Superman: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 15

Father's Day

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 03, 1997 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Kalibak, the son of Darkseid, comes to Metropolis to kill Superman, and prove himself to his father.

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  • Kalibak comes to Earth to prove himself to his father, Darkseid while the Kents come to Metropolis to visit Clark.

    The title has a dual meaning in that i believe it was about two sons trying to "prove" themselves to their fathers, Kalibak trying to prove his strength to his father, and Clark/Superman trying to prove to his father that the big city hadnt changed him.

    The dynamic between Kalibak's need for approval and Clark's is played beautiful against the backdrop of their fight in Metropolis. Toss in the fact the Pa Kent gets involved/hurt and you have a explosive confrontation. The only thing missing is that Clark seems alittle distant until he parents are directly affected by the attack. Not sure about any of you but my 1st move would be to get them out of harm's way 1st no matter what the "superhero handbook" says.

    Speaking of the Kents, it was great to see Ma and Pa get some much needed "star time". It was so fun to see how they reacted to the atmosphere in Metropolis and to Lois. I always thought they were underused in this series as it related to reaffirming who "Superman/Clark Kent" really is or why he does what he does. This episode established one thing i always thought though, they're his connection to the human race, not Lois. Although he may love Ms. Lane to death, it's ultimately his adoptive parents that have instilled in him the qualities necessary to be the Man of Steel.

    They were a few lines of dialogue in here that were noteworthy, most of which came from Kalibak (voice brillantly by Michael Dorn), but nothing stood out about the rest. A special episode only in that it show us a little more about the Kents and how they feel about their little "Clarkie" flying around saving the day.moreless
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Bruce Weitz

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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Darkseid: I seem to recall telling Kalibak he was not to go to Earth.
      Desaad: I was just about to tell him, sire. He has disobeyed you. I know not where he comes by such foolish ideas.
      Darkseid: Oh?
      Desaad: He wishes to prove himself worthy to be your, uh...
      Darkseid: A technicality of his birth. As far as destiny and I are concerned, I have no son.

    • Superman: (to Jonathan) Don't move, I'm coming.
      Kalibak: (punches Superman) The only place you're going is to the grave!

    • Martha: Your editor wasn't angry with Clark, was he? He certainly sounded upset.
      Lois: Nah, the chief always sounds like that. It's part of his charm.

    • Kalibak: You see, Superman, life breeds death. Everything that lives must kill something to survive. And I am a survivor.

    • Superman: Stop, there's an innocent man!
      Kalibak: How naïve you are. On Apokolips we are taught - even as children - that no one is innocent.

  • NOTES (1)

    • This is the first appearance of Desaad in this series. He would later appear in the Justice League episode "Twilight (1)" but voiced by a different actor.


    • Minerva (name of the restaurant where Kalibak searches for Superman)

      Minerva was the Roman goddess of crafts, poetry and wisdom, and is known as the inventor of music.