Sunday 11:45 PM on Adult Swim Premiered May 13, 2007 Between Seasons





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  • Lots and lots of prisoners getting owned by traps...and a nutty warden.

    Great show. Plain and simple. I love watching it, although I hate the music at the ending credits, creeps me out...but considering what goes on DURING the show it's the most tame thing there is.

    Compared to Metalocalypse, this show is even more gross and disturbing...and yet I don't like the disturbing material in Metalocalypse while I don't mind the gross-ness in Superjail...perhaps it's the metal music that I really dislike compared to the gore...or it's that the gore in Superjail, while absolutely appalling, is so random and funny that it doesn't bother me because I'm so busy laughing at it while Metalocalypse has a lot of random gore that involves watching people's faces melt off. At least Superjail has comedic gore...Metalocalypse...not so comedic...more like extremely violent.

    Either way, only watch Superjail if you like watching wardens that are mentally unstable, a little sidekick who is filled with paranoia, a female guard who has a bulge below the belt and muscles out to there, and two twins that enjoy causing havoc to fall to Superjail, the one prisoner who manages to escape at the end then find himself recaptured in the opening credits, Jacknife, and gore that is so hysterically funny to watch that you wonder why you are laughing so hard at cartoon characters dying, then this is the show for you.
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