Superman: The Animated Series

Season 3 Episode 7

In Brightest Day...

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 06, 1999 on The WB

Episode Recap

At a Metropolis restaurant, Jimmy Olsen looks over the comic drawings of Daily Planet artist Kyle Rayner. Kyle complains that his drawings have again been rejected. Suddenly a thief tries to make off with Jimmy's camera. Kyle, however, manages to stop the thief with a throw of a bottle. He recovers the camera and gives it back to Jimmy. The mugger pulls a knife, but Kyle manages to disarm him.

At the Metropolis Space Center, Clark and Lois observe as a space shuttle begins landing procedures. Out of nowhere an alien space ship crashes into the wing of the shuttle. The shuttle begins to crash. Clark heads out the space center and rescues the Space Shuttle as Superman.

In a peaceful meadow, the alien ship crash lands. Inside the ship is a dying Green Lantern named Abin Sur. He uses his ring to conceal a Green Lantern Power Source and commands his ring to choose another.

Superman brings the shuttle down safely to an awaiting aircraft carrier. He flies off to the cheers of a group of sailors.

In Metropolis, the Green Lantern rings flies through the city until it finds Kyle Rayner in the Men's Room at the Daily Planet. Kyle picks up the ring and puts it on. He is transformed into a Green Lantern. Kyle is shocked. When Perry White approaches, the costume disappears. White tells Kyle to get back to work.

Later, Superman approaches the crash site of the alien vessel. He discovers Abin Sur dying. Abin Sur tells Superman to find the Green Lantern before he disappears in a green flash. Outside a yellow orb approaches containing Sinestro. Sinestro searches the ship, but fails to find the Green Lantern power source. Sinestro attacks Superman using his yellow ring and orders him to surrender the power ring. Superman tells him that he doesn't know what he's talking about. Eventually Sinestro believes him. He destroys the spacecraft and heads off. Soon after Sinestro leaves, the Green Lantern power source appears and calls for Abin Sur. Superman approaches and touches it.

He is taken to Oa home of the Guardians of the Universe. Seeing Superman, the Guardians realize that Abin Sur is dead and mourn.

Meanwhile at the Daily Planet, Kyle draws a picture and is shocked when the power ring manifests what he is drawing. Kyle heads out of the building worrying that he is going crazy. As he leaves a little girl is about to be hit by an out of control truck. Kyle, however, transforms into the Green Lantern and saves her. The truck crashes and a fair starts. Using the ring, Kyle frees the driver and puts out the fire.

Kyle's use of the power ring, however, attracts the attention of Sinestro who arrives in a glowing yellow orb. Sinestro demands the ring and attacks the Green Lantern. The two of them duel through the skies of Metropolis.

Meanwhile on Oa, the Guardians tell Superman about the Green Lantern Corp. According to the Guardians, the Corp exists to promote Order and Justice throughout the universe. The Guardians also tell Superman about Sinestro. Sinestro was once a Green Lantern. The guardians, however, judged him unfit to wield the power of the ring. They took his power away, but he managed to find another source of power. Sinestro wants to destroy other power rings in order to gain more power for himself. The Guardians ask Superman to help the Green Lantern fight Sinestro. They send Superman back to Earth.

Meanwhile back in Metropolis, the Green Lantern and Sinestro continue their battle. When the power in Kyle's ring begins to wear out, he flees.

Later, Superman tells Kyle that he has to recharge his ring. Sinestro arrives and begins to fight Superman. Kyle recharges the ring as Sinestro begins to get the best of Superman. Sinestro goes after the Green Lantern and the two fight. Sinestro manages to knock Kyle to the ground. He demands the ring and Kyle gives it up. Sinestro puts on the ring, but it explodes. It was a fake; Kyle still has the real ring. He attacks a dazed Sinestro and knocks him unconscious. Superman returns. He takes Sinestro's ring and destroys it.

Soon, the Guardians of the Universe appear. They tell Kyle that he is the new Green Lantern and that he has more work to do. Kyle can't believe that the Guardians would entrust him with such power. The Guardians tell him that the ring has chosen him. Kyle says that he is only an artist and a daydreamer. Superman, however, tells him that that is why he would be perfect for the job.