Superman (1988)

Season 1 Episode 24


Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Dec 10, 1988 on CBS

Episode Recap

It's graduation day. Lana and Clark are with Lana's mother who is taking pictures of them in their caps and gowns. They're very excited about graduating high school. Clark says he wants his parents to see him in his cap and gown before the ceremony. Just then Lana's dog, Buster jumps on Clark leaving paw prints on his gown. Clark says it's nothing and drives back home. Lana and her mother are worried this will make Clark late.

As Clark arrives home, he notices the cows have gotten out of their pen so he herds them back in and uses his heat vision to fix the fence but just as he finishes, one of the cows splashes mud on him, now his robe looks really filthy. Clark comes into the house and Martha sees how dirty he is and asks what happened. Clark says it's complicated but states that he can't graduate in a filthy gown. Martha decides to look at Clark's gown to see if she can wash it but just as she feared, the tag on the gown says, "Dry Clean Only". She tells Clark that his only option is to take the gown back to the store and exchange it for another one.

Clark hurries to the store to rent another gown. The manager tells Clark that there's only one gown left for rental, it's clean but warns Clark that it might be a tad big for him but Clark doesn't care as he can't graduate without a cap and gown. The manager tells Clark that the gown is in the back room. Clark goes into the back room and comes out in the new gown but it's so long that his hands and feet can't be seen. Clark says the gown is a little big. The manager agrees as he explains that he doesn't get many calls for that gown(it's intended for only the very tall). Clark says that his mom can probably do something. The gown is so long that Clark can't walk without tripping over it so he flies back home. Later, back at the house Martha is able to shorten the gown enough for it suit Clark's height.

As they head to the high school, Clark notices that a thunderstorm is approaching which is a problem because the graduation ceremony is outside! Clark flies out of the car and into the sky and uses his super breathe to blow away the storm clouds but there are so many. George and Martha arrive at the ceremony but Clark still isn't there. As the speech of the ceremony comes to close, it is time for the students to come up and get there diplomas. Lana is worried that Clark's going to miss his turn. Clark manages to get rid of the last of the storm clouds and flies to the ceremony as fast as he can. The principal calls "Clark Kent" and suddenly Clark appears in his seat, right next to Lana, stands up and says, "That's me!" and goes up to get his diploma. Lana can't understand how Clark suddenly got there. George and Martha hug Clark and congratulate him. They're sure glad that Clark made it in time. Clark smiles and says he is, too.