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  • jason bonham, ted nugent, evan seinfeld(biohazard), sebastian bach(skid row), and scott ian(anthrax,S.O.D.)join togather to make a song, but encounter musical differences throughout the series.

    ok.........ill admit, i only tuned in because one of my idols was on the scott ian of anthrax and S.O.D. fame. that being said, the show as a whole is pretty good. sebastian bach is a whiney punk, who cant really get out of the 80s, and has social problems with everyone on the show, is kinda the poster boy. evan seinfeld of biohazard fame, plays the perve/angry youth type roll,ted nugent is never to be told what to do or where to be, and is the angry dad type figure, jason bonham didnt strike me as an outgoing guy really, kinda shut off, and scott ian, as always is the voice of reason, and really turned out to be the glue that ultimately held them togather. pretty decent show really............there are plenty of mishaps and shenannigans, ups and downs, and im sorrys. decent reality show for once.
  • My favorite Supergroup episode.

    My favorite episode is the last episode. One reason i liked that episode is because we acually fgot to see them perform not just when they where practicing but when they where performing in front of an audience. That also showed how neveous they got before going on stage and it was funny especially Jason Bonham. It was also funny when they all ate together when Ted Nuget fixed diiner. I was a little conserned when Evan left but im glad it worked out and he came back. It was a little confusing why he left and how he just walked out and took the limo and then came to sound check late and acted like nothing happened. But that was still my faveroite show even though I didnt know if Evan was coming back or not.
  • Damnocracy, will it survive?

    I am enjoying this show, a little too much I think. But I started watching it because I knew that Scott Ian was going to be on it. I just love him. And then I see this drummer. Wow! I likes him alot. Jason Bonham is so talented and funny. He definately has a new fan. Sebastian on the other hand is way too much drama but I am sure that has alot to do with editing. Ted is just himslef, he doesn't pretend for anybody. I like that. The best is when Ted was showing Scott how to shoot the bow and arrow and they kept on playing the best friend song! I was laughing so hard. I enjoy watching this show except when Sebastian whines or crys. lol