Superman: The Animated Series

Season 3 Episode 7

In Brightest Day...

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 06, 1999 on The WB

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  • Green Lantern

    another episode of superman the animated series to feture a Dc comics character. This time it is green lantern. An artist named Kyle rayner finds a power ring and finds out that he has powers with this ring. Superman encounters a villain named sinestro who wants the ring for himself. Superman and sinestro get into a fight after that and green lantern comes along but he doesn't have enough power in his ring. he charges it and then fights sinestro. After he beats sinestro the gurdians of the universe appoint him the green lantern of that quadrant. I liked this episode alot but what I didn't like was that it wasn't the Hal Jordan Green lantern instead of kyle rayner. Later...
  • The Green Lantern's Show

    "In Brightest Day..." introduces the celebrated DC comics superhero the Green Lantern. The episode centers on Kyle Rayner, an artist for the Daily Planet, who is chosen to be a defender of justice and order within the universe. The Green Lantern's adversary is Sinestro a former Green Lantern who now wields a yellow power ring and seeks to destroy the Green Lantern Corp.

    Overall there is a lot happening in this episode. We get the origin of Kyle Rayner as the Green Lantern. We get Sinestro established as a villainous former Green Lantern turned rogue. We get the death of Abin Sur. And we get the Guardians of the Universe established as patrons of the Green Lantern Corp. With all this going on, Superman understandably takes a back seat. He spends a significant portion of the episode off-screen. The episode is really the Green Lantern's show.

    Does the episode work? I think it does. I have no problem with an episode being devoted to another superhero as long as the episode is well animated and well written. And this episode has excellent animation (the fight scene between Sinestro and the Green Lantern is a real standout) and excellent writing.

    Though the episode has a lot to do it manages to establish most of what it needs to in a short period of time. Kyle Rayner is well established as an artist turned Green Lantern and the episode does much to make him look like an excellent choice as a Green Lantern.

    Of course with the episode's short running time, some things are given short shrift. The biggest examples being Sinestro and the Guardians of the Universe. It is not clear, for example, why Sinestro's ring is yellow or why he was kicked out of he Green Lantern Corp. It is also not clear who the Guardians of the Universe are other than a bunch of old short aliens with big heads that are in charge of the Green Lantern Corp.

    Another minor problem involved the pacing. In one sequence Sinestro and the Green Lantern are fighting in Metropolis. When the Green Lantern's ring starts to loose power, he runs off. The next scene features the Green Lantern talking to Superman about recharging the ring. These two scenes could have used a better transition.

    These flaws aside, however, I liked the episode a lot. Again Superman's role in the episode as a whole is somewhat minor. If you're looking for a good episode about Superman, this is really not it. If you want to watch and excellent episode about the origin of a superhero, this episode is for you.

    Rating: 9/10
    Best Scene: The Death of Abin Sur and the arrival of Sinestro.