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  • Have you ever had one of those short flings where you meet a girl or boy and they are funny, and mysterious, and sexy, and weird, and kinky, and exciting and just perfect? And you just fall into bed, totally infatuated and barely leave it until a few days later when you notice that there was nothing behind the mysterious façade, that the bag of kinky tricks doesn't go very deep, and the weird and exciting parts are suddenly, all at once, utterly boring? Well, Superjail! is just like that, minus the hicke


    Superjail! is an Adult Swim show detailing the goings-on of the world's most high security jail, a place where the only people more unstable than the criminals are the Warden and his posse of thugs. In every episode the Warden and his co-patriots struggle to deal with deep seeded emotional traumas, (at which they often fail), keep Superjail in order, (at which they usually fail), and minimize the number of casualties, (at which they always fail).

    Superjail! Came highly recommended to me. My roommate loves it. my drinking buddies love it. Random people at parties have come up to me and begun discussing the show just assuming that I'm a big fan. For months I heard raves about the animation, the style, the perverse humor. So, when I got the first season on DVD I was excited to sit down and watch.

    But here's the thing, Superjail! kinda' sucks. But it grows on you after you watch it highly medicated, which is what i think the show is intended for. You start to feel the show and enjoy it more.

    This show has a warped sense of humor which I for one enjoy I know my review seems harsh but like I said the show is best enjoy slightly medicated so try and have fun and watch away...

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