Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad

Season 1 Episode 4

Amp Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

Aired Unknown Sep 14, 1994 on
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Amp Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!
Amp falls in love with his substitute history teacher, Ms. Tilden. After mistaking an utterly hideous old woman to be the object of their friend's affections, Sam, Sydney, and Tanker institute a scheme to make him forget his crush. Will he still forget the crush once the gang learns about the Mega-Virus monster Skeleton, who has been sent to damage communication networks everywhere?moreless

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    Tim Curry

    Tim Curry

    voice of Kilokahn

    Matthew Lawrence

    Matthew Lawrence

    Sam Collins/Servo

    John Wesley

    John Wesley

    Principal Pratchert

    Kelli Kirkland

    Kelli Kirkland

    Yolli Pratchert

    Diana Bellamy

    Diana Bellamy

    Mrs. Starkey

    Kath Soucie

    Kath Soucie

    voice of Elizabeth Collins

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      • Tanker: Race ya to the virus!
        Amp: Eat my digital dust, slow poke!

      • (Sam is blasted out of the computer)
        Sam: Wh-where am I?
        Tanker: Sam!
        Sam: What am I doing back here?
        Syd: It was a digital overload, the virus is just too strong!
        Sam: Okay then, we gotta gang up on it.
        Syd: Affirmative!
        Tanker: Righteous!
        Amp: What about me? Don't you need me for that?
        Sam: Amp, the world needs us, we can't-
        Amp: I'm gonna help. I'm gonna help because the world needs us. And my friends need me. I'm gonna back you up Sam, because that's what friends do.
        Syd: A power surge is building, Sam.
        Sam: Okay, we're going in now! Synchro-Samuraize guys!
        Syd: Pump up the power!
        Tanker: (knocking his drumsticks together) Let's kick some gigabutt!
        Amp: (Ripping duct tape off with each name and jumping to his feet) For Sam, Sydney, Tanker and Miss. Tilden!

      • Sydney: (while firing the missiles) Take this you big, ugly... thing

      • Amp: Right! Hit those keys and fly like the breeze!
        Tanker: ...Whatever...

      • Syd: Who's that?
        Tanker: Don't know... the Mummy?
        Sam: You don't think...?
        Syd and Tanker: Miss Tilden?
        Sam: No... no, even Amp isn't that messed up.

      • Amp: Hey! Hey! Who turned out the lights? I'm being abducted by aliens again! Quick! Call the Air Force!

      • Tanker: Look Amp, now that's a babe! whistles And then some!
        Amp: That girl couldn't even hold a candle to Miss Tilden!
        Tanker: Well how about her? Amp shakes his head, Tank flips a page Her. Amp shaks his head again Her? shakes again It's hopeless, Sammy, what little brain he has is completely unwashable... you don't mind if I borrow this for a while do you?

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