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  • Claims to unite but clearly divides

    It isn't just politics. While it is true that Superman has a history of social justice, beginning with Action Comics #1, it doesn't excuse Supergirl (the series) of being blatantly political in a damaging way.

    Supergirl (the series) doesn't promote social justice. It promotes a decidedly left-wing stance on each and every current hot-button issue. Not only that, it takes a "my-way-or-the-highway" approach. If you disagree with the agenda, you're the literal villain of the series, as conservative characters are transformed into intolerant two-dimensional bigots.

    That's wrong, because the show is entertainment, not a left-wing editorial. Not only that, the show is geared towards young women, and it doesn't discuss real-world issues in any kind of well thought, well reasoned way. It fictionalizes real word politics, and peppers in emotional buzzwords like tolerance and understanding.

    It's an embarrassment to any intelligent liberal thinker who has nuanced and sound opinions on real world politics and an insult to any conservative thinker who is so much more than a bigoted villain
  • Still Like Show, Hate Liberal Agenda Though

    I've watched this show from the beginning, and since it moved to the CW, it's been a highly liberal agenda. A female President (Lynda Carter), because they thought Hilary was a slam dunk to win in 2016. Then came the LGBTQ theme that had nothing to do with the plot. I could put up with that, however this season, with an obvious spoof of President Trump, and trying to label conservatives as hate groups because of aliens. To make it clear, we don't mind immigration, we just want it done legally, and controlled, not illegally, and all over the place.

    The straw that breaks the camel's back for me, is the introduction of a transgender hero, Nicole Maines, whose Trans in real life too. No reason to have to glorify it. If they hadn't announced it, I never would've known, and it wouldn't have anything to do with the plot. Except the line by her sister saying "You're not even a real woman". Every time I see the actor/actress on camera I cringe, especially when he/she kisses brainy.

    There's no reason to bring LGBTQ into shows like this. You can tell that's it's just done on purpose to fit an agenda.
  • Silly Supergirl

    This has gotten progressively worse with the unsubtle digs at conservative views and gender politics and a dog whistle for every deviant group imaginable. People want to watch these kind of programmes for entertainment and not have forced left wing gender politics forced into storylines. The writers must be of very low quality because there are countless examples of dialogue and sub plots that just made me cringe and lose interest. Maybe they think they have a balance of issues that concern the majority and ones that are strictly for fringe groups that are not really suitable for a programme that children of a certain age might be watching. Rumours that Supergirl may not live much longer due to declining ratings is hardly surprising.
  • Excellent, Excellent TV show

    This is the best show on the television set in my opinion. This show has the courage to take on many of today's social problems and try to provide the viewer with both sides of the argument with SuperGirl always taking the side that is justice for all people regardless of race. The show has emphasis on love of people, family and friends. That there is strength in love. It also stresses something that is rare today - it is called morals.

    Melissa Benoist is fantastic as SuperGirl and no one else fits the part. Chyler Leigh is fantastic as her sister Alex. The love between these two sisters is beautiful and one I look forward to seeing each and every week. It shows the viewer that you do not have to be blood related to be family. What a beautiful message the show brings out - it is a message that is not always accepted favorably in this troubled world
  • supergirl

    I have watched the show, and i believe it is an excellent show. Yes, it has its own flaws. yet, I have looked passed the flaws. I am glad that they have felt encouraged to reveal a LGBTQ character.

    This is my message to fans review: I have read the reviews and i don't think they understand. Varieties of shows have LGBTQ contents. I won't deny the fact that some parties relay on publicity for LGBTQ. However, the issue is that "publicity" is another matter and different. Publicity plays a huge rule in media. There are many publicity for straight people "attraction" to attract either a straight woman or man. Therefore, propaganda works both ways for publicity world....
  • Disgusting propaganda

    So like many in am done with this piece of crap show. All it is, is a femenist propaganda show, to promote liberalism along with homosexuality, transgenderism, . etc. etc. Shows like this should be fun. Not promote this disgusting behavior for an unsuspecting children. This show thrives on the premise that most if not all men are sexist and women, transgenders, lesbians, homosexuals are perfect beings. This show is absolute left propaganda promoting false narratives and trying to brainwash unsuspecting . I know many people will get offended about these folks are two steps from promoting incest as sexual diversity and having sex with minors, as being inclusive. These folks are disgusting. Now let's talk about the plot lines suck, the acting effects suck. I would love nothing more than to see this piece of crap of cinematography end this season. But that will not be the case because today we "celbrate" all that is disgusting and perverted and complete liberalism. For those of you who are offended by am glad : )
  • Don't like this season's theme.

    I loved this show. Flash still holds my number one of the 5 series. But, Supergirl is a close second for me.

    However, this season's theme is very political in nature. Albeit, I agree with the message, I don't want to be preached at by my entertainment. You are coming on way too strong. I think I am done with the show for the season. I will watch a couple more episodes, but if this continues, I'm done.
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  • Supergirl comment

    I think that it was going ok but then things started getting weird. Like I understand the bond between Kara and Alex but jeez they not a couple they have to have a life. Plus people treat Kara like she just over everybody giving her everything she wants.. it gets irritating.
  • they ruined a good superhero

    This show sucks. The people are always overdramatic and constantly whining about something. They even have the Martian Hunter crying. The acting is horrible. You can tell that the cast and writers are writing with the far left or liberals in mind. They are politicizing the show and pushing the LGBTQ agenda so hard. In season two that is all you hear about. Why does that even need to be brought up in the show? DC did the same thing in the Flash. The Flash was better than this show but they were still trying so hard to push the LGBTQ lifestyle. Why? Its the same thing in later seasons of the Green Arrow. Why not make the story about the superhero instead of all the left wing political bull@#$@. Stop making television shows for superheroes DC. You are ruining them. This is supposed to be a show for children? Then why all the strong sexual content? Seriously. Stop the madness.
  • Keep up the good work

    I love the show and the way it tackles todays sociopolitical problems with taste.

    I sometimes forget how much more we need to keep going in regards to showing up people like those that have commented above and left comments like "the gay and lesbian made me sick" & "I would never show my child these shows" !!!?

    I'll tell you what ), don't watch it l, but I feel sorry for your children if this is the way you raise them, as that child will grow up to be just as small minded as you are, and if that child ends up wanting to live their life as a gay man or woman or however, the way THEY want to live without being shamed by their parents because of who they love, then that's how they will live, whether you like it or not. You can decide to love your child for who they are or lose touch with them because you can't open your heart (something that Jesus told you to do but you still find difficult because of your small mindedness and lack of empathy for others.

    This show creates a dialogue in our society, and with the way that our world is at the moment, it's something that we need more than anything if we are to build a world safe for our children and their children's children, andbone that they can be themselves.

  • This episode was awful

    To much politics. I really dislike the Anti-gun agenda on this last episode. An im starting to really dislike Mr. Olsen. Its one thing have Kara Sister pushing the Lesbian stuff. Which was hard to stomach. But now we have deal with the mental programming concerning our second amendment right. As if owning any type of gun is a bad thing. Guns are for us the citizens to defend ourselves against criminals and tyranny. Both abroad and domestic.

    I am a black man. An enough is enough. This was sad. An quite franky disrespectful to me. An the fact they had two black men on show pushing this agenda was disgusting. Blacks are the most disenfranchise subgroup of Americans. We do not need any more of this mental programming mnemonically infect the psyche of future generations any longer. Please stop with the politics.

    I am grossly offended
  • It's a very enjoyable show with amazing acting

    It's a lovely show with amazing acting. Now that it has toned down the in your face annoying liberal political agenda of season two I really love it! They are managing to show a growth and maturity without losing the inherent optimism of Supergirl as an icon and Kara as a person even with the hard blows both sides of her persona has taken from life in recent times.
  • Time to cancel this...

    Honestly, the only reason I even watched this show was because of the annoying crossover episodes DC insists on doing. It is actually quite boring, with the writers forcing their political views on everyone. I thought the Cat Grant character in particular was rude and unprofessional. She came off as a moody elitist that relished in talking down to people. Later in the series the mentorship role she took with Supergirl somewhat made up for this a little, but still just a bad person.

    Now don't get me wrong, strong female characters should be portrayed in TV. Yet, this show takes it too far, almost to the point of male bashing. Star Trek Voyager's Capt. Janeway was a great example of a strong female lead. She was tough, fair, wise, and most of all didn't try to act like a man. That character was well written, and acted, and could serve as a role model for women. This show is just ridiculous, and offensive, at the same time.
  • This show could have been great!

    I started watching this show and am a huge fan of superman and really a lot of the DC and Marvel franchises. This show started off a little cheesy and with some undertones of the liberal agenda. The further down the rabbit hole I go the deeper into that agenda it gets. I mean we can not have a show based on values shared by most people and actually entertain viewers. It seems that we have to push idiologies while we have a weak main character which no one would actually look up to. The show is also very dramatic which I guess I can handle but that does not really speak well to anyone watching the show for hero qualities. This is not a kids show by any stretch of the imagination. I wish I could watch a show that didn't push things on me that I do not want. That is a violation and I believe that I might be done with this show. I guess it is good to see that so many people agree on these topics. I wish the writers would take note and repair the show. I fear that it has crossed a line and I am not sure why DC let them take this much liberty to wreck something that had such potential.
  • Supergirl lives foeever

    I think that supergirl should keep going i honestly like the show and wanna watch more a couple pf suggestions that kara should be with mon el and not that other girl he honestly still loves her so why not let them be together
  • Love the show but....

    I absolutely love the show but honestly I HATE James Olsen's character!!! He literally annoys the life out of me. I'm only on season 2 and it takes strength to keep watching with him in it. I don't know why it's just something about his character that I can't stand. If they put him in a different role or something than maybe but I get irritated when he has a whole scene especially when he basically begged to be a superhero I just wanted to know myself out with a brick. I just absolutely cannot stand James Olsen. No offense to Mehcad Brooks; the actual actor, just this character gives me a headache.

    We started out enjoying the series. You gotta love Cat Grant! Her character was strong, successful, outspoken, and fiesty. Supergirl's character, however, was disappointing, as she's portrayed as weak and whiny. Wasn't she supposed to serve as a role model for girls? Then the show took a downward turn morally and politically trying to shove their ideals and agendas down our throats. Wasn't the show supposed to be for family entertainment?

    Randomly bringing in Reign, who is stronger than Supergirl made it appear that the writers have no idea what they are doing and need to keep Supergirl strong and undeaftable. We decided after tonight's episode to stop watching this waste of an hour every Monday night. We greatly encourage others to follow suit. Perhaps then, the producers will get the message to produce more quality programming. It's a shame that what started out with good intentions, went so wrong.
  • Propaganda ruined the show

    Instead of focusing on the good and on hope, the show's creators turned it into ideological filth.
  • Done With Supergirl

    I watched the show through Ep 9 Season 3. I hated the gay and lesbian sex and would never let children watch this crap. I am surprised Chyler Leigh was in this show as she has small children, so now I am down on her too. Aside from the dumb sex, why is Supergirl portrayed in the show stupid? Is this how Melissa Bedpost is in real life? Anyway, I agree with most of the posters on this board and am done with Supergirl and CW, speaking of which, they advertise "Watch for Free" after episode 4 on Amazon and then give you episodes that have commercials every 3 minutes. This looks like a good company to stay away from. Entertainment has gotten strange. I don't go to the movies anymore, for now 15 years and don't watch tv now for over 20, except Netflix and some Amazon. But having read the reviews on this board I feel a little better that not everyone is crazy and are still protecting children from disgusting sex scenes.
  • Sad to see an end to Supergirl

    I have watched Supergirl from the beginning. Sadly with the lesbian introduction to the show it is more about lesbianism than Supergirl fantasy. I have watched the last movie and will delete the program and encourage those of my church to do likewise.
  • Super Smut Show

    I grew up watching George Reeves, enjoyed the first Flash series and even Lois & Clark. What I saw last night has confirmed that not only do I need to shut off Supergirl, I also need to stop watching all of the CW comic book shows. Not only were we shown a lesbian one night stand, we were introduced to men kissing men. I can't understand why Hollywood. Comic book hero shows don't need to make social should be healthy family fare that with moral characters children can be inspired by. Supergirl and the other shows have failed big time in this. I will urge all to shut off this foul excuse for a show.
  • Sad but we are done.

    Our family LOVED this show. It's one of the few that we could sit down as a family with young kids and watch. Not anymore. I shouldn't have to discuss homosexuality with my 8 year old as he watched 2 women rolling around kissing in bed. Too far! It's a boring, useless plot line. Makes me wonder if it's not just someone pushing an agenda. And what's with all of the drinking? Everyone drinks bourbon and shoots tequila and vodka? Just unnecessary. We are done.
  • I have never posted before!!! I Hate Social Media!!!

    Tonight I have made a very difficult decision. I will no longer watch Supergirl. I love the cast and I love the plot, but as someone else has posted before it has just become overwhelmingly political.

    Did anybody else notice the new intro monologue? The one referring to Supergirl as a Refugee? If that wasn't a political maneuver then I don't know what is.

    There is a time and place for politics and serious conversation and that is not during Supergirl.

    Hollywood Needs To Act and Nothing Else. Stop Telling Us How To Think!


    American's Against Political TV
  • Game Over...

    Season 1 of this show was great. The show was always a little cheesy but it still had class. Season 2 is no longer a family show as it introduces contraversial and sexual content. My wife and I were watching ahead for our family, and will sadly be pulling the plug on this one...
  • #Respectwin

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  • Good Start (Season 1) But Has Been Ruined (Season 2) [Updated My Original Review]


    Contrary to a lot of complaints in the reviews here, I found the show refreshing. As someone wrote in a review elsewhere, Supergirl is enjoying who she is without the show being "campy".

    But there a few things that need attention:

    (1) The change from not wanting be keep being Supergirl to re-embracing it, and her sister's conversion from being dead-set against it to encouraging her to do it, needed more time to develop the changes. Having it happen from one scene to the one right after it was much too fast.

    (2) What appears to have been set up is the "alien super-villain" of the week that she'll have to fight. That would be boring.

    (3) Why did she tell this guy in the office who she really is? Nothing showed any special connection between them other than just being co-workers. To just go off and tell him such a big secret did not make any sense.

    Despite these points, the show is (mostly) cheerful - Supergirl's effervescence in enjoying using her powers was fun to watch. There is definitely good potential here if they keep a handle on developing her character and have good plots. Hence my "10" rating.

    UPDATED REVIEW: Season 1 was good with great potential. Season 2 was disgusting, just a platform for leftist/progressive pushing and glorifying lesbians and supporting illegal aliens (human). Aside from that the plots have been very poor. My rating is being changed from the original "10" to a "1.0" What a wasted opportunity for what started out as (described in my original review above), and should have continued to be, an enjoyable, family-viewing appropriate, show.
  • Supergirl became too sexualized

    I watched the show for season one because I liked the writing and the good clean family entertainment. A few episodes into season 2 and I stopped watching. Too much sexual content for my liking. If I am watching a super hero show, I would like to villains and fighting, the good guy overcoming the odds, not soap opera drama and sex. The CW ruined the show.
  • Despite a great start to the 2nd season, it just keeps going downhill

    Producers of the show PLEASE read this. I know I echo the thoughts of many friends who either gave up on Supergirl at the end of this season, or probably will give up on it after that lame finale.

    I WANT to like this show. Supergirl is one of my favorite characters of all time, and I like Melissa Benoist as her. But wow, after nearly quitting watching at the end of the first (CBS) season, I was wooed back by the amazing first 2 episodes of this season. Things looked good. Until about 3 or 4 episodes later, and it was clear the return to a Super Soap Opera was in full swing. Here are your major problems you MUST fix to keep growing the audience:

    1. Stop with the soap opera/childish dialogue and drama in the relationships. At least Mon-El's gone now, but that fixes nothing if Supergirl's next relationship is as juvenile as theirs was. And Alex and Maggie? Okay, you're being bold by making a lesbian relationship forefront, cool, but why make their relationship even more drama and childish than Kara and Mon-El's? Seriously, Alex and Maggie's back and forths have been like a pair of junior high kids. And Alex proposes marriage at the end of the finale? Yeah, that's wise, proposing marriage a few months into your very first gay relationship? My gay friends rolled their eyes at that.

    2. Make Kara make better decisions! If you want girl power to work, you have to make their be SENSIBLE consequences for her actions. Here, she does okay even if she makes bad decisions. The tournament idea at the end? That was dumb, and worse for Superman to support it. And she somehow "powers through" kryptonite to knock out Rhea? She beats her bigger, much more experienced and longer-in-the-yellow-sun cousin so easily? And she loses Mon-El only by the most trivial twist. So much for her and him ending their relationship like adults.

    3. Don't make Superman into Stupid Man. Seriously, everyone loves Tyler Hoechlin, his portrayal in the first 2 episodes of the season was great. Then, he comes back in the finale and acts like a novice superhero. He loses to a much less experienced Kara how could he stand up to much more powerful villains then? Then supports her dumb idea to decide the fate of the WHOLE WORLD on a medieval tournament without the wishes of the citizens of the world at stake. Then, he tells her he couldn't have chosen the world over Lois? Really? Where did SUPERman go?

    4. Don't be so overwhelmingly political, especially when it doesn't work in your unrealistic universe. Shouldn't you try to appeal to everyone? I'm pretty middle of the road and your show has gotten so far off the deep end. And trying to make an analogy between human undocumented aliens here and superpowered aliens from another planet who have crazy powers is a lame analogy. I'm strongly for immigrant rights, and this analogy is insulting.

    5. I know it's a superhero show, but could you try to have SOME consistency in the Kryptonian powers? How does Rhea use silver kryptonite to make Clark attack Kara and not HERSELF? How in the world does she know what it is but Clark doesn't? How does even a trace amount of lead in the atmosphere NOT hurt humans? And spread so fast? How does Kara power-through Kryptonite (which should be impossible).

    I thought Smallville got juvenile near the end, but you're way more so in only your second season. At least that show knew how to appeal to all people, not just liberals and had way more respect for it's characters.

  • Too dumb

    I think this drama is too dumb. Ok so humans know that aliens are living on earth. They also know that they are stronger then them and u r telling me that they didnt created any weapon to protect themselves in case they decide to go rogue or incase another planet attacks. All they have is stupid guns that dont work on them. On the other hand aliens have v. Advance weaponary that can kill 5 humans at a time. All humans just expect that supergirl is there to save them so why bother doing anything urself. By showing very poorly that supergirl is strong they showed how weak and dumb humans are. I mean how are 7 billion people on earth surviving. When they show other planets they show them as big as a city. So other planets are a size of bean compared to earth and they still have technology human cant dream of and human are doing nothing but to wave at supergirl. And how poorly have they represented a relationship in this drama. So if u want to date supergirl u should not have ur own opinion. U should do whatever she tells u to. U cant disobey her. If another man is hitting on her then dont do anything about it bcz she says that she can handle herself. Do her laundary cook for her and tell her that how awesome she is atleast 5 times a day. And always show gratitude that she chose u as her boyfriend. And change who u are completely for her well bcz u r not good enough for her. What kind of a crap relationship is this. And this is how they have shown kara and mon el's relationship.
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