Superman Red Son: Motion Comics

The WB Premiered Jan 01, 2009 Unknown


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  • Season 1
    • Braniac's hub of power starts a countdown to self destruct which would mean the end of America and beyond. Superman must decide his fate. / America thrives as Lex Luthor is re-elected to the presidency and asserts his global dominance abroad. He grows old and dies thinking he rid the world of Superman. But did he? / Lex Luther's legacy continues to live on. In the future, a young child is being sent to Earth to avoid an untimely death on a doomed planet.moreless
    • 10/2/09
      Superman battles the Green Lantern Corps, Wonder Woman and her army, and the villains Lex has created over the years. In trying to evacuate Lois, Superman confronts the one thing that weakens his resolve. / Superman decides the war is unjust and plans to head back to the Soviet Union. Braniac; however, will not let Superman stand in his way toward domination. Both he and Luther have plans of their own.moreless
    • Luther introduces military pilot Hal Jordan as his secret weapon. Lois Luther visits Wonder Woman with a surprising request. / Lex visits Superman and Braniac intervenes. Superman is forced to initiate the attack against America against his will.
    • Luthor has found the Alien Ring, meanwhile civilian opposition to Superman builds in the Soviet Union and Diana grows progressively weaker. / Luthor gains huge popularity in the U.S. and becomes president. Lex unveils his weapon "Codename Green-light."
    • Batman and Pyotr hatch an elaborate plot to try and kill Superman. Superman's birthday celebration has some unintended fireworks serving only to distract Superman from the real threat- he has captured Wonder Woman. / Superman battles Batman to try to free Wonder Woman. The situation looks grim as Batman had taken measures to render Superman's powers useless. Will this be the end of Superman?moreless
    • Lex forgets his anniversary with Lois and divulges there may be a third alien who has landed on earth. / Pyotr starts spreading the word that he wants to meet with Batman in order to ally against Superman. When his car crashes into the river it seems he might get his chance.moreless
    • Batman, the head of an anarchist terrorist movement, attempts to bomb the Superman Museum. / Wonder Woman joins Superman in the Soviet Union to work together to bring peace and justice.
    • 8/21/09
      Lex shows signs of further insanity; meanwhile Superman decides to save the people by leading the Soviet Union. / Braniac shrinks the city of Stalingrad and Superman is helpless to save them.
    • Stalin dies, as Lex Luther unveils his weapon for fighting Superman: a Superman Duplicate. / Superman battles the Duplicate Superman.
    • At a party in his honor, Superman meets Wonder Woman and there is an instant connection. Later, he tries to calm Pyotr's fears that he will never share the influence over the Soviet Union that Superman has earned so early in his political career. / Pyotr speaks of his disillusions with the Soviet Party, and remembers a story that created a monster. But he doesn't know it yet...moreless
    • Superman saves America from being hit by a Soviet satellite, and meets Lois Lane for the first time. / Superman leaves his own Welcome Parade after a chemical plant explodes, and Stalin's Chief of Police and son Pyotr complains that Superman will gain more power than he will in the Soviet Union.moreless
    • 7/24/09
      The United States hears the news of the Soviet Union's newest weapon to win the Cold War: Superman. / Dr. Lex Luther, a scientist for the American government, works day and night to create a weapon to defeat Superman.