Season 2 Episode 22

Nevertheless, She Persisted

Full Episode: Nevertheless, She Persisted


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While Superman returns to help fight the Daxamites, Supergirl goes one-on-one against Rhea for the fate of National City.

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Nov 11, 2017
Please bring Mon-El back for Kara
Jun 16, 2017
My wishes for season 3:

Either Powergirl who is an Supergirl doppelgaenger from a different earth, easy to pull off since Barry (Flash) has opened that multiverse door for the CWverse

or Galatea, a CADMUS produced Supergirl clone that basically was a "Powergirl lookalike" and an "Evil Supergirl", featured in the DC Animated Universe, which would be quite easy to integrate as CADMUS as big bad is allready established.

Since "Evil Hank" as a Cadmus thug already exist the latter would basically be more or less the same story, so i prefer "Powergirl"...

A third great option would be an image change for Kara, maybe to bee more distinctive from her Cousin and adopting the Powergirl appearance into the Supergirl persona.

But I guess, none of my dreams will come true

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