Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad

Season 1 Episode 5

An Un-Helping Hand

Aired Unknown Sep 16, 1994 on
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An Un-Helping Hand
After getting a B on her report card, a distraught Sydney soon finds that this is the least of her worries when Skorn takes over her wristwatch and makes her hand go on a petty crime spree. Can her friends give her a hand, so to speak?moreless

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    Tim Curry

    Tim Curry

    voice of Kilokahn

    Matthew Lawrence

    Matthew Lawrence

    Sam Collins/Servo

    John Wesley

    John Wesley

    Principal Pratchert

    Kelli Kirkland

    Kelli Kirkland

    Yolli Pratchert

    Diana Bellamy

    Diana Bellamy

    Mrs. Starkey

    Kath Soucie

    Kath Soucie

    voice of Elizabeth Collins

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      • Amp: Mrs. Starkey's ladle! (picks it up) Eww, the soup's still alive! Who'd want to steal this thing?

      • Skorn (To Servo): What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?

      • Sam: I'm starting to think that being a cyber-space superhero's easy. But when really it's being a teenager that's hard.
        Amp: And I thought just being human was hardest of all.

      • Syd: I love report card day!
        Tanker: Yeah I'd love it to if I got all A's all the time.
        Amp: I got a 'G' once; when I asked the teacher about it she said none of the other letters were flexible enough to best describe my work.
        Sam: You're weird, Amp.
        Amp: I know, but my heart is pure.

      • Sam: You decked Tanker!
        Sydney: I didn't! I don't know what's happening... maybe I'm losing my mind?
        Amp: I lost my keys once!

      • Kilokhan: I am aware of everything that transpires in my realm... at least where you are concerned, meat thing...
        Malcolm: Then make that virus tick! Send it into Sydney Forrester's wristwatch! I want her to know what it really feels like to lose control...

      • Tanker: I'll pound your head into your feet, you little tumor!
        Malcolm: What's wrong, Tanker the canker? Testosterone overload?

      • Pratchert: Collins I... good afternoon, Tanker, Sydney and...
        Amp: Amp, sir. You remember me? I'm the guy with the liquid methane tanks?
        Pratchert: Yes... Amp...

      • Tanker (Looks at watch) Uh-oh, at the tone, the time will be ten minutes to home room. Beep.

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