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  • Does anybody know where a guy can find this to watch it? I loved the later TAS, and I'd like to take a look at this one.

    Does anybody know where a guy can find this to watch it? I loved the later TAS, and I'd like to take a look at this one. It seems very awesome, and I'd love to enjoy it. I have to fill this review box up with words. Words, words, words. Yep. Look at all them words.
  • The worst Superman show ever!Because of shows like this ,superheroes are inpopular these days.

    I really like superheroes.And I like Superman.But I just can't swallow this show.It was made at the end of the '80s and at the beginning of the '90s.And this show is way too corny for that time.The entire show looks like it was made in '60s ,not at the beginning of the '90s.If it was made in '70s ,or atleast at the beginning of the '80s ,I would have more understanding.The stories are awful ,lines even worse.If they thought that it would be cool if they give Superman an homage if they put all those famous lines like 'Up ,up and away' ,or 'Look up in the sky ,is it a bird...' or 'This looks like a job for Superman' - they were very ,very ,very wrong.Bad show.Very bad show.
  • hi all

    best series of supeman ever made plz anyone knows how to download this superman 1988 series of ruby spears.. i love that series..and want to downlaod it is any one knows how i can download this series completely..plz email me if u know..thanks to all in advance.. here is my email id ..hope to get a reply soon.. take carez all of u ..plz plz plz don't forget to email me .. i m big fan of that series..... .. ..................... so plz do let me know as soon as possible .............. ........ ... .... ..... ..... ..... ... .
  • This show helped celebrate the 50th aniversary of this great ongoing story.

    This show helped celebrate the 50th aniversary of this great ongoing story. superman was another great animated super hero show. And as we all know, Superman is the greatest of them all. With the posible exception of the Green Lantern, who could posibly take on Superman? I can not think of anyone. I love the story behind it with him coming from another planet (Krypton) and all the knowledge that is passed on from his now dead father. Also, the fact that the father knew he would have super human powers and made sure his son knew how to use the powers for good and to protect human kind.
  • this superman cartoons were good but you cant beat the ones that were made in the 90s please put this show on dvd

    in one episode superman teams up with wonderwoman
    and i think that was the only team up i remeber i was hopeing at the time superman would team up with plastic man as i liked his cartoons at the time to i liked the 5 min section of the episodes to as told you a story from superman younger days in smallville
  • This show, in my opion, is a great show. This is the father of many great shows of today!

    this show was born from the origanal comic book called "Superman". This was a big thing back then.

    this show gave birth to Superman The movie! (or is it the other way around?) and little toys, and stuff.

    this show even basicly started "Smallville" this show may be ancient. But, it has influecented America! But, now the only place you can see this stuff in the channel "Boomerang" with all those get show that have been used and aboused.

    My point is, is that this show was... no is the best show from the 80's i have seen!
  • A shame this show went away so fast...

    Okay, so it wasn't nearly as good as the Superman cartoon of the 90s by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, but this late 80s cartoon that aired on CBS's Saturday Morning is really something of a lost episode in the Man of Steel's small screen career.

    I remember watching this as a kid and really enjoying it. The animation was as good as anything else being produced at the time, and the stories were actually very much in synch with the Superman titles being produced by DC Comics at the time, which is more than you can even say for the Dini/Timm series.

    I wouldn't mind seeing a DVD set of this little show come out. Even if I was the only one who bought it.
  • hey

    i never seen this show
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    could some one pleas tell me or send me a pm about how the show was

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