Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad

Season 1 Episode 6

His Master's Voice

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  • Trivia

    • This episode was on the VHS release "A Skorn in their Side" along with the episode "An Un-Helping Hand"

    • Apparently Sam and Tanker are able to jump into a system, regardless of whether or not it's hooked up to the internet or plugged in at all.

  • Quotes

    • (Amp is trying to train Tanker how to lower his voice and Malcolm catches them)
      Malcolm: Me Tanker, but me sound like Jane!
      Tanker: Shut up, Frink. How long's this supposed to take Amp?
      Amp: Three years.
      Tanker: Three years?
      Amp: Yeah! My cousin started when he was twelve; and by the time he was fifteen, his voice was lowered.

    • Pratchert: Well Mr. Snyder had another revolt in his class, it seems his students don't like him giving quizzes every day of the week.
      Yolie: Yeah, the kids call him the "Teacher from the Black Lagoon"
      Pratchert: Ahh, so that's why they threw his chair in the school fountain...

    • Ms. Starkey (into synthesizer): Attention, today's lunch special is stringy brown chunks in lucious, runny gray stuff. Do your worst, kid.
      Synthesizer (Plays back in a very sexy voice): Attention! Today's lunch special is stringy brown chunks in lucious runny gray stuff!
      Ms. Starkey: Big deal! Sounds the same to me!

    • Amp: Me next! (Takes microphone and knocks on his head) Knock, knock! Who's there? Someone too short to ring the bell? HAHAHAHA! (Syd plays back Amp's voice but it's normal) That is so freaky! I sound like an alien... or a green can opener or something!

    • Syd (Holding the mic to Sam): Here, say something.
      Sam (Clears throat): I'd like to thank the academy for this... lovely flannel statuette.

    • Malcolm: Ohh! Sydney! I just heard you were taking part in the talent show... wouldn't miss it for the world. And... what were you doing again?
      Syd: Singing.
      Malcolm: Ooooo, sounds like a terrible case of laryngitis, surely that can't be good for a singer, now can it? (Syd shakes her head softly) Loads of luck!

    • Mrs. Starkey: (Noticing Syd's voice) Bad cold?
      Syd (clearing her throat): Yeah... Mrs. Starkey, do you believe in karma?
      Mrs. Starkey: Nah, never cared much for opera.
      Syd: No, no, no, not Carmen, karma.

    • Pratchert: (About Malcolm) Well, being obnoxious is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

    • Pratchert (To Malcolm): I'm just trying to convince Yolie she should enter the talent show.
      Malcolm: Hmm, well personally I'm going to have to agree with Yolanda on this; she's smart to stay out of it.
      Pratchert: And why do you say that, Mr. Frink?
      Malcolm: Well, no offense, sir, but why a bunch of people with perfectly good cable stations, are trudging out to a high school to watch a bunch of untalented NOBODIES... is beyond me.

    • (Mrs. Starkey is explaining what she would do for the Talent Show if she were eligible to join it)
      Mrs. Starkey: Well, I rev up my bike, see? And then I put this lion in the side car, and do loop-de-loops in this huge steel cage I welded together!
      Pratchert: You're joking, right?
      Mrs. Starkey: Well... yes... it's actually a tiger, not a lion. Well, better get back to work! (Mrs. Starkey leaves as Yolie and Pratchert start walking off in bewilderment)
      Yolie: Do you really think...?
      Both: Nah!
      Mrs. Starkey (Off screen) (whip crack) (roar): No! Down! Down Kimba, down!

    • Sam: Would it make more sense if it had a digital problem?
      Syd: Of course! A computer virus!
      Tanker: A virus? I'll kick its behind up around its neck!

    • Malcolm: Poor, poor Amp, he still thinks his brain controls his body!

    • Malcolm: Me Tanker! But me sound like Jane!

    • Tanker: I can't have the football team hearing me like this! I sound like a pixie!

    • Tanker: W-what the heck was that? Did that come out of me?
      Syd: You sound so weird Ta- and so do I... what happened?

    • Kilokhan: Skorn, is it? I take it this is one of your personal vendettas?
      Malcolm: It is, I want to wreck the circuits of the synthesizer, and replace them with something new... something nasty.
      Kilokhan: And why should I play along with your petty game of spite?
      Malcolm: Because this virus has a brain! And a voice! And it'll mop the latrine with Servo...
      Kilokhan: Say no more... it is DONE!

    • (Sydney and Tanker are laughing after making fun of Malcolm with the synthesizer)
      Tanker: Malcolm, the munchkin. And his voice is weird too!
      Malcolm: Did he put you up to this? Well I'm not surprised... you're both a couple of vacuous monolithic neanderthals. And you'll be sorry you messed with Malcolm Frink.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Yolie: Yeah, the kids call him The Teacher from the Black Lagoon

      Obviously a play on one of the original Hollywood monsters The Creature from the Black Lagoon

    • Malcolm: Custer's Last Stand, only fought with bazookas!

      Alluding to the famous Custer's Last Stand, a conflict of the old American West where he stood his ground against a Native American tribe led by Sitting Bull.

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