Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad

Season 1 Episode 6

His Master's Voice

Aired Unknown Unknown on

Episode Recap

Principal Pratchert tries to convince Yolie that she should join in on the talent show, but she has no talents that she thinks is worth showing off, he suggests batons, but she hadn't had a lesson with them since she was six-years old. Mrs. Starkey intervenes and suggests doing something for the show, but it is a student production. She says she would have ridden a motorcycle with a tiger in the side car to perform loop-de-loops around a cage she welded together. Yolie and Pratchert both dismiss the suggestion, but apparently Mrs. Starkey brought her tiger Kimba to work as it is heard roaring in the background.

Meanwhile Sydney practices her solo song to Sam, Tanker and Amp and explains her keyboard is a recorder and a voice amplifyer, she records her friends' voices and warps them faster or slower making them sound strange and distorted. After Sam and Amp leave, Tanker convinces Sydney to tease Malcolm by warping his voice and insulting him. Malcolm departs abruptly swearing vengeance on the two of them, he returns home and revamps the Skorn virus, convincing Kilokhan to send it into the keyboard swapping Tanker and Syndey's voices with the other's synthesized voice, so Sydney sounds like a baritone and Tanker has a high pitched fairy-like voice. This upsets Sydney as this will ruin her talent show, meanwhile Tanker tries to take voice lessons from Amp to no avail of lowering his voice.

That night, Sam deducts that because the synthesizer did this to them, there must be a computer virus in the circuits and goes in to stop Skorn. However he is quickly outmatched by the vocal virus, running low on time, Sydney sends Tanker in as Drago to assist. While they are fighting, Sydney is called to the stage. Servo and Drago team up and destroy Skorn just before Sydney begins to tell the audience that her voice is a mess and she can't go on, but it comes out normally so she continues with her show, much to Malcolm's chagrin. After the show, the teens are celebrating Sydney's performance and she gets up to apologize to Malcolm for making fun of him, he accepts her apology and leaves.
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