointing and to be fair, I refer to the 'live-action' products.

To me, the best adaption was the "Lois and Clark: the new adventures of Superman". the first season of this show, just awesome, every single episode.

What screwed this show was basically the following:
- John Shea (Lex Luthor) breaking his contract, because commute between LA and NY was too hard
- Season 2 cut backs which removed a few leads
- Season 2 changing actor for Jimmy Olsen
- Season 2 had new showrunners which sucked.

And because John Shea's was leaving the show, they had to rush his death at the end of Season 1 and that in turn along with everything else, made the show poorer, and thus ended up with crappy stories in Season 2 through Season 4.

Sure, their was some saving grace, Recurring roles by Peter Boyle, Bruce Campbell, cameos by Raquel Welch, etc. And they had a few good moments with alternate universe stuff.

But a show that could have lasted perhaps 8 seasons or more, was surprisingly stretched to 4 seasons with a cliff hanger ending which never got resolved.

Hey, obviously, Smallville would be.. second best.. except, its Kryptonite villain of the week was an overused plot device and really, while Tom Welling eventually grew into the role. if it wasn't characters like Chloe Sullivan, Lex Luthor, Lionel Luthor and Lois Lane, the show would have tanked big time.

Ok, Ma and Pa Kents had their moments, but let's face it. overall, many of us watched it like a starving cat watches an aquarium full of fishes, guarded by an impenetrable cover, and it feels a bit the same when it comes to Supergirl.

So close, yet so far...

That's the moral of the story.
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Aug 02, 2016
bottom line: u can have good actors, good directors, good crews for everything, BUT, if the writers don't deliver a good story? the end result sucks....
Apr 18, 2016
I really would like to see this show get better. It was a great cast and Melissa is really great as Supergirl. I like that there is a show where the female lead is the superhero. But, I'm with you on the many questionable story lines. I laughed out loud when Superman flies in and then joins everyone else. Like you said, they already had a solid enough excuse with him off planet. And Cat Grant's protective earrings? Geesh. I really don't want to dislike Alex, but how stupid can you be?
Apr 17, 2016
I forgive Alex because she's the closest the Martian Manhunter has to a mate. And there's no way I could see him leaving her behind or, more importantly, her leaving him.

The rest I agree makes no sense.
Apr 16, 2016
Great review. just stressing how bad it was, the 3 persons falling from a high building and only 2 saved by SG was the worse plot hole. there was no need even for them to be 3.. why not just the 2? her friend and lover, why add a random girl into the mix? to show that Myriad is "dangerous"? or maybe the actress was an enemy of the director? or a personal joke? not sure what was the reason but plot was not it.
Apr 17, 2016
You are correct. This show's been on the wrong path since its 1st episode. Sure i understand that Non is 'remotely' controlling the people under 'Myriad' influence and he wants to hurt Supergirl psychologically over the death of Astra. But again, the writing and direction, politely saying, are very questionable for this show.. A Myriad of bad writing..
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