Superman: The Animated Series

Season 4 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 05, 2000 on The WB

Episode Recap

On an alien world, the native inhabitants are making a final stand against the invading forces of Apokolips. The insect-like humanoids hold up in a fortress while weathering attacks from Apokoliptian Hover-Tanks and wave after wave of Parademons. Suddenly, the invasion forces grind to a halt, and the surviving natives think they may have actually held their own. Just then, the back wall of the throne room explodes, and on the other side floats a man covered from head to foot in black and red armor, leading a battalion of Parademons. While energy burns from his eyes, this Black Knight tears through the bug-people with terrifying speed, finally coming to rest before their king. Realizing that all is lost, the bug king hands over his royal scepter to the Black Knight, signifying his people's submission to Apokolips.

On a ship orbiting that planet, Darkseid watches as his forces take control. The Black Knight enters and kneels before Darkseid. "Well done, my son. You have succeeded where others have failed me," Darkseid tells the Black Knight, glancing over at his other son Kalibak. "I was wise to have adopted you." The Black Knight removes his helmet and reveals himself to be... Kal-El, also known as Superman! "Thank you, father. As you said, it is our destiny to bring peace and order to the Universe!" Darkseid tells Kal that as a reward for his great service, he will be given his own world to conquer and rule as he sees fit. A wealthy but untamed world, called Earth!

Meanwhile on Earth, in the city of Metropolis, the citizens happily watch as Superman soars through the skies above them. Among the on-lookers are two reporters for the Daily Planet newspaper, Lois Lane and Clark Kent. Lois comments how you would never see such an amazing sight as Superman in Smallville, but Clark doesn't respond, and stares blankly into space. Lois tries to get his attention, and after a moment, he comes to and begins acting normal again. He says he has to be somewhere and runs off.

Thousands of miles to the Arctic North, at Superman's Fortress of Solitude, Kara, aka Supergirl stands before a row of monitors, wearing complicated cybernetic equipment. On the monitors are images of Superman and Clark Kent. Kara relaxes now that Clark is away from Lois, but she soon gets a call from Jonathan and Martha Kent, asking if she has any news on Clark. It seems that the real Clark has been missing for over a month. And Supergirl has been using sophisticated robots as stand-ins for both Clark Kent and Superman, and controlling their actions from the Fortress. Unfortunately, Kara has no new information for Superman's adoptive parents, and she too wonders where he could be.

On the hellish world of Apokolips, Kal soars through the skies. As he comes to rest on the ground, a group of Apokolips' poor and destitute come out of the alleys and surrounds him, begging for help. Among them are an elderly couple, a red-haired teenage boy, and a beautiful woman with long dark hair. Kal seems to recognize them, and becomes agitated. He is then attacked by a large man in a blue outfit wearing a red cape. After struggling with the man, Kal realizes that his opponent has his very same face. Kal wakes up from his nightmare sweating. One of Darkseid's personal guards, and Kal's lover, the beautiful Lashina is by him, and begins to comfort him. She says that he needs to go see Granny Goodness again.

In Granny's laboratory, Kal tells Granny of his dreams, saying that they seem to be telling him something important. Granny says not to worry, and straps him into a large machine that helps ease his mind and "remind" him of his purpose, albeit rather painfully. In Granny's visions, Kal remembers that he was born on the planet Krypton, which exploded when he was just a baby. But before it did, his father sent him away to Apokolips, where he was raised by Darkseid, who nurtured his growing powers and taught him that they must bring order to a lawless universe. The vision ends by reminding Kal of his next mission, to conquer Earth. Kal thanks Granny for her treatment and leaves.

Granny smiles as he goes and laughs after he is gone, calling him a fool. Darkseid appears beside Granny and tells her to be careful, that they don't want Kal catching on too quickly. It is Darkseid's plan to use the brainwashed Superman to attack his beloved Earth, which Darkseid has sworn never to harm again, lest it bring about open war with New Genesis and the New Gods. So Superman will destroy the planet's defenses on his own, and Darkseid will just offer to help pick up the pieces and restore order.

Back in Metropolis, the flying Superman robot goes wonky, and begins flying into power lines and through buildings. An alert goes off at the Fortress, waking Kara from a sound sleep. She can't fix the problem from there, so she flies to the city to stop the robot. When she gets there, the robot tackles her and carries them both the LexCorp Building, crashing right into Lex Luthor's office. Lex greets Supergirl, and asks where the real Superman is. Kara tries to act innocent, but Lex points out that he knows Superman as well as anyone, and that he hasn't been himself for some time. He holds up a device he's built to take control of the Superman robot, and again asks where the real Superman is. When Supergirl can't come up with an answer, Luthor suggests that he may not be coming back, and tells Supergirl to give the charade up now, that she can't keep it going forever. She destroys the remote with Heat Vision and tells Lex that he has no idea what she is capable of, and carrying the robot, leaves.

Later, Lex confers with General Hardcastle, a U.S. Army General who has been very outspoken in the past about his distrust of Superman, due to his alien origins. It turns out that Lex and Hardcastle have been working together for some time on Project Achilles, which has been monitoring Superman and cataloging his weaknesses ever since he appeared publicly. Lex tells Hardcastle about his encounter with Supergirl and the robot Superman. Neither knows what is really going on, but Lex assures Hardcastle that they should be on their guard.

On Apokolips, Kal tells Darkseid that his personal army is ready for departure. Darkseid gives Kal a gift, saying that since this is Kal's campaign, he should carry his own banner into battle. Granny walks out carrying a flag with Superman's S-Shield displayed. Kal looks confused for a second, but pushes aside his strange feelings regarding the familiar emblem. He thanks his adoptive parents and opens a Boom Tube for Earth and departs.

In the Fortress, Kara receives a message from the Kents telling her to turn on the news. There she sees that Earth is being invaded. The Hover-Tanks and Parademons have managed to destroy NATO's entire force within minutes. It then shows the most devastating image of all, the Black Knight leading the charge plants his flag on the mound of rubble and removes his helmet, revealing himself to be Superman!

At the LexCorp Building, Lex tells Hardcastle that in view of recent events, it is time to execute their final strategy, and the General agrees. Lex tells his bodyguard Mercy that something is wrong here. The fierceness of the attacks and the cold look in Superman's eyes don't make any sense. But in any case, Lex has no objections about taking this perfect opportunity to destroy his most hated enemy and save the world.

Outside another army base, Lois and Jimmy wait for Superman's forces to arrive. When they do, they of course find no real opposition. Lois says that she has to talk some sense into Superman, and dives into the battle.

As Kal helps take the U.S. Army apart, Supergirl arrives and demands to know what Superman thinks he's doing. When he strikes her, Kara hits him back. The two begin battling each other with super strength and speed. Kal hollers "You wear my shield, but you stand against me!? Die!!" Being bigger and stronger, Kal eventually gains the upper hand, and knocks Kara unconscious.

Lex finally arrives at the site and gives Hardcastle their best weapon, a Kryptonite Bomb.

As Kal is about to deliver the killing blow to Kara, Lois arrives and stops him. He recognizes her from his dream, and the shock of her being real begins to cloud his thinking for a moment. Taking advantage of his hesitation, General Hardcastle and Lex launch their bomb. Kal sees it coming, and pushes Lois behind some rubble to protect her. As he catches the bomb, it goes off, releasing Green Kryptonite energy everywhere.

As Lois climbs to her feet, she finds Superman and Supergirl, lying on the ground, seemingly dead, soaked in Kryptonite radiation.

To be continued....