Superman: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 10

Double Dose

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 22, 1997 on The WB

Episode Recap

A prison janitor carelessly listening to music on a walkman accidentally sets off a prison break when Livewire drains the battery of the radio and uses its energy to melt her way through her prison door. She knocks out the janitor with a bolt of electricity and then flees into the electrical system through a light switch. She then hi-jacks a small electric car and flees from the prison.

At a news conference, Dan Turpin says that SCU is ready to deal with Livewire. Livewire shows up and knocks Turpin out with an electrified kiss. Superman, who was attending the conference, tries to stop her, but is immediately attacked. Livewire who intent of revenge blasts him out of the building, but is forced to flee when Superman begins using water from a fire hydrant.

Back in prison, the Parasite's television watching is disturbed by Livewire. Livewire convinces the Parasite to escape and help her take out Superman. She uses her power to break him out of prison, but leaves him via electrical wire when he has to take a speed boat to Metropolis.

Clark Kent who is at the shore with Lois spots the Parasite making his escape. He leaves Lois, changes into Superman, and takes off after the Parasite. Superman lifts the Parasite's boat out of the water and tries to take him back to prison. The Parasite has other ideas. Using a shotgun he shoots through the boat and tries to touch Superman and drain his power. Unfortunately for the Parasite, Superman stops him by knocking him off his feet. Spotting a shark, the Parasite jumps from the boat and into the water. He grabs the shark and steals its power. Underwater and swimming like a shark the Parasite goes after Superman who has followed him under. Eventually, the Parasite manages to get away through a sewer pipe when Superman's vision is obscured by sand kicked up in the fight.

Meeting at a Subway Station with Livewire, the two criminal make a plan. Livewire says she will trick Superman into the Parasite grip. After Superman's power is drained, Livewire will kill him. The Parasite, however, seems intent on draining Livewire's power. When he tries, she shocks him. The two criminals later break into a power station where Livewire feeds by sucking power out of the generators. Superman arrives, but Livewire and the Parasite's powers prove useless. Superman has covered himself in a coat of rubber. The criminals try to take the rubber off him, but fail until they use a tank of liquid nitrogen to freeze the rubber which then cracks.

Livewire knocks Superman into the Parasite who drains his power. As Livewire tries to kill Superman, the Parasite grabs her and drains her power as well. He plans to keep them both alive, so that he can keep feeding on both of them. He traps Livewire in a metal bar and then hunts Superman who tries to get away.

The Parasite tracks him down. Superman makes his way to a Janitor's Closet and takes a mop. He swings pathetically at the Parasite who laughs off the attack. The Parasite shoots the mop with electricity setting it on fire. Superman smiles and lifts the burning mop up to the overhead sprinkler system. Water starts to poor and the Parasite is drenched. He is knocked out by his own electricity as Superman hides in the broom closet.

Later, the police take Livewire and the unconscious Parasite away. Turpin offers Superman a ride, but feeling strong again he declines and flies off.