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  • The worst thing Cartoon Network has ever made!!!

    How can anyone admire this abysmal abomination!!! This cartoon is made only for sadists!!! It's just Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" and the Problem Solverz fused together!!! So, that means it's incredibly hard to watch, both figuratively AND literally. Not only is this the worst show ever made for Adult Swim, but this is, for a fact, the WORST thing Cartoon Network has ever made!!!! Yeah, this show actually IS even worse than any live-action show, worse than any pre-school show, worse than anything by Peter Browngardt, worse than the Problem Solverz, worse than My Gym Partner's a Monkey, worse than Squirrel Boy, worse than Mr. Pickles, worse than King Star King, worse than anything by Tim and Eric, worse than anything by PFFR, and WORSE than ANY of the BAD reboots.

    The only thing made by the world's first network dedicated to animated programming that might possibly be worse would be the upcoming Ballmastrz 9669, which is also created by Christy Karacas, the guy that made Superjail!, and it seems is though that Cartoon Network didn't learn their lessons, as THAT show will feel like Superjail! all over again!!! I was not surprised that Mr. Pickles and King Star King were influenced by Superjail!!!!!

    All this show is about is a warden who's a sadist, as in a demonic psychopath fool, that loves to watch people suffer, and that's it.

    The plot makes no sense, the animation is horrible, the characters are hateable, especially the warden who has no name, it's way too raunchy, it's way too gory, it's way too loud, it's way too obnoxious, it's way too annoying, it's so ungodly cruel, abysmally heartless, and it's an INSULT to classic cartoons from Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, Looney Tunes, and the Fleischer Bros!!! Oh, you didn't know? Christy Karacas, one of the guys who made this atrocity, said that "influences" for this seizure inducing, ugly-looking, and raunchy excuse for a cartoon include Tex Avery, child art, Bob Clampett, John Kricfalusi, Vince Collins (Malice in Wonderland), Sally Cruikshank, Nick Cross, Dave and Max Fleischer, The Itchy & Scratchy Show, Looney Tunes, Mad magazine, Robert Crumb, Sesame Street, The Muppets, Yellow Submarine, outsider art, Gary Panter, Pee-wee's Playhouse, Schoolhouse Rock!, Earthworm Jim, Dr. Seuss, and underground comix. Uhh.... DO THESE EVEN SOUND LIKE INFLUENCES??!!! Itchy and Scratchy, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Yellow Submarine, underground comix, Mad magazine, and even ROBERT CRUMB felt sober compared to this atrocity!!! I don't understand how Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, Jim Henson, Fleischer Bros, OR DOUG TENNAPEL QUALIFY AS INFLUENCES!!! I understand educational shows for kids, like Sesame Street and Schoolhouse Rock!, influencing adult cartoons for their creativity, but why have them as influences for Superjail!??!! Since how does Dr. Seuss qualify as an influence for this mess??!! It actually made sense if this was influenced by Universal Pictures' god awful FILM ADAPTATIONS OF DR. SEUSS BOOKS!!!!! I don't even understand how John Kricfalusi counts as an influence, unless.... it was his infamous 2003 Spike TV show, which we will go over next, sorry for spoiling. This thing even felt like a mix between Bad SpongeBob, Modern Family Guy, the Brothers Grunt, Son of the Mask, and Cool World. The only likable characters Jared and Sharice, because I feel sorry for them!!! People actually like this show??!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!!

    Superjail! is so ANTI-Cartoon Network, that it deserves to be known as the worst thing Cartoon Network IN GENERAL has ever made, ESPECIALLY for Adult Swim.
  • Horrible

    Now, I may edit this review seeing as I've only seen 1 episode, but that one episode I saw was SO bad that I'm probably not going to watch another one anytime soon. I saw the episode vacation, while it had its own plot, I wouldn't exactly call it unique, but the humor is non-existent. Didn't laugh once in the episode and the humor it tried to give out was idiotic to me. I just didn't see anything in the episode.
  • Dark and funny

    I like the dark humour to the show, and the characters are likeable. It's funny in that gory sort of way and really unique! I haven't seen another show like it. Also, the animation is great.
  • Fun and clever

    Superjail! is massively violent with the deaths of the prisoners being upped each and every episode. However, there is a certain charm in this show. The characters are hilarious and even multidimensional with their ambitions and problems. The Warden is like Willy Wonka gone mad, which fits since he doesn't want to be an emotionless monster his grandfather, the past Warden was. Jared is his neuralgic assistant who is a recovering criminal, drug addict, and alcoholic with a good heart but is constantly the butt monkey whose pushed to the brink. Alice is the transgendered female officer who likes abusing her power but also is quite sympathetic. And Jailbot is multifaceted despite being a killing machine. All the characters work and play off each other wonderfully.

    Not to mention the artwork and animation are impressive, sort of like from a comic book. Mr. Pickles, nothing would make you nauseous. Finally the animation is incredibly fluid, its like something out of Guren Lagann.

    All in all, a good show for Adult Swim.
  • Very twisted and pretty funny

    Unlike say Squidbillies or The Oblongs, this is a twisted show done right. The convict at the beginning of every episode getting caught is always funny and you got love those homages to films like Logan's Run, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Fight Club, The Shawshank Redemption, and Inception. The show is pretty twisted but that's a good thing!
  • Best show i ever Watched

    one of the best show on Adultswim
  • Best Show I've Ever Experienced

    This show is brutal and to the point. You'll love the characters and art style, they really immerse you into the fantasy world of Superjail! The action is well drawn, complex and fast so if you're easily bored look no further! There is some crude humor throughout but it can be dealt with for the most part not like Ren & Stimpy stuff.

    This, without a doubt, is one of the best shows on Adult Swim. It has everything that television needs, but hasn't been seen until now. There's no way I can really describe this show. JUST WATCH IT!
  • Have you ever had one of those short flings where you meet a girl or boy and they are funny, and mysterious, and sexy, and weird, and kinky, and exciting and just perfect? And you just fall into bed, totally infatuated and barely leave it until a few days later when you notice that there was nothing behind the mysterious façade, that the bag of kinky tricks doesn't go very deep, and the weird and exciting parts are suddenly, all at once, utterly boring? Well, Superjail! is just like that, minus the hicke


    Superjail! is an Adult Swim show detailing the goings-on of the world's most high security jail, a place where the only people more unstable than the criminals are the Warden and his posse of thugs. In every episode the Warden and his co-patriots struggle to deal with deep seeded emotional traumas, (at which they often fail), keep Superjail in order, (at which they usually fail), and minimize the number of casualties, (at which they always fail).

    Superjail! Came highly recommended to me. My roommate loves it. my drinking buddies love it. Random people at parties have come up to me and begun discussing the show just assuming that I'm a big fan. For months I heard raves about the animation, the style, the perverse humor. So, when I got the first season on DVD I was excited to sit down and watch.

    But here's the thing, Superjail! kinda' sucks. But it grows on you after you watch it highly medicated, which is what i think the show is intended for. You start to feel the show and enjoy it more.

    This show has a warped sense of humor which I for one enjoy I know my review seems harsh but like I said the show is best enjoy slightly medicated so try and have fun and watch away...

  • Lots and lots of prisoners getting owned by traps...and a nutty warden.

    Great show. Plain and simple. I love watching it, although I hate the music at the ending credits, creeps me out...but considering what goes on DURING the show it's the most tame thing there is.

    Compared to Metalocalypse, this show is even more gross and disturbing...and yet I don't like the disturbing material in Metalocalypse while I don't mind the gross-ness in Superjail...perhaps it's the metal music that I really dislike compared to the gore...or it's that the gore in Superjail, while absolutely appalling, is so random and funny that it doesn't bother me because I'm so busy laughing at it while Metalocalypse has a lot of random gore that involves watching people's faces melt off. At least Superjail has comedic gore...Metalocalypse...not so comedic...more like extremely violent.

    Either way, only watch Superjail if you like watching wardens that are mentally unstable, a little sidekick who is filled with paranoia, a female guard who has a bulge below the belt and muscles out to there, and two twins that enjoy causing havoc to fall to Superjail, the one prisoner who manages to escape at the end then find himself recaptured in the opening credits, Jacknife, and gore that is so hysterically funny to watch that you wonder why you are laughing so hard at cartoon characters dying, then this is the show for you.
  • Weirdly wonderful

    Here's how it all started; one (fairly recent) Friday night, I was watching Adult Swim as I usually do, and found myself watching this. Being used to seeing Delocated on at this time before, my initial reaction was 'Wtf is this?'. But as the episode proceeded, I grew to enjoy it, and it is now among my favorite shows. Superjail! is a delightfully twisted show. The animation is stellar, and I love the trippy sequences. The characters are crazy, but likable. Overall, this show is hilarious and extremely creative, and I hope to see a second season sometime in the near future. I will warn, though, that the humor, is, well... kinda f'ed up, simply put. It's extremely violent, as I'm sure many have mentioned before, so this might not be for everyone... I'm sure if I showed it my friends, most of them would be deeply disturbed. But if you happen to love messed up humor, then go ahead and give Superjail! a try.
  • Amazing. Actually funny!

    So many of Adult Swim's new shows are total busts- but Superjail delivers. It has a standard format but manages to be funny while adhering to its formula. From the psychedelic opening sequence which appears to be different each time, to the flamboyant warden, to the weird (Norwegian?) twin guys, to the equally psychedelic bloodbath at the end of each episode- Superjail blows my mind. A truly great show on Adult Swim proves itself to be equally hilarious and disturbing- see Aqua Teen Hunger Force- my only concern is how they can top themselves episode after episode- I can't imagine how much energy goes into each brawl sequence never mind such classic lines as "I think the Warden has been penetrating my head with his organ."
  • Wow this is really something special

    I wouldn't say I watch a lot of Adult Swim shows, although I'm a big ATHF and while I have to say it took me a few episodes to get into the swing of ATHF, Superjail hooked me instantly.

    The premise is that built in and around a giant volcano is the brilliantly over the top and surreal Superjail. Home to viscious and disusting criminals, along with a rather eccentric Warden who watches over them and is never out of wacky new ideas.

    Potentially the most striking aspect of this show is its animation and art style. I'm sure at first when people see it they'd think its crap but after a little while its unique qualities start to shine through. I think the Simpsons was quite a bad influence in some ways on comedic animations as the way it is drawn is very rigid and structured and a lot of other shows have adhered to this formula; Family Guy, American Dad, King of the Hill and even Aqua Teen to a lesser extent because it gets the job done, looks 'professional' and probably saves a lot of cash. Superjail is quite different to most other cartoons as its style looks very handdrawn and wacky and as such breathes so much life into the characters and gives off a real zany vibe. Also the style bodes well for the rediculous action sequences and insanely graphic violence that most episodes contain, they certainly are quite an eyeful and I challenge anyone to not be amazed at the sheer inventiveness and fast paced focal points.

    While Aqua Teen tends to downplay its surreal aspects and acts all low key as events just tend to happen, Superjail is far more flambouyant and as surreal as they come, think Sgt. Pepper but with very grungey elements mixed in. Even the way the scenes change is classic surrealist filmmaking - zooming in on some vomit to find a submarine floating along, only to zoom out again to find a spoon stirring soup at the lunch room. In some episodes you really feel like your being batted around from world to world and you can just lose yourself in the detailed madness Superjail creates. For want of a better description, its pretty damn trippy.

    However don't forget this is a comedy and I think this is where, ironically, Superjail could lose a lot of viewers. Being that its set in prison you can expect some quite sickening sight gags and over the top violence, which of course is not for everyone. Although that said, its hard not to find it amusing or interesting when coupled with its art style. The characters are quite a large part of this show too. Personally my favourite is the warden himself, just because he's so eccentric and constantly thinks outside the box for great plot devices, the voice actor behing him brings the Warden very much to life and shows us a very campy, flambouyant person which is a nice contrast to say he runs a prison. Theres also his hopelessly depressed and overworked sidekick Jared, a very scarily masculine prison guard Alice, the jailbot who is brilliant at catching criminals as shown in the hilarious intros as it always captures a notorious Superjail escapee to open the show. Also there are the twins, who use their unexplained powers to meddle with both the inmates and the Warden. The characters are so simple but really bring a lot of life and humour with them.

    To sum up this now lengthy review (I get carried away) if you havent seen Superjail, check it out. No it's in no way for everyone and probably needs an aquired taste but it really is a brilliantly gruesome, mind bogglingly surreal cartoon. Not least, it's something different and easy to lose yourself in its mayhem. I wouldnt say it's the best cartoon comedy, neither is it the funniest, but it's unique and madcap enough to be very watchable.
  • It's like they made a show just for me :D

    when I first heard of Superjail I thought it was going to be one of those shows channels produce to just make profit but i was wrong. As soon as 4 minutes into the show it felt like something I would make with all the violence. This show is Really, Really creative when it comes to the fight scenes every time you seen one it makes you feel like you were in another world and when the credits come in it makes you feel like "What he heck did I just watch?" I thought it might have been just a good episode so I decided to watch another episode. Then another. Then another and at that point I was hooked. I really hope they make a season 2.
  • Probably the best show ive seen since Invader Zim

    One of the greatest shows ive seen since Invader Zim since South Park. Im sickened by this show but..... in a good way even so im sickened by Invader Zim at some points but thats nothing compared to the other related works! But on to the point, the Warden is like a diluted version of Willy Wonka... thats why we love him! I personally like the underappreciated Jared. Why you ask? Hes awesome, his voice sounds rather.... faniliar yet I highly doubt ive heard anything that Teddy Cohn has been in. Of course I know nothing of him. I remember watching this one the day of all the pilots aired, I was reluctant to really pay attention (What a dumb A*ss I am!). Well in other words I hope the show goes on for many seasons for us all to enjoy!
  • Love this show. The gloriously overdone extreme graphic violence is so over the top that it is truly amusing. How do they keep that place populated with a death rate like that?

    This show is definitely one of my new favorites. The idea is truly unique amongst cartoons, and the minds behind it are truly warped. As is true for a good amount of what's on Adult Swim these days. However this show panders to a slightly different sort of viewer. It panders to those who find humor in brutally graphic over the top violence. Those of you who found the "fatalities" in Mortal Kombat to be amusing, or people who can't stop watching those severe accident and injury medleys on You Tube, will definitely get a kick out of this show. Second only to the graphic carnage depicted every episode is the inherent bizarreness of the show. It's an interesting take on what might happen if a complete madman ran a supermax prison. It is a truly entertaining and singular show.

    I find the combination of characters to be fantastic. The whimsically demented Warden reminds me of Willy Wonka for some reason. Jared is ineffectual, cowardly, and a recovering alcoholic, making him the perfect bungling sidekick. Alice the prison guard is more violent and brutal than the people "she" guards. I cannot tell if Alice is supposed to be a transvestite, transsexual, or just the most manly woman ever, but her attempts to mate with the prisoners are quite funny. I think it is the first time I have seen a woman raping men in a TV show, repeatedly. The twins are perhaps the most unusual of the bunch. They seem to have some sort of bizarre super powers but there is no explanation as to why they have them, or why they are in Superjail at all. I have no idea why they love to cause trouble, or why they are so clearly insane, but it really works with the simplistic dynamic of the show. Jailbot can be amusing, especially with his purpose driven bloody mindedness, and I mean bloody. He mainly works as an excellent tool for carnage. And finally there is Jacknife, that lovable rascal that is constantly escaping and constantly being picked back up by Jailbot so as to start off the opening credits. He works as a rather amusing recurring joke.

    All in all, I would truly recommend this show to anyone who likes a show that is a bit different, strange, or downright insane. Fans of bizzare cartoons would totally dig it, and the animation reminds me a bit of Bill Plympton for some reason, perhaps the insanity. Also those of you who enjoy ridiculously graphic violence in their programming will be more than pleased with this show. The word 'carnage' just doesn't do it justice.
  • The absolute greatest Adult Swim has right now.

    This show is absolutely, positevly amazing in every sense.

    I cannot begin to describe it's absolute quality.

    It is just so hard to explain how much of a masterpiece Superjail is.

    But I'll try:

    Animation: 10 out of 10.

    It's simple, but getting past that, it's probably the best animation I have ever seen out of a cartoon. It's animated in Flash, but it actually uses frame by frame animation, and only occasionally uses diffrent techniques, but the way it's handled is what makes it so awesome.

    The expressions are absolutely priceless and stunning. I have never seen such fitting expressions and movements in a cartoon such as this. Everything is just perfect.

    Humor: 10 out of 10.

    You thought Aqua Teen, Home Movies, and Moral Oreal were funny?

    Well, get a load of Superjail's humor:

    Like the animation, it is absolutely perfect. It goes extremely well with the animation, it's hard not to at least giggle at the little gags thrown here and there, and it's overall witty and original.

    Plot and Setting: 10 out of 10.

    Extremely original. I have yet to see a show based off a jail besides maybe one of those live action crime shows...

    But nonetheless, the creators really did a good job of coming up with the theme.

    Overall: 10/10. A perfect show.

    I will probably never again see such an original, beautiful, hilarious, and first class cartoon like Superjail ever again. This show truely blows me away.

    If you did not give this show a try, stop being a retard and go watch some clips to see it's so far completely un-matched beauty.
  • A decent show, but too abstract to be anything great.

    I really hated this show at first, but after a couple more episodes I liked it a lot better. The art in Superjail is fantastic, and the scenery is pretty amazing. The theme song is also good, and I like the different intro to every episode. This show has a lot of upside, but it's just too ridiculous to be great. Like Metalocalypse, everyone gets killed at the end of the episode. This was funny when Brendan Small did it the first 20 times, but now the shock value isn't as effective. The characters are very one-dimensional and there are too many trippy drug sequences. The show tries to be disgusting and outrageous, but it just isn't that funny. The idea of a prison as a whimsical chocolate factory type setting is interesting. If there was some insightful commentary on prisons or capitol punishment the lack of humor could be excused. Overall not a bad show at all, I'm just not a huge fan.
  • This is [adult swim]'s best original show since Robot Chicken.

    If you read my reviews on [adult swim]'s other original shows, you'll find that most of them recieve negative scores. What makes Superjail any different? For one, the name. I don't know what it is that I find funny about a jail that's super. Another thing that I find funny is that sometimes, it's obvious that the voice actors are trying to be serious while talking about something stupid. I'm not going to talk too much about it because it just started, but if the style of humor continues down the path it's on now then we'll have a great show on our hands.
  • This is currently my favorite Adlt Swim show since Robot Chicken has went downhill.

    This show is abot a criminal named Jacknife who gets captred in jail by a robot named Jailbot and the jail is ran by The Warden who looks like Willy Wonka, Jared a short man, and Alice a female guard who talks in a deep voice. In every episode this show uses very gory violence with everyone getting killed except the Warden, Jared, Alice, The Twins, Jailbot, and Jackknife. This show is like a much gorier and bloody version of South Park and The Itchy and Scratchy shorts oon The Simpsons only it's mixed with some Alice in Wonderland elements. I for right now guess this show gets a 8.0 out of 10.
  • Psychedelic weirdness rules!

    Excellent show! Such wondrous psychedelic weirdness! My only regret is that it is way too violent to show some of my friends. (I feel the same way about Squidbillies.) Personally I think it would be just as amusing if there wasn't any eviscerational drama.

    My favorite characters are the techno twins. (Not sure what their names are, which is kinda cool, since it keeps them mysterious.)

    I also love the voices. Some memorable performers here! Cartoon Network should spin off a new channel for all the boring anime to make room for more shows like Superjail! (Except for Shinchan. He can stay.)
  • A very gross show.

    When Robot Chicken and Aqua Teen Hunger Force are the best shows on Adult Swim,this one is the worst of all.

    A bunch of guys are in a prison and they always die by all those death traps and the owner of it is a guy with yellow glasses,a woman that sounds like a boy,a robot and a dude that's short.

    It did not do good on it's dieing and this show is gross and disturbing with all those death traps.

    I give this show a F- because of all those dead things and it's was not really good at catching up ahead.