Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad

Season 1 Episode 6

His Master's Voice

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  • Quotes

    • (Mrs. Starkey is explaining what she would do for the Talent Show if she were eligible to join it)
      Mrs. Starkey: Well, I rev up my bike, see? And then I put this lion in the side car, and do loop-de-loops in this huge steel cage I welded together!
      Pratchert: You're joking, right?
      Mrs. Starkey: Well... yes... it's actually a tiger, not a lion. Well, better get back to work! (Mrs. Starkey leaves as Yolie and Pratchert start walking off in bewilderment)
      Yolie: Do you really think...?
      Both: Nah!
      Mrs. Starkey (Off screen) (whip crack) (roar): No! Down! Down Kimba, down!